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CipherLab RS31 Protects Medical Sample Deliveries
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CipherLab RS31 Protects Medical Sample Deliveries

CipherLab RS31 Protects Medical Sample Deliveries

The CipherLab RS31 enables a large scale medical company to scan and deliver scores of samples from clinics and hospitals throughout Poland in a fraction of the time it used to take.

With one of the largest nationwide networks of diagnostic laboratories consisting of 50 laboratories, the company annually carries out over 35 million tests and cooperates with approximately 2,500 medical entities in Poland. It provides a wide range of services for both public and private health care facilities, hospitals, private medical practices, individual clients and facilities that conduct clinical trials. Among its nationwide network, the company also has over 300 collection points – medical facilities intended for retail clients and patients directed by medical contractors.

Since there are roughly 900 samples to be collected and delivered to the center for examination, each hired forwarder has to pick up a maximum of 150 samples from one clinic and needs to collect all probes from 6 clinics every day. The sample collector is required to scan the barcodes on all medical samples, such as blood and urine tubes when collecting samples from clinics and transmit that data immediately to the backend server. Due to the 30 minute distance between clinics, the sample collecting time should be fast and accurate in order to reach the next clinic location on time. The CipherLab RS31 with its 2D imaging and a presentation mode, has an outstanding performance record of being able to read 1D barcodes on the 50 - 60 samples in one simple scan and users can quickly switch software options to transmit the data. Because of these features, all the sample scanning processes in one clinic only takes a maximum of 2 - 3 minutes to complete.

In addition, the 4G/LTE wireless communication of the RS31 provides a reliable connection to transmit data to the backend server without any worry of connection interruption. The implementation of the RS31 has resulted in a total of 300 pcs deployed in the field that enables collectors to work more productively and more accurately.

Download pdf: CipherLab RS31 Protects Medical Sample Deliveries