CipherLab Connection | May 2020 : Business Solution That Makes It Easy to Process Orders for Wholesale Distributor


CipherLab Connection | May 2020 : Business Solution That Makes It Easy to Process Orders for Wholesale Distributor
CipherLab Connection
| May 2020

User Scenario
Business Solution That Makes It Easy to Process Orders for Wholesale Distributor
CipherLab RS31's user-friendly design, reliable WiFi connection, and excellent data capture capability make it a perfect solution for processing customer orders. Recently, the RS31 has worked with our independent 

software vendor, Ziiware Inc., to support a fast-growing wholesale distributor in the Mid-Atlantic region that boasts over $100 million in annual revenue. The distributor uses the CipherLab RS31 and the ZiiZii Order Entry app to save thousands of dollars in labor each week by automating their order entry process and to print shelf labels.

The wholesale distributor realized they were spending too much money manually processing orders sent by their customers. Although it only spends several minutes processing each order, the quantity of orders they were receiving meant they spent countless hours each week receiving and inputting order details. Serving the grocery and convenience store industry, the wholesale distributor was looking for a way for their customers could quickly build and submit orders, but at the same time needed a device that was rugged enough to withstand the rigours of daily use in their working environment. The combination of ZiiZii and CipherLab has allowed the wholesale distributor to dramatically reduce the amount of time and money spent processing customer orders and sending printed item catalogues while simultaneously increasing their overall store sales. And as an added bonus, the CipherLab RS31 and ZiiZii mobile app allow the wholesaler's merchandizing teams to quickly scan items and print shelf labels for the products in the retail locations that they service.

Optimize Productivity and Efficiency by Using CipherLab's RS50 and RS31 to Create a Flawless Supermarket Distribution Center
An Indian based supermarket chain aiming to offer customers a wide range of basic home and personal products in a one-stop shop has adopted CipherLab RS50 and RS31 in its distribution centers and quickly improved 

overall productivity and efficiency.

The supermarket chain consists of more than 200 stores across India, so in order to efficiently process products in distribution centers and pick up points, the supermarket needed to provide its workers a device which could help them handle products easily. The solution was easy--CipherLab's RS50 and RS31. CipherLab's RS50 and RS31 are rugged Android mobile computers with the design that operates like most commercial smartphones, no learning curve required. Workers can easily get used to it like using their personal smartphone. They both have superior reading performance and are equipped with the capability to capture data in 1D/2D barcodes and RFID, as well as NFC applications. The ergonomic design makes it easy for workers to carry around the device all day long--especially as the RS31 only weighs 260g. The reliable WiFi and 4G/LTE connections of these two models gives workers easy access to their enterprise system anytime, anywhere without any need to worry about data loss.

Aside from the hardware, CipherLab also provided a device management solution for the supermarket to efficiently manage deployment wirelessly. CipherLab's Wireless Mobile Deployment (WMDS) is a windows-based server program that helps configuration settings created by the CipherLab Andriod Deployment Configurator (ADC) to be deployed to Android-based devices through a wireless network. WMDS was created with the aim of optimizing the process of multiple device deployment tasks. It can simultaneously configure multiple Android mobile computers and monitor the status of all devices. With the help of WMDS, device administrators have plenty of time to manage all their mobile computers.

We are pleased that the RS31and RS50, our rugged Android touch computers, were selected by the supermarket chain. In fact, CipherLab's objective is always to deliver top quality, cutting edge products and work closely with our partners to provide suitable solutions to the market. To learn more about the RS31, RS50, and WMDS, please visit our product site.

Product Update
RK25 Can Run On Android 7 And Android 9
The RK25 is now available on Android 9. Enterprise can select whether their RK25 runs on Android 7 or Android 9 based on their needs. We understand it takes time and investment to develop and maintain enterprise-grade APPs for daily use. The possibility to select from two

different Andriod versions provides more elasticity for enterprise. Enterprise can select the Android version that fits their needs the most.

Also, an RK25 built on Android 7 is technically upgradeable to Android 9. The upgradability extends the life cycle of devices which leads to a better Return of Investment.

Please contact the CipherLab sales representatives for more information.

New 4-Slot Battery Charger for RK25 Ensures Uninterrupted Productivity

CipherLab's standard 4000mAh hot-swappable battery keeps the durable productivity going for long shifts in any environment. This month CipherLab has launched a new 4-slot Battery Charger allowing users to minimize the downtime caused by working-hour limitation. This 4-slot battery charger can also be used on a 5-slot Terminal Charging Cradle and charges 4 units of RK25 and 4 spare batteries simultaneously. It will also help decrease the space required by cables and the quantity of relative components. Having three charged spare batteries on hand will keep productivity levels up by eliminating the need for workers to stop work in order to charge their battery. 

Please contact the CipherLab sales representatives for more information.

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