CipherLab Connection | February 2019


CipherLab Connection | Feb 2019
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CipherLab Connection
| February 2019

User Scenarios
Royal Castle Deployed CipherLab RS31 to Develop Faster and More Efficient Processes for Entry Management
The royal castle is one of the most important sites of history and culture in east Europe. The castle represents almost all European architecture in the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Baroque period. It was also declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

The castle is beautifully preserved and is a must-see attraction because it holds numerous historic buildings and various interesting exhibits. There are always long queues to buy tickets for sightseeing. For conservation reasons, there are daily limits to the number of tourists. The staffs at the entrance monitor the number of tourists each day. Therefore, developing a fast and efficient process to enter the castle and keeping up with customer satisfaction is very important. The IT department of the castle hoped to find a suitable handheld device for scanning barcodes on tickets to streamline tourists’ movement at the entrance, instead of visually checking and keeping physical copies.

The system integrator of the castle recommended CipherLab RS31 – an ergonomic mobile computer that can read 1D and 2D barcodes, RFID, as well as NFC. It weighs only 260 g, allowing staff to continuously work throughout the day without being fatigued. The RS31 is protected with an IP67 rating and 1.2 m drop resistance so there are no worries of accidental drops. Running on the Android operating system, the RS31 is powerful and easy to use. 

By deploying CipherLab’s RS31, the castle got good responses from tourists and staffs around the castle. The deployment really helped the ticketing department modernize and streamline the processes and enhanced the experience of the tourists. In the future, the castle can also explore the feasibility of extending the use of e-tickets shown on tourists’ mobile phones.

CipherLab RS50 Series Makes Postal Deliveries More Efficient and Reliable
Thailand Post Company Limited was established in 1883 which is a state-owned organization, providing postal services and bank services in Thailand. Today, Thailand Post has dedicated itself to be the leader in the postal business and providing fast,

efficient and reliable services that meet the needs obusinesses and all levels and corners of Thai society. With its comprehensive network that includes professional staffs, latest in communication technologies, over 1,200 post offices and 16 postal centres in Bangkok and the provinces, Thailand Post is confident in its ability to continue to prosper as an active player in the global postal system.

Thailand Post selected CipherLab’s RS50with Android OS system to replace the Windows devices to ensure efficient workforce and instant data transmission in delivering parcels. The RS50is equipped with 4.7" HD display with signature capture capability on the touch screen, allowing deliverymen to validate delivery to a recipient. Additionally, with reliable Wi-Fi and LTE connections, the signatures and names can be instantly transmitted to the postal system to update delivery records and make them easily accessible to customer service. The 2D imager reader of RS50can capture data in milliseconds even if the barcode is poorly printed or scratched. Built with IP65/67 protection and 1.8m drop resistance, deliverymen do not need to worry about the device getting damaged or rain drops causing malfunctions.

Along with the hard work of our partner, this project has resulted in a total of 18,000 units of RS50series successfully deployed to the post offices in 2018.

A Special Application - CipherLab 2200 Series is Helping Campus Security in the US
CipherLab 2200series, the barcode scanner, built specifically for the retailing, hospitality and transportation industries with omnidirectional scanning capabilities provide enterprises fast and reliable workflow. 

Now, you can find CipherLab  2200 series being deployed with special application in school districts, including public, private and parochial schools throughout the US to protect students and faculty.  

Maintaining Campus security is important. Visitors are required to register before gaining access inside a school. Normally, the registration is done manually. Through this process, most of the time the potential threats cannot be identified by school administrators immediately. This mechanism is ineffective, and a more effective solution should be provided to further enhance school safety. Together with the visitor management software, CipherLab 2200 series is being adopted in school districts to help administrators manage visitors. Thanks to 2200’s 2D scanning reading capability, school administrators can require all school visitors to present a valid state identification card or driver’s license for scanning. Restricted individuals will be identified, and the school administrators and police will be notified immediately by the visitor management system to protect the campus security. Immediate action will then be taken. 


CipherLab 2200 series has fast quality scanning with various angles covered. Aside from high-speed scan rates of 1D, PDF417, and 2D scans, it also comes with additional models built with UHF RFID and EAS for users to choose from based on preferences, applications and environments. With the UHF RFID model, users are capable of instantly reading the RFID tags, up to a 20 cm reading range. Additionally, its compact size makes it the best choice for high performance operations with limited space, such as school administrator desk. The omnidirectional scanning capability further makes it convenient for school administrators to execute scans quickly. The durability of the IP52 rating fully protects the scanner from water drops and dust in the open environment such as school administrator’s offices. Also, CipherLab’s ScanMaster, a web-based configuration tool, makes scanner configuration effortless. 


Due to the CipherLab 2200’s product features and affordability, the 2200 is included with all visitor management software implementations throughout the US. 

Check website to learn more about 2200.

Software Resources
HF RFID Configurator Utility
Nowadays, NFC is an application being widely used to read and write NFC tags and RFID compatible chips through NFC detection mobile devices.  Enterprises who have deployed NFC application in their working environments but require some 

custom settings, HF RFID Configuration can count on one of CipherLab’s utilities, a built-in app, can to fulfill the demands.

There are three modes of contactless NFC applications which are peer-to-peer, card emulation and card reader. Replace key or security cards to automate identity verification at facility entry points is one of the most common applications nowadays. Different facility has its own special settings. According to different requirement in that specific application, specific settings need to be done. Therefore, you can image that different settings of specific correspondent demands will be needed. 


By using CipherLab’s HF RFID Configuration, user can import and export settings to configuration files; it also supports reading and writing data to NFC tags and RFID chips. As mentioned in the beginning, it is a built-in app in CipherLab mobile computers with Android 6.0 and above operating systems (9700A, RS30, RS31, RS50, RK25). This app can be accessed by tapping the All Apps icon and then the HF RFID Configuration icon. Once you have accessed the app, settings such as the format of data output, whether to output user data to read, successful read notification (LED or vibration), Mifare settings, and etc. can be configured.


Together with CipherLab Reader Configuration utility, more barcode and NFC reading can be done to meet different application needs. 


Click here to know more about CipherLab Reader Configuration utility.

Highlights of the Month
Cargo Logistics Canada
CipherLab USA headed to Vancouver to join the supply chain expo on February 5 ~ 7, 2019. We showcased our comprehensive Android solutions fulfilling different user behaviors in both keypad and multi-touch operations, and also the scanners with durability and performance for enterprise usage.
The HIMSS Global Conference & Exhibition is the leading health information and technology conference bringing the cutting-edge products and solutions to solve the challenges in healthcare. Therefore, in addition to the general mobile computer, we also introduced the optional antimicrobial protection and disinfectant-friendly housing which can inhibit the growth of bacteria and keep the device cleaner between cleaning.
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