CipherLab Connection | May 2022


CipherLab Connection | May 2022
CipherLab Connection
| May 2022

Bönders GmbH – A Large Third-Party Logistics in Germany Chooses CipherLab Logistics Solution to Ensure a Smooth Delivery Process
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Bönders GmbH – A Large Third-Party Logistics in Germany Chooses CipherLab Logistics Solution to Ensure a Smooth Delivery Process

Bönders GmbH Spedition was founded in Krefeld in 1954 as a midsized transportation and logistics company. Currently, it has close to 450 employees and a truck fleet of 50 vehicles specializing in transportation and logistics. Bönders offers integrated logistics solutions along the entire value chain locally, nationally, and internationally under the B+K Group. Its business areas are the development of intelligent logistics concepts at a high level for the chemical industry, automotive spare parts distribution, and the construction, stainless steel and textile industries as well as for general distribution.

Bönders has been using CipherLab’s products for over 20 years and beginning with the 8200 Series used in transportation and warehouse operations for driver's routing and proof of delivery applications. Later, both the 8400 series and the 8200 series were used in the entire warehouse management of a well-known customer in the chemical industry. Bönders started using the RS series in 2015, the first was the RS30 that was a revolution for them in logistics for using a smartphone-type of Android device. With the partnership of the system integrator, it turned a positive result in fulfilling the customer's requirements for logistics, warehouse operations, quality control and container management. Due to the necessity of upgrading the devices periodically and their overall satisfaction with CipherLab devices, Bönders has continuously chosen many CipherLab devices ranging from the RS30 to the RS35 for their logistics and warehouse operation management.

CipherLab RS35 comes with versatile reader options including 1D and 2D barcode scanning, HF RFID capabilities and a contactless NFC application. With this feature, when the employee signs in for work, he simply needs to scan the barcode on his employee’s badge. The RS35 is also built with the most reliable Wi-Fi and 4G/LTE connections for constant backend system data transmissions and real-time communication. To keep the quality control for inbound and outbound activity, using the photo documentation App enables users to document several steps in the process with visual data through the Wi-Fi and 4G/LTE connection.

Bönders GmbH – Germany’s Largest Third-Party Logistics Chooses CipherLab Logistics Solution to Ensure a Smooth Delivery Process
In addition, fast roaming and GPS/AGPS allow for accurate navigation and route planning which can fully optimize the customer's experience. This helps the driver to accurately locate its destination, which shortens the time spent on the road.
Through this upgrade of devices to the RS35, the IT manager also shared that ReMoCloud allows for greater efficiency in configuring the devices. Previously, it took up about 3.5 hours to configure one device and required several projects with specific requirements. However, after using the ReMoCloud, it only takes around 30-40 minutes to work on a device configuration. Moreover, with ReMoCloud, once a device is registered, each new device is automatically registered to deploy the latest software updates and be managed remotely in a timely manner. As a result, the devices do not need to be sent back to the IT department to install software updates. Instead, the device can be updated remotely by ReMoCloud at the locations where they are being used. This has been a decisive advantage to Bönders.
Watch the video of Bönders’ application here:
ReMoCloud's information can be found here:
Highlights of the Month
2022 IWLA Convention & Expo
2022 IWLA Convention & Expo

CipherLab was pleased to take part at IWLA Convention & Expo at Booth # 315 at Omni Amelia Island Resort in Amelia Island, Florida from May 2 to 4! During the event, we have demonstrated how the RK95 Industrial Mobile Computer helps increase work efficiency for warehouse logistics and supply chain execution applications.


CipherLab was excited to participate in COMPUTEX 2022 held from May 24 to 27 at Booth N0920 at Nangang Exhibition Center in Taipei, Taiwan!


Not only have we showcased a series of rugged Android mobile computers but also we were pleased to invite our partners Advantech, Bankpro E-Service Technology, Fujitsu Taiwan, and SATO Taiwan to present our latest solutions with advantages in hardware and software that are practical for manufacturing, warehousing, T&L, and retailing for product traceability.

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