Alliance Partners

CipherLab is devoted to satisfy our customers' needs by developing solutions together with our partners. We provide products and services that can be quickly deployed to meet industry needs and applications. (Listed in alphabetical order)

Airlock Browser by Outcoder
Airlock Browser provides secure browsing and allows organizations to configure the browser to meet the unique needs of their business and end-users. Airlock Browser allows organizations to take advantage of mobile browsing without security risks, while offering deep integration features that connect the web with the device, such as barcode scanning support for web pages.

> Certifying products: RS51, RK25
AirWatch by VMware
AirWatch Mobile Device Management enables businesses to address the challenges associated with mobility by managing all devices from the central admin console. AirWatch enables enterprise to enroll devices quickly, configure and update device settings over-the-air, and secure mobile devices.

> Certifying products: RS51,RS50, RS31,RK25 9700A

Fusion UEM by VXL Software
VXL Software is a global leader in the creation of unified endpoint management software. Its Fusion UEM solution provides powerful and centralised remote management of both mobile and desktop endpoints including CipherLab ruggedized devices. Easy-to-use and quick to install, Fusion UEM vastly simplifies endpoint management and incorporates a perpetual licence for lifetime ownership.

> Certifying products: RS50, RS31, 9700A
Wavelink Industrial Browser
Wavelink Industrial Browser offers an alternative to instantly deploy Windows® and Android based mobile computers into web-based workflows.

> Certified products: 9700

Wavelink Terminal Emulator
Wavelink Terminal Emulator, designed for IBM® 3270/ 5250, VT100/ 110/ 220/ 330, and HP systems, expands the capabilities of Windows®- based mobile computers to meet the needs of multiple types of mainframe environments.

> Certified products: RS50, RS31, 9700A, RS30

Wavelink Avalanche
Wavelink® Avalanche combines Mobility Center, a management console for control and configuration, CE Secure, and Remote Control in an integrated system.

> Certified products: 9700

Naurtech CETerm Browser and Terminal Emulator
Naurtech CETerm Browser and Terminal Emulator integrates data collection features for Windows®- based mobile computers with wireless security technologies and scripting capabilities to enable more efficient and customized workflows. Certified by industry-standard platforms, such as SAP Netweaver ITSMobile, Naurtech CETerm ensures all remote tasks required by the software are completed.

> Certified products: 9700 CP60

KALIPSO Mobile Application Generator is a powerful software designed for Windows® and Android based mobile computers. Simple and intuitive to operate, users can create applications with drag and drop either online or offline.

> Certified products: RS51,RS50, RS31, 9700A, RS30, 9700, CP60

SOTI-MobiControl for Windows® and Android based mobile computers delivers a robust set of features to support remote management. Remote device diagnostics, helpdesk toolset, screen capture, remote software provisioning, and advanced security of MobiControl allow rapid and reliable management over any network for any size of deployment.

> Certified products: RS51, RS50, RS31, RS30, RK25,9700, 9700A,CP60

StayLinked is the premier host-based solution for terminal emulation, terminal session management, screen reformatting, and speech recognition. StayLinked provides completely reliable emulation sessions, even in the most difficult and dynamic environments.

> Certified products: RS51, RS50, RS30,RK25

Portable Technology Solutions, LLC (PTS) is a leading provider of user configurable, mobile data collection software, barcode systems and RFID software. TracerPlus requires no programming experience, compatible with WM/Ce and Android devices, and syncs data via cradle, WiFi, and WAN connections.

> Certified products: RS50, RS31, 9700A, RS30, 9700