CipherLab Connection | Oct 2021 : Enterprise Chooses CipherLab's RS35 and RK95 For TMS and WMS Applications Based On Excellent Track Record


CipherLab Connection | Oct 2021 : Enterprise Chooses CipherLab's RS35 and RK95 For TMS and WMS Applications Based On Excellent Track Record
CipherLab Connection
|October 2021

Enterprise Chooses CipherLab's RS35 and RK95 For TMS and WMS Applications Based On Excellent Track Record
User Scenario
Enterprise Chooses CipherLab's RS35 and RK95 For TMS and WMS Applications Based On Excellent Track Record

As an innovative force in the timber and decorative solutions industries, this company has been focusing on excellent sourcing and supplying quality commodities and decorative products for over 140 years. Driven by a passion for innovation, responsible sourcing and great customer service, this company is Australia’s largest independent distributor of wood panels, timber, and decorative materials, with an expanded range to other products. Its distribution centers can presently be found in all major capital cities in Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Cairns, and Townsville.

Enterprise Chooses CipherLab's RS35 and RK95 For TMS and WMS Applications Based On Excellent Track Record
As far back as 2018, this company has been using CipherLab's RS50 Mobile Computer, the former generation of the RS51 Rugged Touch Mobile Computer, for its transportation fleet application. It is worth mentioning that no 

downtime has been caused by the RS50 over the past 3 years. Because the excellent quality of CipherLab products has spoken for itself and impressed the company, this company has decided to substitute CipherLab’s RS35 Touch Mobile Computer, the AER-certified rugged device with integrated scanning and large 5.5” intuitive touchscreen, for the rest of outdated mobile computers from the other brand that have been repaired several times over the years.

Enterprise Chooses CipherLab's RS35 and RK95 For TMS and WMS Applications Based On Excellent Track Record
Besides the applications used for transportation fleet, the CipherLab RK95 Industrial Mobile Computer equipped with a long-range scan engine has been chosen to read barcodes on timber in the warehouse due to its dependability whether for 

receiving, picking, stocking, forklift operations, or numerous other applications used in around the warehouse. The ability to read barcode data from longer distances helps users save time and effort. Furthermore, the user interface of the CipherLab mobile computers can be set using CipherLab utilities such as App-Lock, Button Assignment, and ReaderConfig based on specific user behavior. In addition to this, the eye-catching yellow frame of the RK95 was also quite practical for its users. 


To know more about RS35 and RK95, please visit our website:

Software Resources 
Save Precious Time and Cost With Smart Device Management!
Save Precious Time and Cost With Smart Device Management!
CipherLab's ReMoCloud, a mobile management software solution, helps enterprises with the need to manage multiple CipherLab Android devices efficiently via the web anytime or anywhere. With ReMoCloud, enterprises can save precious time and cost to manage devices, whether it is for initial 

set-up or for contingent updates. Through CipherLab’s ReMoCloud, the device configuration can be customized easily, in a centralized way, and as often as necessary.


Remote Desktop is now added to help IT managers find problems quickly and easily, without traveling around, saving previous time and cost. When a device's technical problems cannot be identified by the device log, before going on-site to do trouble-shooting, IT managers can simply take advantage of the Remote Desktop function to access the device in order to check and identify the problem first before deciding what to do next. It brings added efficiency to an IT managers’ work as they will immediately be able to take appropriate actions without wasting any resources. The GPS function lets IT managers locate a device on Google map and see track its movement. It not only can be used to optimize work but also can be used to find devices when they're missing. 


As long as there is access to the internet, IT managers will be able to do configuration anytime and from anywhere. Simply add Apps through Google Play Store, which is just a few clicks away. ReMoCloud helps enterprises and IT managers better manage their devices. Finally, management and deployment of devices from anywhere and at anytime is now a reality.


To learn more about ReMoCloud, visit this site:

Highlights of the Month

CipherLab was happy to be part of BlueStar VARTECH 2021 hosted at Orlando World Center Marriott Resort & Convention Center from October 4 to October 5. We were pleased to showcase CipherLab's AER-certified mobile devices including the RS51 Rugged Touch Mobile Computer, RK25 Rugged Mobile Computer, RS35 Touch Mobile Computer, RK95 Industrial Mobile Computer standard model, and the RK95 cold storage model and show how CipherLab's products can truly enhance your work efficiency in terms of data capturing in warehouse management.

Logistics of the Future in Moscow
Logistics of the Future in Moscow

During the Logistics of Future Conference in Moscow on October 14th, our local partner has introduced CipherLab AER devices through various applications to the audience. He also showcased CipherLab's system-oriented solutions to help employees in better work performance.


Don't miss the last two stops, one in Novosibirsk on November 18 and the final stop in Krasnodar on December 9.


For event highlights and in coming event registration, please visit: http://xn--80acecegrasg7aj5aotb6h.xn--p1ai/

2021 Partner Day - German Session
2021 Partner Day - German Session

The 2021 Partner Day - Engage for Growth of German Session was held on October 21 through online networking with partners. We were happy to introduce the CipherLab DACH team and our system-oriented solutions to the existing and potential partners. Also, it was such a pleasure to have Mirko Bulles - Google and Patrick Molemans - Ivanti | Wavelink as our keynote speakers to share how their tools can help the workers in the field. We sincerely appreciated those attendees who shared their time to participate in this webinar. We hope that you had enjoyed the sessions we arranged and look forward to connecting with you soon.

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