CipherLab Connection | Sept 2021: Incredible Data Capturing Capability Designed for Demanding Environments Makes CipherLab’s Elite RK95 and RS35 the Best Choice for Diverse Harbor Area Application


CipherLab Connection | Sept 2021 : Incredible Data Capturing Capability Designed for Demanding Environments Makes CipherLab’s Elite RK95 and RS35 the Best Choice for Diverse Harbor Area Application
CipherLab Connection
|September 2021

Incredible Data Capturing Capability Designed for Demanding Environments Makes CipherLab’s Elite RK95 and RS35 the Best Choice for Diverse Harbor Area Application
User Scenario
Incredible Data Capturing Capability Designed for Demanding Environments Makes CipherLab’s Elite RK95 and RS35 the Best Choice for Diverse Harbor Area Application

A third party logistics company based in the harbor area of Taichung, Taiwan, which provides import/export logistics and warehouse supply chain management, especially for the automotive industry, replaced its old mobile computers which they just deployed one year ago with CipherLab's RK95 and RS35. They were therefore able to rid themselves of the problems they had had with their previous mobile computers.

At first, the logistic group was using handheld devices from other brands that ran on the WinCE operating system before Microsoft announced that the updating service of WinCE would be discontinued in 2021. On top of that, it was practically time for the group to replace their old devices with new ones; Android devices were therefore being considered. Basically, inside its warehouses, mobile computers are utilized to conduct operations related to shipments and purchases. Operators mainly use the mobile computers to read barcodes on the first level of pallet racks and on cargo pallets to conduct shipping and receiving processes. As stacker operation is common in the warehouse, operators had great expectations for the new mobile computers; that is, the devices must be drop-resistant and the pistol grips and shoulder straps would be essential for operators when doing manual order picking. The stability of the Wi-Fi and availability of the Terminal Emulation connection would also be highly essential in the warehouse. The company also has cold storage warehouses where operations are done at temperature of minus 18 degrees to minus 24 degrees Celsius, so the devices must be absolutely freeze-resistant.

Incredible Data Capturing Capability Designed for Demanding Environments Makes CipherLab’s Elite RK95 and RS35 the Best Choice for Diverse Harbor Area Application
The working environment of the warehouses in the harbor area is diverse. From indoor to outdoor, from room temperature to harsh cold; workers need to move between these differing environments constantly and deal with the extreme changes they 

present. They need to scan barcodes, take pictures for records and then send the data to a backend system. Because the harbor area is very busy, everything needs to be dealt with effectively and efficiently. Workers need to have everything go well without interruption. Any device failure will delay operations.


Unfortunately, the devices they deployed one year ago were not efficient enough; instead they actually slowed down work flow. Many problems popped up one-by-one. For example, displays cracked easily, scan triggers did not work well, scanners stopped functioning well in the cold environment, along with numerous other issues. Besides that, the WiFi connection was weak, which severely affected overall operations. Therefore, the logistics company began looking for a way to replace its unreliable mobile computers. They decided to try out CipherLab's RK95 and RS35 models. Some field tests were executed and both of them performed incredibly well. The logistics company was satisfied with results, and confident that all their prior issues would be solved with CipherLab’s dependable products. 

Incredible Data Capturing Capability Designed for Demanding Environments Makes CipherLab’s Elite RK95 and RS35 the Best Choice for Diverse Harbor Area Application
The RS35 is currently being used in a bonded warehouse, while the RK95 Cold Chain is being used in cold storage areas. The well-positioned camera angle can prevent it from being blocked by a worker's hand while gripping the pistol or taking photos, which 

are required in cold storage areas for record keeping. And, workers do not need to remove the RK95 from its pistol grip every time they need to take photos, which saves a lot of valuable time. The RK95 is purpose designed for demanding warehousing environments. It provides multiple reader options. The extended-range 2D imager fulfills long distance barcode reading demands, which is perfect for the wide and spacious warehouses found in the harbor area. Workers also never have to worry about missing a scan with the visual and audio confirmations of on-screen LED lights and beepers, both on the RK95 and RS35. Moreover, the RK95 Cold Chain ensures operation even in temperatures reaching -30°C. Ice-resistant materials are built into the product itself to prevent potential damage caused by prolonged operation in low temperature environments, and its freezer battery can continue working for up to 5 hours. 


What's more, the RS35 and RK95 both offer superior WiFi coverage and high-speed data transmission indoors. The reliable connection supports fast roaming and strengthens  overall operations in the harbor area. The rugged design of the RS35 also keeps workers free of worries when working in demanding environments. Workers now feel completely secure while focusing on the tasks at hand.


To know more about RK95 and RS35, visit the following website:

Product Update
Superior Scanning Performance Delivers Impactful Customer Experience
Superior Scanning Performance Delivers Impactful Customer Experience
CipherLab is happy to announce that the new 2200 omnidirectional presentation scanner has been released featuring a superior scanning performance to greatly enhance customer service satisfaction.
The new 2200 scanner comes with a scan

rate of 120 scans per second and a motion tolerance of 6 meters per second to capture 1D and 2D barcodes. With the built-in object detection feature, users can continuously scan the barcodes on the items without adjusting to different angles. The new 2200 presentation scanner is capable of reading low PCS 20% of poorly-printed and on-screen barcodes to minimize customer wait-time. The new 2200 omnidirectional presentation scanner is all you need to take advantage of customer satisfaction and build customer loyalty.


Learn more about new 2200 model, please visit the following site:

Highlights of the Month
Visit CipherLab Online Showroom!
Visit CipherLab Online Showroom!

We are happy to introduce our Online Showroom. Through different 360゜virtual application sceneries, you will learn more about CipherLab’s products and solutions. Aside from the applications, the 360゜product images can give you more ideas about our products.

Click here to visit!

Logistics of the Future in St. Petersburg
Logistics of the Future in St. Petersburg

The Logistics of the Future Group is actively developing a business program in Russia and the CHG countries, which have been successfully held for 12 years. This month's session was held in St. Petersburg on September 9th. During this event, we are very happy that RK95 with rubber boot has been introduced to the audience by our local partner as one of modern technologies and automatic identification tools. Other AER devices (RK25/RS35/RS51) are also been presented during the event. Don't miss out to the opportunity of meeting the experts. The next session will be in Moscow on October 14, follow by Novosibirsk on November 18 and the final stop will be in Krasnodar on December 9.


Please visit this site for event highlights and in coming event registration.

CeMAT Russia 2021
CeMAT Russia 2021

CipherLab participated the biggest event of Russian warehousing and logistics - CeMAT Russia on September 21 - 23 in Moscow. It was very happy to demonstrate our comprehensive solution of RK95 cold storage model and ReMoCloud, which specifically designed for warehousing application in cold environment. During the event, we also showcased the RK25, RS35 and RS51 for various applications in warehousing and logistics. We thank for those who visited our booth and look forward for business opportunities to cooperate.

NGA Show 2021
NGA Show 2021

We are excited to share the news that CipherLab has demonstrated our latest RS35 Mobile Computer at the NGA Show this year at Paris Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, NV from September 20-21 at Booth # 1009.


The RS35 Android Rugged Mobile Computer is an ideal tool for convenience and fuel retailing not only because it has a competitive total cost of ownership but also it has enterprise-class features that provide enterprises and staff a better solution for daily tasks with efficiency. At the event, CipherLab also showed the new RK95, RK95 Cold Storage, RS51, and RK25 series Android rugged touch computer for retail applications in the store and distribution applications in the field.


CipherLab was pleased to participate in CSCMP EDGE 2021, Supply Chain Conference and Exhibition this year at Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA from September 19-22 at Booth # 826. At the event, CipherLab USA demonstrated our latest RK95 series industrial mobile computer for warehouse and supply chain execution applications.


RK95 series is a lightweight, yet strong resistance to water, dust, and accidental drops. Furthermore, CipherLab has developed the cold storage model with working temperature downs to -22°F without condensation. We were happy to be part of the event to help overcome challenges with inventory, supply chain visibility, logistics and transportation management.

2021 Partner Day in Paris
2021 Partner Day in Paris

We were quite pleased with the results of the 2021 Partner Day - Engage for Growth, which was held on September 16 in Paris, France. Aside from CipherLab's comprehensive solutions, this event also invited the keynote speakers to share about the success of user cases and the industrial updates from Google. We were delighted to see everyone who joined this partner day and had many great discussions over the event.

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