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Grow Your Business with CipherLab Support

CipherLab is a leader in AIDC solutions. With our experience and expertise in many industries, we can help you find the right solutions for your particular business and operations. The following resources will help answer your questions about CipherLab solutions. If you need additional information, please click Contact CipherLab.

  • Technical Download
    Get firmware, software, and documents for the most up to date information for your CipherLab product.

  • Repair Services
    CipherLab's online eRMA service offers our valued customers a real-time RMA experience. Customers can access the eRMA page to track repair status at any time.

  • Warranty
    CipherLab has specially constructed a service program, CipherLab Service Advantage, for you to minimize downtime and reduce total cost of ownership for CipherLab’s devices. Learn more about CipherLab’s warranty policy.

  • Knowledge Center
    Here is a knowledge base you can learn about the intelligence of AIDC technology and scanning capabilities and the power of CipherLab.

  • Contact Tech Support
    For additional information or technical support regarding CipherLab and its products, please take a moment to fill out the form. A CipherLab representative will respond to you shortly.