CipherLab Connection | Dec 2020 : CipherLab's RK25 and RK95 Improve Automotive Manufacturer’s Warehouse Management Efficiency


CipherLab Connection | Dec 2020 : CipherLab's RK25 and RK95 Improve Automotive Manufacturer’s Warehouse Management Efficiency
CipherLab Connection
| December 2020

User Scenario
CipherLab's RK25 and RK95 Improve Automotive Manufacturer’s Warehouse Management Efficiency
After deploying the RK25 and the RK95, warehouse workers no longer need to climb up and down stacks of shelves to read barcodes or get off their forklifts at any time, and overall efficiency is greatly improved.

One of the world’s largest manufacturers of automotive belts and hoses, with 40 manufacturing facilities on five continents, the company makes thousands of products to meet the specialized design requirements of the world’s automotive and industrial manufacturers. It uses CipherLab's RK95 and RK25 in its four warehouses and two distribution centers across China to enhance its overall efficiency.


As warehouse workers are required to read barcodes on high shelves and from forklifts, their mobile computer must have long range reading capability to satisfy their long-distance reading demand. CipherLab's RK95, an industrial mobile computer, is a powerful handheld terminal that steps up the data collection game in warehouse environments. Its versatile reader options, laser, 2D imager, mid-range 2D imager and extended–range 2D image, provides users long-distance barcode reading capabilities. Sine the RK95 has been deployed, workers no longer need to climb up and down stacks of shelves to read barcodes or get off their forklifts at any time. Their overall work efficiency was instantly improved. Aside from the adoption of the RK95, the company also uses CipherLab's RK25 to collect data during the assembly process. It is used to read 2D barcodes on hoses both during and after the assembling to efficiently manage their products as well as production information. Also, the 70-degree scanning angle reader option makes on-screen data checking easy and reduces wrist fatigue.


In addition to hardware, CipherLab has also provided a solution for their software needs. CipherLab's self-developed utility, the Wireless Mobile Deployment System (WMDS), helps deploy wireless availability and greater efficiency. WMDS is a windows-based server program that helps configure settings created by ADC (Android Deployment Configuration, CipherLab’s windows-based configuration tool ) to be deployed on Android-based devices through wireless networks. WMDS was created with the aim to optimize the process of multiple device deployment tasks. It can configure multiple Android mobile computers simultaneously within one task and monitor the status of all devices.


To learn more about the RK95 and the RK25, please visit this website:


To know more about ADC and WMDS, please visit this website:

CipherLab's RK95 Series Successfully Manages Digital Labeling In Yokohama Rubber Distribution Centers
Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd. is a leading tire manufacturer in the global market based in Tokyo, Japan, and founded in 1917 with the primary goal of anticipating and meeting customer needs. 

In addition, the company uses original technologies in the production of polymers, successfully developing related areas of production in hoses, seals and sealants, aircraft components, golf equipment, and a wide range of other industrial products. In 2005, Yokohama established a trading company in Russia and later in December 2008, LLC Yokohama R.P.Z. was established to initiate tire production in Russia. It has been manufacturing tires since the completion of its plant in May 2012. The plant produces passenger car tires that are marketed solely in Russia.


The Law on Mandatory Mark was implemented on July 1, 2019 and aimed at partial goods under the Chestny ZNAK track & trace system in order to guarantee the authenticity and declared quality of goods being purchased by customers. In 2020, the labeling for tires became mandatory to trace the supply chain from manufacturer to end user and prevent counterfeit products and gray imports. Once the specific 2D Data Matrix barcode is registered and printed, each barcode is affixed to one of Yokohama’s tires on the protector or tire side. Each tire has its own identity barcode for easy tracking.


Yokohama Rubber decided to replace their old SAP system with the AXELOT WMS because of the difficulty in getting a hold of an SAP specialist during the COVID-19 pandemic period. The AXELOT WMS system was developed on the 1C:Enterprise 8.3 platform, which is flexibly configurable for various specifics and is completely open source. Yokohama Rubber was searching for a solution which could run the WMS software smoothly on one of the latest Android terminals. During the bidding for this project, CipherLab's RK95 faced off against Zebra’s MC3300 and Honeywell’s CK65. 


In the end, the CipherLab RK95 Series industrial mobile computer was chosen by Yokohama because of its excellent product specifications and high performance of reading 2D data matrix barcodes on tires. Besides that, users were very happy and satisfied with the performance of CipherLab’s first Android touch mobile computer, the RS30, which is still being used in their work applications. Furthermore, the RK95’s durable IP65 rated design, 1.8 m drop resistance, and 1,000 tumbles at 1 m is perfectly built for large warehouses and distribution centers of large goods like tires. Compared with the other two competitive devices on the market, the RK95 is the only one that has a 4.3-inch touch display which allows users to easily read the details of scanned items on the screen.


The implementation of CipherLab's RK95 has resulted in a total of 250pcs deployed in Yokohama’s distribution centers and allows users to work more productively and more accurately. In addition, a total of 230pcs of CipherLab's RK25 series has been purchased by Yokohama and presented as gifts to its supply chain partners including resellers and stores for use in inventory management and order-placing applications.

Product Update
A New Scan Engine is Released for RS35 Touch Mobile Computers
CipherLab is pleased to announce that the RS35 touch mobile computer is now providing a new scan engine option– the SM4 combining with Zebra SDC as a 2D imager. CipherLab's SM4 works with an LED aimer that is ideal for businesses and warehouses that operate indoors or healthcare professionals that prefer not to use lasers. 

The SM4 scan engine features a compact and lightweight design with an aimer that uses a green LED beam centered on a warm, white rectangular background. The SM4 scan engine can read high-density barcodes: 2D images can be captured in 5 mil and 1D images can be read in as small as 3 mil resolutions. Low contrast barcodes with PCS 20% can also be easily captured by the SM4 scan engine. In addition, 15 mil QR codes can be captured from a distance of 42 cm. The SM4 with SDC is a highly sensitive scan engine, which means that a barcode can be decoded in just 0.17 seconds. The RS35 mobile computer equipped with the SM4/SDC provides users a pleasant experience in rapid decoding, even on damaged or poorly printed barcodes.


More RS35 product information is available at the following website:

Highlights of the Month
Virtual Refritech Expo 2020

The Indonesian Virtual Refritech Expo, was an online exhibition which was held online from December 8th to 13th, 2020. This virtual expo brought together a wide array of business people, presented the latest in refrigeration technology, and provided an appropriate cold chain platform with its digitalization design. CipherLab participated in this online exhibition to showcase our cold storage solution as well as our mobile computer solutions for various applications in Retailing, T&L, and Warehousing.

What fuels your spirit fuels your body – A New Year of 2021

The past few months have been challenging for many of us, however, a new year is a perfect start to reflect and reset. CipherLab wishes you and yours a safe, healthy, and prosperous new year.

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