RS35 Series

RS35 Series

  • What application is CipherLab RS35 best suitable for?
    CipherLab RS35 is a touch mobile computer that is ideal for retail applications such as replenishment, product labeling, price checking, assisted selling, and line busting.

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  • What mobile computer is good for retail applications?
    RS35 is suitable for the verticals such as retail and last-mile delivery applications.

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  • What mobile computer is recommended for transportation and logistics?
    The CipherLab RS35 Touch Mobile Computer is purpose-built for light transportation and logistics. Its IP65 and IP67 ratings allow the device to work in rain and dust. The RS35 also has a 1.8 m drop resistance when with a rubber boot. The touch panel welcomes stylus, bare, wet, or gloved fingertip inputs.

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  • Is the RS35 waterproof?
    The RS35 is classified as IP65 and IP67, which ensure certain protection from modest water jet and immersion up to 1-meter depth.

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  • What is hot-swap function?
    The RS35 has hot-swap function that means remaining the RS35 device in operation during the battery replacement is allowable. There is no need to leave the current applications, switch to suspending mode, or power down the device.

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  • What is special about the RS35 UHF RFID?
    The RS35 mobile computer can be easily added UHF RFID reading and writing capability by attaching the RS35 onto the RS35 UHF RFID reader. The RS35 UHF RFID reader supports the EPC Global Gen2v2 standards. It has an excellent high-speed reading rate of more than 900 tags per second.

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