8200 Series

Enterprise Mobile Computer

Light, compact, simple to use, and easy to program with C, Basic Compiler, or Application Generator, the 8200 series mobile computer is built to meet your retail and healthcare needs. With long-lasting power performance and lots of room for data, this data terminal is just what you need to increase productivity, deliver quality customer service, and generate instant profits.

Industry Use:
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Warehousing

In peak seasons and busy periods, it's important to have a handheld mobile computer with low power consumption to sustain long operating hours. Ergonomically designed for shift-long comfort and compact enough to keep with you all day long, the 8201 mobile computer gives you reliable performance and continuous productivity shift after shift.

With the IEEE802.11b/g/n and Bluetooth® Class 2 compliance, this pocket-sized handheld mobile computer, 8231, ensures seamless wireless data transmission and real-time updates to your back-end system. The data terminal is all you need for constant productivity.

Item 8201 8231
OS CipherLab Operating System (cOS)
CPU 32-bit
Memory 8 MB Flash / 4 MB or 8 MB SRAM
Expansion micro SD slot with SDHC support
Operating power Rechargeable 3.7V 1200 mAh Li-ion battery
Wireless communication -- IEEE802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth® V2.1+EDR class 2
Barcode scanning Linear imager/ Laser / 2D imager
Display 2.1" 160x160 pixels
Size 136 x 58 x 25mm (Linear imager) / 136 x 58 x 32 mm (Laser/2D )
Weight 150g / 5.3 oz
Impact resistance Multiple 1.2m/4 ft. drop onto concrete, 5 drops on each side / IP54


  • Charging and communication cradle
  • Protective Cover
  • Pistol grip
  • 4-slot Battery Charger
CipherLab Application Software
  • Remote Console
Development Tool
Browser and Emulation

Case Studies
CipherLab Wireless Smart Scan - Managing inventory of retail business in a timely and error-free fashion
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