CipherLab Connection | Oct 2020 : CipherLab's RK25 Series Deployed to Provide Efficiency for Large Warehouse


CipherLab Connection | Oct 2020 : CipherLab's RK25 Series Deployed to Provide Efficiency for Large Warehouse
CipherLab Connection
| October 2020

User Scenario
CipherLab's RK25 Series Deployed to Provide Efficiency for Large Warehouse
A Chinese tire manufacturing company switches from Windows handheld devices to CipherLab's RK25 series to efficiently manage inventory across their vast warehouse--with outstanding results!

Headquartered in Shandong, China, a tire manufacturing company has adopted CipherLab's RK25 series to increase its warehouses efficiency. 

The company used to adopt Windows handheld devices in its warehouse. But due to the OS transition from Windows to Android, as well as a plan to implement a new Warehouse Management System (WMS), they were searching for a solution which could satisfy both their hardware and software needs at the same time.

To efficiently manage inventory across their vast warehouse containing countless high-reaching racks, the tire company needed a device which could help them do daily tasks such as receiving and dispatching using long distance scanning. They also hoped their workers would no longer need to climb up and down the tall racks to finish their tasks, which could save a lot time and increase efficiency. After becoming aware of the tire company's needs, CipherLab suggested they adopt the RK25 Rugged Mobile Computer.

CipherLab's RK25 is the perfect solution for this tire company. It has a large display with Android management apps that are easy to operate with simple numeric keypads. The RK25 comes with 2 physical keypad designs for users to choose from. The physical buttons allow users to locate and press the buttons easily for faster data entry with high accuracy. Specifically built for users in the retailing, light warehousing, and field mobility industries, it fulfills the most diverse user behaviors in any environment with high volume data collection demands. The RK25 provides different reader options such as a linear imager, 2D imager, and mid-range 2D imager, giving users long distance barcode reading capabilities over 4 meters. Also, because transmitting data to a backend system instantly is important, the RK25's dual band and fast roaming WiFi transmission provides a dependable internet connection in any data-intensive environments, especially in large warehouses.

CipherLab aims to provide a greater user experience, hence, aside from the hardware, CipherLab works closely with its WMS provider to ensure the system works well and smoothly with the RK25. Great aftersales services are also provided, such as online FAQ training session and in-time remote technical support in order to further enhance the company's user experience.

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