CipherLab Connection | Sept 2022 : Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan Limited Implement Digital Warehouse Management Solution To Meet High Demand For Parts Supplies


CipherLab Connection | Sept 2022 : Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan Limited Implement Digital Warehouse Management Solution To Meet High Demand For Parts Supplies
CipherLab Connection
| September 2022

User Case
Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan Limited Implement Digital Warehouse Management Solution To Meet High Demand For Parts Supplies
As one of the largest car manufacturers in Pakistan, Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan Limited (HACPL) was founded in 1992, and now its dealership network has grown to include 60 authorized dealerships in all major cities across the country. The company places a high value on efficiency, upholding global standards, and making a consistent effort for continuous improvement. Local parts are thoroughly inspected to ensure that they meet stringent international standards. 
A large automaker generally requires a quick and steady supply of car parts. HACPL discovered a few issues and inefficient processes obstructing their spare parts supply while investigating their spare parts warehouse processes. Their primary concern was that their warehousing processes were overly manual and used little automation resulting in several inaccuracies, such as improper or delayed shipments, inefficient put-away, and issuance.
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Product Updates
RK95 20-slot Battery Charger is available for order now!
CipherLab is pleased to release the 20-Slot Battery Charger for the RK95 industrial mobile computer. And heavy mobile computer operators in warehouses and distribution centers can charge up to 20 batteries simultaneously for multiple handheld devices, minimizing the operators’ idle time while batteries are charging. Optimized multiple charging cables also eliminate cable clutter and organize outlet layouts, making wire deployment easier and more convenient at charging stations.  
To know more about RK95 20-slot battery charger, please contact us via contact CipherLab form
Maximize Your Time While We Protect Your Devices
CipherLab is pleased to introduce you to the CipherLab warranty's next generation! The new generation of CipherLab Service Advantage is based on the previous generation and includes the original Standard and Extended Warranty services. It splits the original "Comprehensive Warranty" into Essential Plan and Premium Plan, allowing users to select the warranty services required for their CipherLab devices. In the new generation of CipherLab Service Advantage, the original purchased Comprehensive Warranty is classified as a Premium plan. Furthermore, the CipherLab Battery Insurance is a new concept within the CipherLab Service Advantage that is an optional add-on service extending from the Essential and Premium Plans and is available in two service plans that users can choose based on battery usage frequency.                                                                               
Exclusive Worry-free Material Supply Warranty for Authorized Partners in APAC
CipherLab is pleased to present the new service product -CipherLab Material Warranty, a material-only service that applies to authorized partners in APAC capable of providing maintenance services to CipherLab AER certified products. CipherLab supplies materials for main terminals to Authorized Partners who purchase an additional material warranty at a competitive price, allowing the Authorized Partner to be free of material shortage and perform maintenance work independently. The material warranty is now available to purchase!                       
Event Highlights
GLOBOSCAN 2022 – The Barcode Trade Fair
CipherLab was pleased to attend the GloboScan 2022 - The Barcode Trade Fair event in Hannover on August 26th to showcase our smart AIDC solutions with Android mobile computers and celebrate the 25th anniversary of Globos this year.
AISCI House Fair
The CipherLab DACH team is delighted to have the opportunity to work with our partner AISCI Ident GmbH and was honored to participate in the IT trade fair held on September 13th at the beautiful Bückeburg Castle. We presented smart AIDC solutions for various applications and workflows.


CipherLab is pleased to demonstrate complete AIDC solutions with our rugged and industrial mobile computers at VARTECH 2022 to assist users in overcoming inventory, supply chain visibility, logistics and transportation management challenges. 


In September, many supply chain professionals gathered at CSCMP EEDGE conference. CipherLab was honored to meet with them and present our smart AIDC solution for supply chain and warehouse management. 

accesso Client Seminar 2022

This week’s connection was incredible! 
The CipherLab USA team was delighted to meet our partners and customers at the accesso Client Seminar, where we explored more application possibilities with our comprehensive intelligent AIDC solutions
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