CipherLab Co., Ltd.

CipherLab Industry Solutions provide the modern AIDC (Automatic Identification Data Collection) systems to identify, collect, control, connect and communicate data to manage business in various industries. Customers can take advantage of additional hardware features with good services and quality to customize for their application-specific requirements, ensuring optimal reliability and performance anytime, anywhere.

Company Profile

About Us

CipherLab is a world leader in AIDC solutions for a wide range of industries. CipherLab's expertise is at the convergence of scanning, mobile computing, and business process design. This results more efficient supply chains, field sales services, retail operation and reduced cost of doing business in almost every sector. Our skilled network of reliable partners delivers successful solutions to small, medium and enterprise businesses that chose CipherLab for value, performance and quality.

CipherLab Products Deliver
It's not in our nature to brag about our successes, but some fairly demanding customers have chosen CipherLab to satisfy their very exacting needs. Just to drop a few names: ACNielsen, ASDA/Wal-Mart, GEUSA (Pepsi bottler and distributor), IKEA, Brazil and Poland post offices, CERRUTI 1881 and even Circus Circus in Las Vegas.

CipherLab's Commitment

CipherLab is dedicated to building better businesses by offering the highest quality AIDC products and services through our partner companies to improve productivity and ensure value for customers.

Our Commitment
CipherLab is committed to provide the highest quality AIDC products and services-our success comes from delivering the best value to our customers through leading-edge products, services and support.

CipherLab fosters our channel and customer partnerships with friendly, open communication, always adding performance and high value to both our product line and our relationships, while learning from the unique processes and situations of our customers.

Quality Policy
Bearing the spirit of continuous improvement, professional knowledge and technology, we provide customers with products and services to their satisfaction.

Environmental Policy
To comply with environmental laws and regulations, we require continuous waste reduction, develop low power consumption products, and engage in the implementation of environmental pollution prevention.

World Enterprise Citizen
CipherLab cares for the interests of: our customers, by providing the best quality and leading-edge products and services our employees, by promoting entrepreneurship and above-standard benefit our investors, by delivering outstanding return on investment.

In addition to satisfying the interests of its direct stakeholders, CipherLab complies with the greater roles and responsibilities of a world enterprise citizen. We have chosen to utilize resources efficiently and pay respect to our shared world environment. Some examples of our ecological initiatives are certifications such as:

ISO 9001
CipherLab achieved ISO 9001 certification in 1997, proving CipherLab's commitment to quality throughout its product lines. ISO 9001 is a series of international standards for inspecting production processes, updating records, maintaining equipment, training employees, and handling customer relations.

ISO 14000
CipherLab was ISO 14000 certified in 2005, showing CipherLab's commitment to the environment and health of planet Earth. ISO 14000 is a series of international standards for environmental management systems, life-cycle assessment, environmental auditing of processes, environmental labeling, and environmental performance evaluation.

CipherLab fully complies with environmental legislation to reduce the amount of electronic waste reaching our landfills. We are currently designating product lines to be in accord with far-thinking initiatives to control electronic waste both for manufacturing and post-sale. CipherLab is committed to supporting the framework of the European Union (EU) initiative on the Restriction of the Use of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).

CipherLab complies with "registration, evaluation, authorization, and restriction of chemicals" (REACH) accordingly. Each product has been examined by 3rd party with related reports.

A Unique Culture

CipherLab values are entrepreneurial, centered on human values and an optimistic outlook. Our competitor's values are traditional, centered on business metrics and controlling structure.

Approach to market:
CipherLab anticipates vertical market needs; nurtures customer partnerships and relies on in-depth qualitative research and strategic analysis.
Competitors tailor to market needs; build customer relationship; use comprehensive quantitative data and statistics.

Organizational structure:
CipherLab builds teamwork and mutual trust; uses interdisciplinary project teams; captures opportunities.
Competitors cut through layers; reduce headcount; achieve metric targets.

Operating system:
CipherLab operations empower efficient and effective responses.
Competitors use effective budgeting; manage operations using IT.

Human resources:
CipherLab relies upon top quality international talent; encourages entrepreneurship; offers superior profit sharing.
Competitors control expenses effectively; reduce internal barriers; watch the bottom line.

Our History

Founded in 1988, CipherLab Co., Ltd. designs, manufactures, and markets AIDC (automatic identification and data collection) products and systems. The company is dedicated to serving firms around the world that seek more effective and efficient ways of doing business and creating business value.

CipherLab has subsidiaries and partners in EMEA, the Americas, Asia-Pacific, and China. This growing network of long-term relationships has been established to serve the unique needs of world regions and markets with dynamic flexibility and response to opportunity. CipherLab's valued partnerships allow critical market intelligence, open communication and mutual success.

CipherLab has invested tremendous resources for research in optics, electronics, mechanical engineering, communication technologies, software, and industry applications. Knowledgeable and experienced engineers work closely with industry partners to design, engineer, and create systems that meet customers' needs, as well as providing timely and competent services.

The company carefully examines its manufacturing capacities and processes to improve efficiency, ensure quality, and minimize harm to the Earth. CipherLab, both ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 certified, supplies quality products at competitive prices with flexible and timely delivery. The majority of products are marketed under the registered brand name CipherLab.

CipherLab is listed on the Taiwan OTC market under the ticker 6160.

Milestones and Awards

1988 Founded company and built the first real-time feedback system for the Taiwan Stock Exchange
1989 Released the first time and attendance data terminal
1990 Installed the first solid-state LCD display (240 x 960 cm) in Taiwan at Chinese Petroleum Corp., Lin-Yung factory
1991 Released the first CCD barcode scanner
1992 Began marketing under the brand name CipherLab
1993 Designed the first handheld portable terminal with IC card reader for Taiwan Banking System
1997 ISO 9001 Certificate awarded and began the roll-out for Taiwan 7-11 convenience chain-stores POS system
1998 President Liau receives Gold Asian Award of Excellence for his role in the industry
Began the roll-out for Taiwan Family Mart convenience chain-stores POS system
Designed the first software development tool 'Basic Compiler' for mobile computers
1999 CipherLab begins conversion to public company through initial public offering and CipherLab enters the mobile computer market with 711/720 data collection mobile computer
2000 Established U.S. subsidiary
2001 Released model 1000 CCD scanner, the most popular contact scanner.
2002 Publicly listed on Taiwan OTC market with NT$327 million capital
Established Software R&D Center in China
Established cooperative education and internship with Tzu-Chi University
Released pocket-sized mobile computers, the 8000 series, targeting retail markets
Released light-industrial mobile computers, the 8300 series, targeting warehouse environments
2003 Model 1000 scanner ranked #1 by Japanese barcode scanner users (Webzine Magazine)
CipherLab ranked #18 of Taiwan's top 100 Mid-Small Enterprises (CommonWealth Magazine)
Pioneered wireless BT handheld scanning with release of the world's first commercial BT scanner
Increased capital to NT$398 million
2004 ISO 14000 Certificate compliance achieved
CipherLab ranked #29 of Taiwan Top 100 Growing Enterprises (Smart Monthly)
Increased capital to NT$500 million.
Awarded ACNielsen Homescan CRM project for Asia-Pacific and EMEA
2005 Released the first industrial mobile computers, the 8500 series, targeting transportation and logistics environments
Increased capital to NT$622 million
Ranked #48 of Taiwan Top 100 Competitive Mid-Small Enterprises (Marbo Magazine)
2006 Awarded ACNielsen Homescan CRM project for South America
Ranked #17 of ROE and #9 of ROA of Taiwan Top 1000 Manufacturers (Business Weekly)
Increased capital to NT$710 million
Changed corporate English name to CipherLab Co. Ltd.
Ranked in top 5 scanner manufacturers by Vertical System Retailer, USA.
Released the first Windows®-based industrial mobile computers, the 9500 series, targeting transportation and logistics environments
Established EMEA subsidiary
Ranked in top 3 scanner manufacturers worldwide by Venture Development Corporation (industry analyst), USA
2007 Establish China subsidiary
In-store Handheld Automation Product Innovation of the Year Award from Frost & Sullivan (industry analyst), USA
2008 Released the 1500 handheld linear imager scanner, targeting retail, healthcare and public sector
Released the first pocket-sized Bluetooth scanner, the 1660 linear imager, targeting healthcare, field sales and field service
Established DACH office
2009 Released Bluetooth handheld scanners, the 1560 and 1562 of 1500 series
Released industrial mobile computers, the 8400 series, targeting warehousing
Released industrial mobile computers, the 9300 series, targeting retail and warehousing
8000 series were awarded Best Product and Service by Networks Products Guide, North America
1660 Bluetooth scanner was awarded Gold Mobile Star Award by MobileVillage, North America
Established GmbH office
2010 Released industrial mobile computers, the 9600 series, targeting retail, healthcare, manufacturing and field mobility
Released the first industrial handheld scanner, the 1704 2D imager, targeting manufacturing, warehousing and logistics
Established subsidiary CipherLab Medical Co., Ltd.
2011 Released enterprise mobile computers, the 8200 series, targeting retail and healthcare
Released the first PDA-typed Windows mobile computer, the CP30 series
Released new Antimicrobial Protection series, including 1500H and 1600H handheld scanners and 8000H cOS mobile computers
Released the 1504 and 1564 2D scanners
Released 1070 contact scanner
Released 1661 pocket-sized linear imager scanner
Established Remuneration Committee
2012 Released industrial mobile computers, the 8700 series
Released 1662 and 1664 pocket-sized laser and 2D imager scanners
Released industrial mobile computers, the CP50 series, targeting field mobility, transportation and warehousing
Released Antimicrobial Protection series including 1664H handheld scanner and 8200H cOS mobile computers
Released the first handheld RFID reader, the 1861, targeting retail, warehousing and distribution center
Established subsidiary CipherGenii Co., Ltd.
2013 Released industrial mobile computers, the 9200 series, targeting transportation, logistics, and warehousing
Released flagship mobile computer, the CP60 series, targeting the high-end market in transportation, logistics, manufacturing, warehousing and field service
Released 1663 pocket-sized Bluetooth linear imager scanner
2014 Released new generation of cOS mobile computers, the 8600 series, targeting warehousing, distribution center and manufacturing
Released industrial mobile computers, the 9700 series, targeting warehousing and within-four-wall applications
Released industrial mobile computers, the CP55 series, targeting transportation, logistics, manufacturing, warehousing and field service
2015 Released the first Android touch mobile computer, RS30 series, targeting field sales, field service, retail and healthcare
Released 1862 handheld RFID reader, giving users extended RFID capabilities with mobile devices through Bluetooth pairing
2016 Established CipherLab Europe Representative Office in Eindhoven, The Netherlands
2017 Released 2500 series business-rugged handheld scanner to suit various applications such as retail, warehousing and light industry
Released 9700A series mobile computer, a new force on Android OS for applications in warehousing
Released RS50 series rugged Android touch computer, providing user-friendly operations with industrial durability
Released RS31 series touch-centric Android mobile computer targeting retail and field service applications
ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 awarded
2018 Released 2200 series omnidirectional presentation scanner for retailers
CipherLab was awarded in Huawei Developer Challenge for bringing innovative solutions fulfilling industry demands
Released RK25 series rugged mobile computer combining smartphone usability with keypad options
Released Nemo improving utilization of labor and equipment for smart manufacturing

One of Top 3 Best Supplier of Equipment for Retail, CP30 series mobile computers
from Wiadomości Handlowe, Poland, 2013

Best of 2012 in Innovationspreis-IT, CP30 and 8200 mobile computers
from Initiative Mittelstand, Germany, 2012

Gold Mobile Star Awards, 9500 series mobile computers
from Mobile Village, North America, 2007

Best Product and Service Award, 8000 series mobile computers
from Networks Products Guide, North America, 2009

Gold Mobile Star Award, 1660 BT scanner
from MobileVillage, North America, 2009

Gold Mobile Star Award, 8000 series mobile computers
from MobileVillage, North America, 2008

Mobile/Wireless Product Innovation of the Year
from Network Products Guide, North America, 2008

In-store Handheld Automation Product Innovation of the Year
from Frost & Sullivan (industry analysts), North America, 2007

Small to Midsize Retail Solution Award for Best In-store System
sponsored by Integrated Solutions for Retailers Magazine, 2006

One of Top 3 Scanner Manufacturers Worldwide
by Venture Development Corporation (industry analysts), USA, 2006

One of Top 5 Scanner Manufacturers
by Vertical System Retailer, USA, 2006

Ranked #9 of ROA and #17 of ROE in Top 1000 Manufacturers,
Business Weekly, Taiwan, 2006

Ranked #29 among Top 100 Growing Enterprises,
Smart Monthly, Taiwan, 2004

#1 Scanner rating
for CipherLab 1000, Webzine Magazine, Japan, 2003

Ranked #18 of Top 100 Potential Mid-Small Enterprises,
CommonWealth Magazine, Taiwan, 2003

Gold Asian Award of Excellence
to Steven Liau, CipherLab chairman, Taiwan, 1998

Executive Team

  • Steven Liau
    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
    A co-founder of the company in 1988, Steven has driven the development and growth of the company since its inception. His diverse background and entrepreneurial spirit lead the growth and organization of every part of the company. Mr. Liau has overseen CipherLab's expansion to a worldwide AIDC company, and participates daily in the sharpening of CipherLab's renowned focus on customer service, industry expertise, and technical innovation.

  • George Tan
    Senior Vice President and Spokesman
    Mr. Tan, with strong knowledge in products and technology in AIDC industry, helped CipherLab establish a solid manufacturing department that could deliver on its product designs to a growing customer base when co-founding the company. Moreover, with the expertise in software and application development, he helped the company build the MIS department to manage corporate resources.

    Mr. Tan also plays the role of spokesman. He keeps our potential and current investors updated about CipherLab's innovation as well as performance, and ensures their expectation is channeled to the management officers.

  • Lim Yee
    Senior Executive of Global Business Development
    Mr. Lim had 28 years of accomplished experience in the field of AIDC before he was headhunted by CipherLab. Mr. Lim’s capability in formulating business strategies and implementing tactical plans is well proven and recognized. Mr. Lim has also demonstrated strong leadership in coaching sales persons to achieve targets since he joined CipherLab. Now he is delegated to lead sales teams to build robust sales structures worldwide for sustainable business growth.

World-Wide Locations

CipherLab Co., Ltd.
12F, 333, Dunhua S. Rd., Sec. 2, Taipei, Taiwan 10669
Tel: +886 2 8647 1166
Fax: +886 2 8732 3300
Technical Support:
Public Relations:
Investor Relations:

    Regional Offices

  • CipherLab USA Inc.
    2552 Summit Avenue, STE 400
    Plano, Texas 75074, USA
    Tel: +1 469 241 9779
    Toll Free: +1 888 300 9779
    Fax: +1 469 241 0697

  • CipherLab Europe Representative Office
    Cahorslaan 24, 5627 BX Eindhoven,
    The Netherlands
    Tel: +31 (0) 40 2990202

  • CipherLab Electronics Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
    E Room, 9F, No.726 West Yan'an Road.
    Changning District, Shanghai
    China 200050
    Tel: +86 21 3368 0288
    Toll Free: +86 400 920 0285
    Fax: +86 21 3368 0286

Careers at CipherLab

Choosing CipherLab as a career partner is a bright move for talented people on the move up. The culture can be a surprise to people who have worked in more traditional settings: CipherLab is different because its people are different.

Once you understand how entrepreneurial spirit and values permeate the company, you'll begin to see the benefits to each employee-partner.

CipherLab's dedication to customer satisfaction is ensured by a positive, nurturing atmosphere for employees who are encouraged to participate in the process. Teamwork, often across disciplines, fosters growth and synergy. Efficient and effective processes eliminate tedium. Talent is rewarded. You may go home tired, but you'll be happy.

If you're ready for the challenges of customer satisfaction, company success and personal growth, CipherLab may be the perfect fit.

Current Job Openings