Solution 4

CipherLab's 9400 Manages Mail and Parcel Logistics

The Brazil Post Office (ECT), operated by the Ministry of Communications, is the country's largest employer, with 110,000 employees.

The post office was using batch HHP portable terminals running a Java application that managed shipment tasks in the regional distribution center. Each task was uploaded to the terminal, allowing the operator to make the correct mail separation and shipment assignment.

To finish the process, the operator had to synchronize data with the database server, all in order for the system to make shipment status available.

In 2008, the Brazil Post Office planned to improve customer service with an online tracking system . To accomplish the upgrade and provide real-time data, terminals compatible with Java language software were required. Easy maintenance, low TOI solution and short lead-times were essential for a successful phased upgrade. As the infrastructure-upgrading project was designed, additional functionalities were added, such as RFID-EPC Gen 2 and the need for easy pistol grip installation and removal.

The Brazil Post Office chose the 9400 with wireless LAN and 2D imager for the upgrade. The 2D imager captures the 1D barcode on the mail and the recipient's signature. CipherLab's partner, Complex, developed a JVM machine to accomplish the project needs in multiple phases. The 9400 is able to organize shipments by region and to determine total real-times deliveries for each postman.

Since this application is deployed at more than 200 sites, device management is critical. Wavelink device management software allows central administrators to remotely diagnose and reset application and device settings, as well as provide assisted guidance for the end user.

The new online tracking system is being implemented in phases. The Brazil Post Office continues to improve precision and agility as they enable a full online shipment process. Eventually, each delivery person will use a portable terminal for complete real-time door-to-door tracking.

About the CipherLab 9400 Series Industrial Mobile Computer
The CipherLab 9400 supports Microsoft® Windows® CE 5.0, and is designed to simplify the tasks of those working in the retail, logistics, warehouse, transportation and field sales/services industries. A powerful yet user-friendly mobile computer, the 9400 is compliant with all popular wireless communications platforms and delivers industry-leading features such as a built-in digital camera, multi-form data input (touch screen or keyboard) and the ability to read and write RFID tags. It leads the industry in impact standards - an important consideration for the warehouse or field use environment.

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