CipherLab Connection | August 2019


CipherLab Connection | August 2019
CipherLab Connection
| August 2019

User Scenarios
Hose and Fitting Manufacturer Increases Sales after Digitization Initiative in Inventory Management by Deploying CipherLab's 9700
The German Cologne-based technical hose and fitting manufacturer has been thriving for more than 60 years. Its warehouse area has increased for the third time since 2000 in order to meet demands due to its 

ever-expanding product range and logistics. This hose manufacturer always focuses on providing quality products and services and applies as much to their long-term relations with customers and suppliers, which enables it to remain one of the leading companies in its market sector.

The hose manufacturer has traditionally used manual and paper-based processes from order entry through to the end of the process chain. It has recently become painfully apparent that picking slips in paper form were sometimes lost and overall processes slowed down. In addition, customers tended to appreciate the fact that the products were almost completely available from stock, and what’s more, customers also expected their orders to be delivered on the same day. Therefore, the decision was finally made to advance to digitization in both the warehouse and the logistics workflow.

The manufacturer immediately formulated a plan to move forward and achieve digitization, and it quickly became clear that they needed the right mobile data capture solution that can be integrated with the ERP software. The system integrator of the company recommended CipherLab's 9700 industrial mobile computer to fulfill their data capture needs from receiving to storage, picking and packaging, provisioning, preparation and control of outbound shipments.

By deploying 9700s, scanned data can be transferred to the ERP system via a stable WiFi connection. The CipherLab 9700 brings the advantages of an integrated solution: significant improvements in terms of transparency, material availability, processing speed, error avoidance, and considerable efficiency. Employees quickly adapted to and became familiar with the using the 9700. It has also been proven to be extremely robust and reliable with a supremely rugged design and long battery life in demanding operating conditions. By using the 9700, everything that is scanned can be immediately shown on the ERP system. The 9700 provides the reliability coupled with real-time tracking of goods and a better overall control of work processes.

CipherLab RS50 and RK25 Accelerate Warehouse Operation – From Receiving to Dispatching
CipherLab RS50 and RK25 are now being deployed in a luggage company’s warehouse to help its operation from receiving to dispatching. VIP Industries, based in India, mainly manufactures luggage and travel 

accessories. It carries a range of leading brands across all luggage categories with the vision to be the global leader in the travel production business. Currently, it’s Asia’s largest and the world's second largest luggage maker with more than 8,000 retail outlets across India and a network of retailers in over 50 countries.

As handheld device operation systems are now typically moving from Windows to Android, the company is seeking a rugged, handheld Android mobile device solution to replace its original Windows handheld terminals. The motivation to change to Android is also because of its ease-of-adoption for workers and the fact that it is easier and faster for enterprises to develop applications.

The application of mobile devices is rather wide. From the time products come in to the warehouse to the time the products are sent out. From receiving to doing inventory, dispatching, etc., handheld devices are being widely used in high volume scenarios. Due to intense working environments, ruggedness is absolutely required, as is data collection capability. Aside from having a 2D reader option, CipherLab's RS50 and RK25’s mid-range 2D reader also helps workers easily read items placed two or three shelves above an average workers’ reach. Because of its convenient and comfortable pistol-like grip, workers do not need to worry about getting a fatigued wrist after heavy scanning use. The built-in camera also helps workers to take photos of important tasks and easily be able to prove any product damage.

Finally, the shoulder strap and holster allows workers to have free hands to do any necessary picking after scanning is done. The rugged design of the RS50 and the RK25 can resist at least 1.5 m (5 ft.) multiple drops onto concrete. As long working hours and heavy usage are guaranteed in a busy warehouse, thankfully the CipherLab RS50 5300 mAh replaceable and rechargeable battery assures at least 16 hours of operation.

Due to the close connection between our partner and its end users, we had a clear understanding of their demands, and the best solution was easily provided. The deployment of the CipherLab RS50 and RK25 was the solution everyone was looking for and warehouse efficiency was immediately improved.

Software Resources
A New Series Of CipherLab Products Is SOTI Certified
CipherLab's newly launched RS51 is now SOTI certified. SOTI is a proven leader in creating innovative solutions that reduce the cost and complexity of critical business operations, device  mobility and the IoT. 
SOTI-MobiControl for Windows® and Android based mobile computers delivers a robust set of features to support remote management. Its remote device diagnostics, helpdesk toolset, screen captures, remote software provisioning, and advanced security of MobiControl allow rapid and reliable management of any network and any size of deployment. Aside from the RS51, CipherLab's RS50, RS31, RK25, 9700, 9700A, are also SOTI certified products.

Click the link below to learn more about CipherLab's SOTI certified products:

Highlights of the Month
RetailNOW 2019
CipherLab USA was heading to San Antonio for RetailNOW from 28 July to 31 July. This annual event brings industry leaders, innovators, and channel players together to develop relationships necessary for any successful business. The exhibitors on the show floor are made up of hardware manufacturers, software developers, payment providers, distribution vendors and other solution providers. CipherLab is also glad to showcase new RS51 Android rugged mobile computer with AER certification, and 2200 presentation scanner, both deliver the optimal reliability and productivity to users with confidence. 

AIDC Summit India 2019
AIDC Summit India 2019 was held in Rajasthan, India at JW Marriott Jaipur Resort & Spa, which was a 3-day event. The summit brought the industry in its full dimension, gathering all facets of AIDC. CipherLab was happy to be part of this event and glad to see everyone who came and visited.

Taipei International Industrial Automation and Taiwan Automation Intelligence Robot Show (TAIROS) 2019

Taipei International Industrial Automation Exhibition (Automation Taipei) and Taiwan Automation Intelligence and Robot Show (TAIROS), are the exhibitions which showcase Industry 4.0 solutions from industrial automation to ICT. CipherLab was excited to participate this year to present our achievements in intelligentizing production lines for high efficiency and productivity. We were very happy to see everyone who dropped by to have discussion with us about our smart factory solution – ReMoFactory. We look forward to seeing you again in the future.
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