CipherLab Connection | Nov 2021 : Top International Tobacco Manufacturer Improves Its Working Efficiency by Adopting CipherLab's RK95


CipherLab Connection | Nov 2021 : Top International Tobacco Manufacturer Improves Its Working Efficiency by Adopting CipherLab's RK95
CipherLab Connection
|November 2021

Top International Tobacco Manufacturer Improves Its Working Efficiency by Adopting CipherLab's RK95
User Scenario
Top International Tobacco Manufacturer Improves Its Working Efficiency by Adopting CipherLab's RK95

One of the largest international tobacco manufacturers in the world with presence in more than 120 countries, utilized CipherLab's RK95 for its warehouse management in Taiwan.

Top International Tobacco Manufacturer Improves Its Working Efficiency by Adopting CipherLab's RK95
The manufacturer's warehouse shelve can be as high as 3 stories, so forklifts are necessary to access the upper racks. Also, the tobacco manufacturer uses Velocity TE and needs to connect

to the VT Terminal server in order to access backend data for warehouse management. With these important requirements, long range reading capability and an internet connection for its handheld devices are the primary criteria for device selection. In the past, other brand devices were used; however, the devices did not perform well and had several technical issues. The device downtime affected working efficiency and productivity. Therefore, the tobacco manufacturer has been looking for a new device to improve their situation. They purchased two devices from other brands and the CipherLab RK95 to do internal testing at the same time.

Top International Tobacco Manufacturer Improves Its Working Efficiency by Adopting CipherLab's RK95
CipherLab's RK95, an industrial mobile computer, is designed for various warehouse applications. It supports WiFi connectivity and its durable design makes it able to survive in most demanding work environments. For a variety of different reading needs, its 

versatile reader options cover it all. From a laser 2D mid-range imager to an extended-range 2D imager, it gives long distance barcode reading up to 18 meters which suits the tobacco manufacturer’s needs perfectly. On top of that, the RK95’s lightweight pistol design guarantees all-day comfortability.


After-sales service for this kind of mobile handheld device is important as unexpected technical issues in warehouse environments are inevitable. Technical issues may cause device downtime and lessen working efficiency. Having experienced this problem in the past, the tobacco manufacturer listed after-sales service response time as one of their highest priorities. However, as the headquarters of the brands are overseas, after-sales service speed is slow and instant response is not possible. This is not the case with CipherLab, who's after-sales service is immediate.


Regarding the company's indoor internet connection issue and need to connect to the VT Terminal service, CipherLab, as a local manufacturer with all its resources readily available, arranged its technical support personnel on-site and worked with its IT staff members to solve the problem. CipherLab helped the tobacco manufacturer locate their internet connection problem and provided suggestions to its IT staff members. The tobacco manufacturer was quite satisfied with the device testing result and the speedy technical support from CipherLab. They now deploy the RK95 throughout their warehouse for more efficient management. 


To know more about the RK95, watch the following video:

Product Update
Inventory Visibility and Control are Key to Boosting Productivity
Inventory Visibility and Control are Key to Boosting Productivity
CipherLab is pleased to introduce you to the RS35 UHF RFID reader as an RFID solution with exceptional reading and writing capability. Built for the RS35 Touch Mobile Computer, 

the UHF RFID reader delivers extraordinary performance in recognizing UHF RFID tags in terms of rate and accuracy that helps users increase the efficiency of inventory management and asset tracking.


The RS35 UHF RFID reader and the RS35 Touch Mobile Computer work perfectly together to support inventory control. It provides excellent reading sensitivity and accuracy, delivering a read rate of more than 900 tags per second. The RS35 UHF RFID reader, which supports all EPC Global Gen2v2 standards, has an excellent high-speed reading rate with a read range of over 8 meters. Moreover, it is available with software utilities including RFID Android SDK, EZConfig, and EZEdit. It is also worth mentioning that the RS35 UHF RFID reader can avoid duplicate tag reads when in either filter or comprehensive modes, which not only improves accuracy but also reduces users’ work of refining the duplicated data while doing stocktaking. This saves a lot of time for inventory management, in-store replenishment, and so much more!

Excellent Scanning Performance Delivers Great Work Efficiency
Excellent Scanning Performance Delivers Great Work Efficiency

CipherLab Operating System (cOS) terminals feature simple and user-friendly interface for users to accomplish a variety of task-specific applications. We are pleased to announce that a new scan engine has been released for the 8200 series Enterprise Mobile Computer and 8400 series Light Industrial Mobile Computer to continue excellent scanning performance in retail and warehousing applications.


Both the 8200 and 8400 series are now more sensitive to capture 1D, 2D, and PDF417 barcodes to effectively capture more high-density barcodes of up to 3 mil resolutions. In addition, the overall scanning performance has been upgraded to a 15% higher reading speed and motion tolerance and motion tolerance of 1.7 meters per second that allows users to continuously scan barcodes with no downtime for greater work efficiency. With a wide field of view and broad working range of 50.8cm, the 8200 and 8400 can capture barcodes faster and easier including low contrast (20%), poorly printed, or color barcodes.


For more information, please visit the following website:

8200 Series: 


8400 Series:

Highlights of the Month
IWLA Expo 2021
IWLA Expo 2021

CipherLab was pleased to participate in the IWLA Expo from November 1 to 3 at La Cantera Resort & Spa in San Antonio. In the event, we have demonstrated our RK95 Industrial Mobile Computer and RK95 cold storage model for the applications in the warehouse and supply chain. RK95 series is a lightweight yet strong mobile device that can be carried throughout the workday for various demanding applications to increase efficiency in the warehouse!

ICT & Logistiek 2021
ICT & Logistiek 2021

CipherLab participated the 2021 ICT & Logistiek in Utrecht, The Netherland on November 10 & 11. During this event, we showcased our latest system-oriented solutions of AER terminals (RK95/RS35/ RK25/RS51) and MDM software (ReMoCloud/ EnDeCloud) for applications in the entire supply chain. We also shared the user video of RK95 in XXL Nutrition for warehousing solution at the booth. We look forward to seeing you in 2022!

Logistics of the Future in Novosibirsk
Logistics of the Future in Novosibirsk

On November 18th, the Logistics of the Future Group was held in Novosibirsk with industry experts to share their profession in warehouse solutions. Thanks to our local partner who presented the powerful device of RS35 to the audience. The final stop of this event will be held in Krasnodar on December 9, so why not reserve your seat now before it's too late.

Registration: http://xn--80acecegrasg7aj5aotb6h.xn--p1ai/

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