CipherLab Connection | June 2022


CipherLab Connection | June 2022
CipherLab Connection
| June 2022

Optimizing Airline Cargo Handling with the Assistance of the CipherLab RS35
User Scenario
Optimizing Airline Cargo Handling with the Assistance of the CipherLab RS35

Operating 1,400 flights weekly including 91 pure cargo flights to over one hundred cities across many continents, this Airline is one of two major airlines in Taiwan and is the state-owned flag carrier of Taiwan. As of 2022, this Airline operates 91 fleets of which 22 are cargo fleets that ensure supply continuity for economic growth by transporting goods ranging from auto parts, semiconductor chips, actual vehicles, and high-precision wafer machinery to daily necessities like fitness equipment, vacuum cleaners, gaming consoles, boutique handbag brands, and most importantly, epidemic prevention supplies during the pandemic.

Air cargo loading and unloading are complex procedures that need systems to convey and secure cargo within an aircraft. To efficiently locate the bulk cargo, this Airline uses a load planning system to consolidate multiple shipments and arrange freight to use the capacity of pallets and containers in the most efficient way possible, which helps distribute the weight of the cargo, avoid damaging cargo, and save loading and unloading time. On the cargo compartment floor are barcodes that match the cargo containers that have been attached with a designated barcode. The cargo handlers ensure each cargo is placed in the right location by scanning the barcodes on the floor and containers; here is where a high-performance mobile computer makes it work.

Optimizing Airline Cargo Handling with the Assistance of the CipherLab RS35

The CipherLab RS35 Touch Mobile Computer has been adopted to replace the Airline previously used device. The former handheld device unexpectedly caused high maintenance costs due to its fragile frame and screen. Other reasons, such as poor reading performance on damaged barcode labels, the time-consuming manual set up and updating of the devices because they lacked MDM, and the limited support of self-developed apps. However, after introducing the RS35 Touch Mobile Computer, the above-mentioned pain points have been solved as the RS35 is a rugged device with IP65 and IP67 full protection and can endure drops up to 1.5 meters. Furthermore, the agile reader of the RS35 can read damaged and poorly printed barcodes to a certain extent. Additionally, CipherLab has ReMoCloud, the mobile management software solution, allowing IT administrators to easily deploy multiple devices and remotely manage the devices via the web anytime, which undoubtedly brings added convenience and efficiency. Partnered up with an independent software vendor (ISV), CipherLab provides instant support for the user's self-developed apps that can be run on the RS35, making cargo loading and unloading easier than ever.


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Highlights of the Month
TEConnect Solutions 2022
TEConnect Solutions 2022

We were excited about our first trip and event in Canada after the Pandemic on June 8. During the one-day event of TEConnect Solutions 2022 at Berkeley Church, we have showcased a series of AER-certified mobile computers from CipherLab that help enhance the efficiency in different industries including transportation and logistics, warehousing, retail, field mobility, manufacturing, healthcare and more. Not only do our high-performance devices improve productivity at work but also our ReMoCloud, the mobile management software solution, helps configure, deploy, and manage multiple devices at ease, bringing intelligence to your business.

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