Workforce / Fleet Management

Workforce/Fleet Management

In order to ensure efficient routing to increase worker productivity and minimize vehicle costs, you need to know where your workers are and what they are doing at any point in time. Free field workers from paper process of recording work hours, mileage, expenses, and assigned routes, CipherLab mobile computers can automatically time-stamp services or activities to eliminate the time-recording requirements and prevents arbitrary time estimates. The GPS/AGPS function can apply location stamps to transactions, automatically record mileage, and flag miles driven outside of assigned routes or work hours. The location data can also be used to power route analysis and dwell time analysis that can suggest more efficient routes or alert managers to potential abuses.

CipherLab mobile computers can also support multiple wireless connections for voice and data communication, giving users all the functionality they need in a single device. Field workers therefore send status updates to the office automatically, as well as vehicles can be tracked in real time to aid dispatch decision making and to provide up-to-date information for customer service.

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