Maximize mobile workforce productivity, quickly, easily, and economically. The MCL-Collection for CipherLab Windows-based mobile computers simplifies and accelerates mobile application development and development efforts, allowing fast integration of highly effective host-based application. The Collection provides a comprehensive set of proven, versatile tools to design, develop, package, and deploy applications that support a range of use cases and connection states, from batch mode barcode scanning to database updates through casually connected, wireless WAN sessions. MCL-Client is included at no charge on CipherLab 9500CE series mobile computers.

  • Migration Wizard to import, convert, upgrade, and enhance existing applications
  • Layered architecture to integrate necessary tools
  • MCL-Designer integrated simulator
  • MCL-Client quickly integrates existing MCL-based applications to CipherLab mobile platforms
  • MCL-Link enable batch-mode devices with the same host access support
  • MCL-Net networking server to support multi-modal network communications
  • MCL-SAP® R/3® Bridge brings power of SAP applications to mobile device

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