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August 2020
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CipherLab Connection | August 2020

CipherLab Connection | August 2020
CipherLab Connection
| August 2020

User Scenario
Renowned Global Leading Freight Forwarding and Logistics Provider Uses CipherLab Mobile Computers Along with Reader Configuration to Solve Data Capturing Problem
With a network of more than 300 companies and agent offices across five continents, the renowned global leading freight forwarding and logistics provider adopts CipherLab RK95 and RS51 along with our utility – 

Reader Configuration, to solve the data capturing problem which exists for a long time. 

Same product from different clients and warehouses may have different QR codes. These QR codes present the same product but have different data output, which is the big problem for the company. Due to the different data output, the ERP system could not get the right corresponding data to fit in the column on the ERP system. Change the ERP backend system is one of the options to solve this problem but cost a lot of time and resources which is not efficient. After having a thorough understanding about the situation that the company is facing now, CipherLab provides the solution. CipherLab self-developed utility is the answer. With simple backend adjustment using our utility – Reader Configuration, to set what data of each kind of QR code should be output beforehand, the problem is easily solved. Now, the freight forwarding and logistics company is having no problem reading QR codes.

The durable design of RS51 and RK95 makes them outlast a full shift and could fit for demanding environment such as warehouse. With the outstanding data capturing capability, long reading range imager options, and with the help of Reader Configuration, the barcode capture in the warehouse is effortless. The quick after sales service support is another reason why CipherLab was chosen. This solution is now being deployed in Taiwan and will soon roll out around the world. Please check website to learn more about RS51 and RK95.

Monthly Highlight
CipherLab Partners up with Bluechip Infotech and Extends its Product Range
CipherLab is happy to announce its cooperation with Bluechip Infotech, a company that brings first class services to delivering the latest IT products.

Bluechip Infotech has a long history of success with its Managed Service Provider (MSP) for IT infrastructures and end-user systems. Along with CipherLab's products, it can extend its product range and provide an even better service for the IT industry.

Let ReMoCloud Work for You (Free Trial)

ReMoCloud is a web-based mobility management solution that supports Android Enterprise advanced and standard features for consistent user experiences. ReMoCloud does not have a complicated structure, but aims at helping IT professional streamline daily bits and pieces. ReMoCloud features Simple & Quick Deployment, Worry-free Management, and Real-time Monitoring. What is more, ReMoCloud enables creation of subaccount in favor of group management.

For further ReMoCloud demonstration, please check out the introduction video here.

Automation Taipei 2020

Taipei International Industrial Automation Exhibition (Automation Taipei) is the exhibitions which showcase Industry 4.0 solutions from industrial automation to ICT. CipherLab was excited to participate this year and co-exhibit with our partner to present our achievements in intelligentizing production lines for high efficiency and productivity.

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