CipherLab Connection | October 2019


CipherLab Connection | October 2019
CipherLab Connection
| October 2019

User Scenario
Indian e-Commerce Company Uses CipherLab RK25 Series to Boost Warehouse Efficiency
An e-Commerce company headquartered in Pune, India, uses CipherLab RK25 series to increase its warehouse efficiency. It is one of Asia’s largest e-Commerce companies selling more than 200,000 baby 

and children's products from more than 2,000 international brands. To deal with such a variety of products in a busy warehouse environment and with the requirement of fast delivery, the pursuit of efficiency and accuracy is crucial for the company.

To fulfill this demand, a hardware solution with functionality that perfectly meets working environment needs is absolutely vital. The CipherLab RK25 series is a rugged Android mobile computer that combines the benefits of touch computers with handheld mobility. It is crafted with operation-friendly designs and fulfills the most diverse user behaviors in any environment with high volume data collection, such as the working environment in this user scenario. Obviously, the CipherLab RK25 is the perfect solution that suits the needs of high volume stock checking. It is built for intensive data collection environments. The CipherLab RK25 offers reader options with a linear imager, 2D imager, and mid-range 2D imager, giving workers a long distance barcode reading capability of over 4 meters. It is definitely a great solution for the busy e-Commerce warehouse, from receiving, stocking, picking, dispatching to a final internal audit. Aside from all the functions above, its long-life battery supports an 8-hour shift easily. And due to its pistol grip, wrist fatigue is no longer a problem for warehouse workers. 

With the help of CipherLab's RK25 series, workers in the warehouse successfully increase their working efficiency and accuracy when dealing with daily tasks from receiving to dispatching. 

The CipherLab 9700 Series Offers Superb ROI With Its Flexibility of Modular Reader Design
The enterprise is a French luxury goods manufacturer. It has been consistently ranked as the world’s most valuable luxury brand in different valuation and ranking studies published by leading consultancies. With more 

than 13,500 employees, 300 stores, and 52 factories around the world, its brand valuation reached US$23.4 billion in 2017.

The enterprise has adopted mobile computers for in-store inventory management; however, for the stores in the USA, Canada, and Latin America, the existing Zebra devices are out-of-date and cost too much to maintain. This led them to search for a new long-term replacement, and eventually the CipherLab 9700 series was chosen due to its far-reaching advantages in scanning and system compatibility.

The 9700 offers greater compatibility with users' POS and inventory management systems utilizing Tracerplus from our partner, Portable Technology Solution, which the enterprise has adopted to streamline its working process. Needless to say, the enterprise has significantly benefited from the 9700’s new modular reader design. Originally, the enterprise purchased the 9700 because of its laser engine; however, there has been a recent surge in 2D barcode scanning demands, and in order to meet that need, the modular design allows the 9700 to be upgraded with a 2D imager without having to replace the entire device. In other words, the enterprise minimizes costs and maximizes the ROI as a result. In addition, the handy pistol grip and charging cable also help optimize and extend the 9700’s usability to wider applications. 

For more information about the 9700, please visit our website:

Product Update
RK25 Now Comes with New Accessory to Ensure Uninterrupted Productivity
CipherLab launched the RK25 in Nov. 2018 and has successfully ushered it into many enterprises for diverse applications. The RK25 has also received a great deal of positive feedback for its lightweight design, physical keypad, fast-removable battery, 
and reading distance. To further fulfill user demands throughout a full day of productivity, especially in the light warehouse industry, CipherLab has developed a brand new 5-slot Terminal Charging Cradle allowing users to minimize the downtime caused by working hour limitation.

The new 5-slot Terminal Charging Cradle can accommodate either 5 units of RK25 or 4 units of RK25 and 4 spare batteries off of one power supply via the 4-Slot Battery Charger. It will also help decrease the space required by cables and the quantity of relative components. 

Please feel free to send your sales representative an email for more information.

Highlights of the Month
CeMAT Russia 2019
It was very honoured to demonstrate CipherLab’s latest AIDC solutions at CeMAT Russia, the biggest event of Russian warehousing and logistics - on September 24 – 26 in Moscow Russia. During this event, CipherLab showcased the Android Enterprise Recommended products in RK25 series, RS51 series and the coming soon industrial rugged mobile computer - RK95 series to the working processes in warehousing, transportation and logistics applications. We thanked the great opportunity to present our listing products and services to those visitors came to our booth.

CipherLab Asia Technical Workshop
We were quite pleased with the results of the 2019 CipherLab Asia Technical Workshop, which was held on October 1st and 2nd in Yilan, Taiwan. Aside from CipherLab’s Android mobile computers, this workshop also focused on the topics of new utilities and cloud-based management systems for CipherLab products, including our new ReMoCloud. We were delighted to see everyone who joined this workshop and had many great discussions over the 2-day period.

2019 Logistics & Distribution in Stockholm
CipherLab joined the 2019 Logistics & Distribution in Stockholm from October 2nd to 3rd, 2019. CipherLab presented the comprehensive solutions of Android terminals - RK25, RS51 that certified by AER and coming soon rugged industrial terminal - RK95 for logistics and distribution center applications. Additionally, ReMoCloud has been introduced for helping uses to deploy Android devices easily through remotely cloud management.

The NACS SHOW aims to provide a one-stop shopping experience for convenience and fuel retailers. Therefore, in addition to mobile computers, we also showcases our mobile POS and self-service POS solutions which help enterprises step closer to having unmanned stores or solving the problem of labor shortage and queuing crowds. 

As one of its sponsors, CipherLab is heading to join the grand annual event, SOTI SYNC on 10 Oct.. Our showcase focuses on comprehensive AER solutions, which deliver CipherLab’s capability in offering devices and service with stability and quality. Thank you SOTI and all of its visitors, it’s so valuable to have such an excellent platform of knowledge and market sharing.

2019 SMAU
CipherLab participated in SMAU 2019 in Milan from the 22nd to 24th of October. We delightfully thank for those visitors who interested with our latest Android industrial rugged mobile computer – RK95 with and our newest solution for self-service POS – QBIT. It was a great accomplishment to share ideas with industry leaders and receive many valued feedbacks with knowledge-learned from our customers at the booth.

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