For Android Mobile Computers


CipherLab EnDeCloud, CipherLab's deployment tool which provides mobile computer administrators different options to manage configurations efficiently, according to their needs. There are two tools in EnDeCloud which are CipherLab Android Deployment Configurator (ADC) and the Wireless Mobile Deployment System (WMDS). ADC is a windows-based configuration tool. It integrates all configurations into one single platform; WMDS is also a windows-based server program that helps configuration settings created by ADC to be deployed on CipherLab's Android-based devices through a wireless network, especially an intranet.

ADC (Android Deployment Configurator)
ADC is a windows-based project configuration tool, helping system administrator or integrators to devise various configuration projects for CipherLab Android-based mobile computers.

  • Easy management interface for you to create/edit/save multiple projects
  • Comprehensive scope of configurable settings to fulfill various requirements:
  • - Transferring files (configuration files, applications or any files) from the server to client mobile devices
    - Auto installation of APK files
    - Auto run of your designated applications
    - Configuration of barcode reader settings, including symbology settings, scanning preferences, notification, data output, etc.
    - Turning On/Off wireless connection such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Cellular data
    - Configuration of Wi-Fi settings by giving SSID, security mechanism, password, etc.
    - Configuration of cellular data settings
    - Configuration of Terminal Emulation sessions properties
    - Configuration of AppLock by defining the applications allowed as well as showing/hiding notification bar, changing background display, setting up a password to restrict the access, etc.
  • Password protection for critical project management actions
  • Adding languages to user interface and customization of wording
  • Device settings synchronization over USB connection
  • One-at-a-time device deployment over USB connection

WMDS (Wireless Mobile Deployment System)
WMDS for Android is a windows-based server program that can deploy the configuration settings created by Android Deployment Configurator to Android-based devices through wireless network. With the aim of optimizing the process of larger-scaled device deployment task, WMDS can deploy multiple Android mobile computers simultaneously within one task as well as monitor all the devices' status. WMDS empowers system administrator or integrators with a wireless solution which can perform device deployment not only within your intranet but over the internet. What's more, WMDS server can keep broadcasting its address to the devices within a private network, allowing the devices with WMDS agent installed to automatically get connected with server, saving the labor to configure every device for the initial server-client connection.

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