App-Lock Application Manager


Designed to help you better manage work productivity and performance, the CipherLab Application Manager and App-Lock give you full control over all executable files saved in the CipherLab's Windows®CE-based mobile computers. It allows you to set limited access to essential device settings and pre-approved applications, so workers can stay focused on the tasks at hand. With Application Manager and App-Lock, setup files can be copied and deployed to other devices in the field remotely, which increases the efficiency of device management.

  • Full control over executable files of the Program folder, desktop and Control Panel
  • Limited access to essential device settings and pre-approved business applications
  • Access prevention to potentially distracting applications, such as MSN and Internet Explorer
  • Automatic routine application execution upon a reboot
  • Supporting show/hide taskbar and toolbar
  • Supporting enable/disable taskbar, partially or fully