CipherLab Helps India’s Leading Automotive Manufacturer to Accelerate Supply Chain Migration with Seamless System Integration and Agile Service Support

Supply Chain Visibility

The company is a leading Indian automobile manufacturer based in Gurgaon (Haryana), India. Due to the spurt in demand for passenger vehicles in the last two years, it is reporting an increase of 28% over the previous record of vehicles dispatched globally in 2021. Nowadays, the company exports 16 models of passenger vehicles and exports to approximately 100 countries.

Before choosing the CipherLab RK95 Industrial Mobile Computer , the company used other brand’s Windows-based mobile computers working with the web-based app for data traceability on parts, Works-in-Process (WIP), assembly lines, physical inventories, vehicle dispatches, and warehouse management.

More rising orders and new shortages weekly have made the automotive industry’s day-to-day supply chain management more complex than ever forcing the company to rebuild their foundation to meet the continuous demand for flexibility, speed, and seamless integration. Also, it drives the need for a Windows to Android migration.

However, when the company partnered with another brand’s mobile computer system it faced some challenges. It needed to integrate the existing web-based app on the Android mobile system as ERP synchronized its data, while also dealing with the employee’s downtime problem caused by long turnaround time because of the poor quality customer services from the previous mobile device provider. The aforementioned factors make just-in-time manufacturing difficult to achieve.

As a result, the solution they sought had to fully integrate with the company's existing system infrastructure and maintain the same use behavior in order to improve real-time workflow visibility. And the combination of CipherLab’s Android-based RK95 Industrial Mobile Computer and agile customer service was a perfect fit.

To ensure seamless user adoption, the RK95 incorporated a customized 50-key solution with a larger size ENT Button and placed the kit in the upper position to maintain employee’s user behavior with smooth operation. Also, with its 4.3” display, employees are able to consolidate their tasks into simple workflows with more captured information and clear navigation on a larger viewing area.

CipherLab collaborated with SATO India to provide on-site support for full testing and optimization of the Ivanti Velocity web app with customized scripts for Android mobile device migration without modifying the host application, ensuring a high level of customer service from pre-sales to post-sales.

Visibility throughout the automotive production process remains the main objective to optimize supply chain operations and manage inventory efficiently. The company utilizes CipherLab's RK95 to track and analyze supply chain quality from parts verification and assembly line to final vehicle dispatch, which performs uncompromising reading performance and data accuracy. Putting the user experience first in mind, CipherLab has also developed a range of software tools, making the Android-based operation system a reliable and robust platform for different configurations.