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8000 Series mobile computers tracks event and seminars

Since 1984, Virginia-based MSS Software, a division of Manufacturing System Services, Inc., has written more than 1,000 applications for specific wireless data collection systems. As a CipherLab Solutions Certified reseller, MSS Software is well positioned to understand the capabilities of CipherLab's mobile computers and terminals. So when the company developed Seminar Tracker, a user friendly software aimed at easing registration and capturing attendance data at professional organizations and conferences, it chose to bundle the product with CipherLab's 8000 series Portable Terminal.

An increasing number of professional organizations, government institutions and corporations need to correctly monitor attendance at events and track the corresponding continuing education units for their employees and members. With professional conferences attracting larger numbers of attendees, this has created bottlenecks at event registration and check-in areas. By using MSS Software's Seminar Tracker and the CipherLab 8000, these organizations are now able to reduce labor and overhead costs and speed attendees through event registration and security, yet still capture relevant data.

Among the many organizations now using Seminar Tracker are departments within the U.S. Government, the Fortune 500 consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton, the Institute for Professionals in Taxation, Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, TN and Missouri Baptist University in St. Louis.

"By using Seminar Tracker software to create barcoded name badges at conferences, trade shows and other events, organizers can accurately record attendance, tighten security and even capture relevant information for tracking sales leads," said Bill Crumpecker, president of MSS Software. "We needed a wireless portable terminal that was just as easy to use as our software, and which would have minimal downtime in the field. The CipherLab 8000 really fit the bill."

About the CipherLab 8000 Portable Terminal
The robust CipherLab 8000 portable terminal is ideal for warehouse, distribution, retail and field service deployments. The units, which can be ordered as either laser or linear scanners, offer a ruggedized design that meets industry drop standards, as well as a backlit display, small handheld form factor and over 100 hours of battery operation for reliability in the most demanding settings.

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