CipherLab Connection | December 2018


CipherLab Connection | December 2018
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CipherLab Connection
| December 2018

User Scenarios
Surprise Performance of CipherLab 9700 Series in a Cold Storage Warehouse
A leading food importer in Taiwan, offering the best food products around the world, has its own cold storage warehouse to ensure quality and consistency for customers’ best experience. Today, the enterprise continues to build a winning 

business model as a professional supplier of fine foods. 

Being able to work without interruption in low temperature environments is a must for a cold storage warehouse. Combined with CipherLab 9700 series industrial mobile computer and the additional heater option, it has helped in avoiding frosts on screens, maintain the reading efficiencies and reduce battery consumptions in a cold storage warehouse under temperature of -20°C. The 9700 series with pistol grip provides workers a great operational experience. It makes it convenient for users to utilize the device in low temperature environments. In addition, the physical keypad allows users to key-in the picked inventory amount easier. The 9700 series also has been used at the storage cache area, without the additional heater, at the temperature of 5°C while waiting for the goods to be loaded in the transport truck.


The implementation of CipherLab 9700 series fulfills the user demands in both frozen and refrigerated environments, especially when the temperature differences may cause malfunctions in different devices. However, the 9700 series, with heater, (unexpectedly) surprisingly solved the problem of device coldness and frost in a cold storage environment. These benefits highly support user satisfaction and willingness to purchase more 9700 series with heater function for the new cold storage warehouses in Taipei and Taichung.



The CipherLab RK25 Maximizes its Features in Stationery Warehouse Management
A leading stationery supplier enterprise, offering a wide variety of stationery supplies for offices and schools, has over 6,000 exclusive distributors and more than 50,000 retail sites throughout China. This enterprise has set up a well-known brand

and a complete sales network in over 20 countries in many parts of the world such as Australia, South America, Asia, Europe and etc. Additionally, this company leads the industry's e-commerce business through a strong presence in local business-to-consumer online retailers such as Tmall, and etc. It has its own stationery warehouses to supply all of the local channels and distribution centers.

In such a large stationery warehouse, the enterprise faces unstable Wi-Fi connections, needs of switching systems under Browser/Server structure and inaccurate data input due to small physical keypads. Due to these existing issues, it caused the reduction of user operation efficiency. This enterprise decided to change their devices to the RK25 series rugged mobile computers, which provided the user-friendly operation and enterprise-oriented usability.


CipherLab RK25 is built with the most reliable LTE connection for constant back-end system connection and real-time data transmission. In addition, the light weight RK25 has the option of 25-key wide numeric keypads, which gives more accurate data input to users in a non-visual operation environments. Combined with certified browser and emulation software, the RK25 allows the users to run the warehouse management system under the existing operating system.


The adoption of RK25 series, together with our SI software, fulfill the user demands in both functionality and usability, especially resolving the operating issues on function keys. With the good user experience of RK25 and strong service and supports, the enterprise replaced the old handheld terminals with CipherLab 9700 series industrial mobile computer for better efficiency in warehousing management. As a result, the enterprise is expected to deploy 500 units of RK25 series in stationery warehouses and 100 units of 9700 series in distribution centers.



CipherLab RS50 Series – A Recommended Hardware Solution for the World’s Largest Oil and Gas Company’s Authorized Distributors

CipherLab RS50 series, the rugged Android touch computer, is pleased to be one of the recommended hardware solutions for the US-based international oil and gas company’s authorized distributors.

The industry leading oil and gas company has a quality control project with select distributors where they scan barcodes to make sure distributors are putting the right oil and gas into the right container and barrels to ensure product quality. They are working closely with their software vendor and system integrator to develop the application for its distributors. CipherLab’s RS50 series was recommended by the system integrator as a reliable hardware option. Its versatile data collection meets the company’s 2D barcode reading requirement. Aside from reliable Wi-Fi support, RS50 is also compatible with all major cell carriers in US, providing users ultimate mobility experience inside and outside the four walls. The resourceful accessories further ensure continuous productivity no matter if the operation is in the office or out in the field. Additionally, the functionality is protected with RS50’s IP65/67 ratings and 1.8 m drop resistance while being able to sustain 1,000 tumbles at 1 m in the harsh environment. 

One of the premier companies in the lubricants business, an authorized distributor of the company’s lubricant product in Missouri, is currently running the pilot project using CipherLab’s RS50 series along with the gas and oil company’s software. By rolling out the application successfully within the authorized distributor, the oil and gas company will promote the solution to their US “Lubricant Distributor” network nationwide in the near future.

CipherLab continually aims to deliver the best products and work closely with our partner to provide suitable solutions to the market. We are pleased that RS50, the rugged Android touch computer, was selected.




CipherLab RS31 Improves In-store Operations for Retail Chains in India
The retail chains are under an Indian conglomerate and the company is known for being visible to more than 250 cities across the country, with popular hypermarket/supermarket chains and small convenient stores. 

Top managers would like to use Android-based mobile devices for in-store operation. They hoped the staffs can be equipped with modern smartphone-style devices that they can use anywhere in the shop floors to improve overall store operations as well as facilitate customer’s shopping experiences.


The IT turned to CipherLab, who has over 30-year experience in AIDC and mobile solutions. CipherLab provided the RS31 which utilizes easy-to-use Android interface, making it easy to adopt for anyone familiar with smartphones. With 1D and 2D barcode capturing of RS31, staffs easily took control of inventory status and connected with back office systems in real-time. When the staffs were facing customer’s queries on shop floors, they could immediately look up products and price information. The RS31 helped the staffs deliver great customer services.


In addition to scanning capabilities and a smooth touch-centric big screen, the RS31 provided a rugged design with IP67 rating that could withstand splashing water from fridge food. The IT department also used SOTI MobiControl to remotely manage and deploy RS31.


With CipherLab’s RS31, the retail chain improved its sales, services and satisfactions. The RS31 mobile computers are now deployed for in-store operations. In order to compete in today’s changing retail environment, the RS31 will possibly be used for more new applications such as click and collect for online shopping or direct-store-delivery.


Product Update
CipherLab 9700 Rugged Mobile Computer for Cold Storage Environment
CipherLab 9700 with Mid-Range 2D Imager now can operate at temperatures as low as -22°F (-30°C) for cold storage and refrigerated environments. This feature is equipped with an internal heater that allows the 9700 to deliver high-performance mobile computing and scan-intensive applications 
such as put away, picking, and inventory management in the extremely cold environments for up to 30 minutes. Comparatively lighter than other similar form factor in its class, it also comes with the pistol grip, reducing workers fatigue in scan-intensive environments. The  9700 can help workers easily scan items up to a 4.3 m distance from their seats on forklifts instead of having to jump off. The large input keys (with 30/ 38/ 53 keypad options) can be conveniently operated with gloved hands. CipherLab’s  9700’s ruggedness provides an IP65-rated design that withstands 1.8 m multiple drops to concrete in harsh environments.

*This is available on request.  Contact CipherLab for further information.

CipherLab RK25J Certified with KDDI's Connectivity Verification
CipherLab is pleased to announce that the RK25 series rugged mobile computer is now certified with one of the local telecommunications operators in Japan, the KDDI Corporation. It provides a variety of services under different brands such as the cellular mobile services by “au by KDDI” brand, the ISP 
(Internet Service Provider) network and solution services by “au one net” brand, the long-distance and international voice and data communications by the “au Hikari” brand and Fiber to the Home (FTTH) services.

Together with this connectivity verification of IOT, Inter-Operability Testing, the RK25J offers a quad-core 1.4 GHz processor and IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac dual band communication which enables easier connection with "au by KDDI" network with 800 MHz Platinum band and Ultra-high-speed communication via state-of-the-art technology to prevent network connectivity problems. In addition, it helps to promote CipherLab RK25J to a wider audience in any industry applications.

For more information about the KDDI’s certification, please visit (English) (Japanese)

Software Resources
Reader Configuration Utility
Mobile computers are capable of reading printed barcodes. These barcodes can be either 1D or 2D. CipherLab mobile computers are installed with a Reader Configuration Utility that configures the internal scan engine for the need of creating settings that best suits your needs.  

Just tap All Apps and then ReaderConfig on the mobile computer screen to open the Reader Configuration Utility. It contains everything you need to best customize the settings you want. In “Decode Timeout”, maximum time for the decoding process during a scan can be set. A LED light beam that aids barcode reading can be enabled under Decoding Illumination. You can also project a crosshair at the center of the laser light beam to facilitate barcode reading to better assist the reading process. Aside from that, the format of data output can also be set. Notifications such as LED, vibration and beep can be chosen to help notify the user of a successful decoding.

Users can set the symbologies to read, and also enables/disables some features under the symbology page. Tap the Detail label below each symbology to access detailed settings for the specific symbols.

Settings can be deployed by using CipherLab Mobile Deployment Suite (ADC and WMDS), and all the setting can be finished with a few clicks.

Highlights of the Month
Presentation of Seniority Awards to Subsidiary Staff
With appreciation to those colleagues servicing in CipherLab subsidiaries for more than 5 years, we especially arranged a simple ceremony to present seniority awards at the annual global sales meeting. In the ceremony, Luis and Thomas representating respectively the staff in USA and China receive the seniority awards from our chairman, Steven Liau. It is worth of mentioning that most of the US staff, including Luis, have been servicing CipherLab for more than 10 years. We are so grateful to their wonderful team work and contribution to the company. Congratulation to those colleagues in the USA and China! 

2018 FIF Shanghai
CipherLab participated in the Future Industrial Fair for the transformation of future industry in manufacturing and information technology in Shanghai on November 19th-21st, 2018. It was very honored to present our new smart manufacturing solution to manufacturers for increasing productivity and reducing risks by human operation. We look forward to seeing you again in the next exhibition to offer more customized solutions. 

2019 Happy New Year

With 2018 coming to a close, we want to reach out and send our best wishes to you and yours! We wish you a very Happy Holiday season and a peaceful and prosperous New Year 2019.

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