CipherLab Connection | Sept 2020 : Paired with CipherLab's RK95 Series, Cadre Technologies Offers Cost-effective WMS Solutions for Warehousing Sector


CipherLab Connection | Sept 2020 : Paired with CipherLab's RK95 Series, Cadre Technologies Offers Cost-effective WMS Solutions for Warehousing Sector
CipherLab Connection
| September 2020

User Scenario
Paired with CipherLab's RK95 Series, Cadre Technologies Offers Cost-effective WMS Solutions for Warehousing Sector
The logistics and fulfillment business is all about efficiency, flexibility, and advanced capabilities. The ability to adapt to is what matters most to WMS solutions in particular. CipherLab has the flexibility to adapt due to 

years of experience in warehousing and logistics business and has worked closely with Cadre Technologies to deliver quality devices that help the company provide different solution offerings to cater to the needs of their customers in WMS applications.

Cadre Technologies is an industry leading innovator of warehouse management software for distribution in 3PL and 4PL logistics operations and online collaboration. Formed in April 2001 by warehouse management and logistics experts with decades of experience in distribution technology, the company specializes in real-time RF based warehouse management systems (WMS) that organize and order inventory, shipments, and workflow for distributors, 3rd party logistics companies, and manufacturers. All of these companies range in size from single operators to large enterprises and often allocate a part of their budgets to WMS solutions.

Paired with CipherLab's innovative and new RK95 series, Cadre Technologies can rest assured that their nearly two decades of experience will enable them to find the solution to meet their customer's requirements and that they will be getting quality devices and software at a lower cost. Besides the obvious price factor, product reliability and software compatibility are also key factors that determine success of WMS deployment. 

Cadre Technology, working with CipherLab's RK95 series as a total solution, has built a solid, structured, and organized warehouse management system that helps customers lower cost while increasing overall productivity.

World Leading Supermarket Chain Adopts CipherLab RK25 to Improve In-store and Warehouse Operations
Headquartered in France, the company is one of the top retailers and one of the largest supermarket chains in the world. It has many branches that are distributed around the world especially in Asia, Europe

and Latin America. The supermarket chain in Taiwan now deploys the CipherLab RK25 in its supermarkets and warehouse to improve overall productivity.

Lately, there's a trend of moving from Windows to Android, mostly due to the fact that the  Windows system and WiFi connection of the original devices were not always stable, and the barcode reading capability was also poor. These issues affected people's work flow. Therefore, the supermarket chain thought it was time to replace the original handheld devices to help workers in the supermarket and warehouse improve efficiency and productivity. Handheld devices can be used both in the supermarket and warehouse to replenish and manage inventory as required. These devices should be durable, but lightweight. Keypads and a stable WiFi connection is also required for the demand of key-in data and connecting to the backend system to check inventory information.

CipherLab's RK25 rugged mobile computer is equipped with numeric keypad options to fulfill diverse user behaviors, especially for those who are used to non-visual data entry operation in the warehouse. Evolving from smartphones, its 4” display with multi-touch panel also ensures readability to further accomplish its friendly operation design. Built for data intensive environments, the RK25 is crafted with IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac dual band communication to allow users to simplify complicated job processes. Workers in the supermarket do not need to worry about data losses.

Together with CipherLab software utilities and device management software, ReMoCloud, the supermarket chain can now easily manage its devices. ReMoCloud is a web-based mobility management solution that supports Android Enterprise advanced and standard features for consistent user experience. ReMoCloud does not have a complicated structure, but aims at helping IT professionals streamline daily bits and pieces. ReMoCloud features include:  simple & quick deployment, worry-free management, and real-time monitoring. The CipherLab RK25 and mobile management solution have been rolled out successfully and will be deployed across Taiwan in the near future.

Please visit the ReMoCloud's introduction video here.

Leading Power Supply Provider Implements CipherLab's RS31 and RS51 Series and SAP's WMS System to Improve Its Warehouses Management
Headquartered in Taiwan and founded in 1971, the enterprise is a global provider of power and thermal management solutions and also developed the world's first server power supply. Being an energy-saving solution 

provider, the enterprise's business specialties include power electronics, automation, and infrastructure. The enterprise was looking for solutions for its raw materials warehouses and finished goods warehouses in China (Wuhu, Dongguan, and Suzhou). 

These warehouses have similar working processes relating to storing and retrieving applications, but regarding selecting devices, their needs are varied. For instance, in the raw material warehouse, there are three layers of shelves and each layer is roughly 1m high and used to store various electronic spare parts. However, in the finished goods warehouse, the daily shipment volume of finished products comprises 350 to 480 pallets, and each pallet can be hold anywhere from 1 to 60 boxes. When receiving the order list from its SAP EWMS system, the picked materials are sent out of the warehouse into the production workshop; as for finished goods, they are held in the storage area and loaded out of the warehouse for delivery.

At first, the CipherLab RS31 was chosen for the raw materials warehouse due its outstanding performance when reading barcodes on stainless steel asset cards. Along with its reliable WiFi (IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n), the RS31 series is able to customize an operating system for the enterprise's AP, and customers have given a high degree of recognition for this technical service. After deployment, the devices are very stable and the repair rate is low, which has also accumulated a certain degree of customer reputation. Therefore, our sales representative introduced the RS51 series for the finished goods warehouse application.

After the comparing the RS51 and Zebra's MC3190, the enterprise finally decided to choose CipherLab's RS51 series as the device for the finished goods warehouse. The RS51 comes with the Android operating system and upgradable flexibility that allows the enterprise a lower overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and maximizes the device's investment. Also, it has various memory capacity options so that users do not need to worry about having enough data storage space to last for an entire work day. Lastly, the RS51 series has a long battery life because of its 5300 mAh battery, and a hot-swap function that allows users to operate for 16 working hours without stopping. The project has recently repurchased 35 units of the RS51 series for warehouse application in Wuhu and Suzhou, and expects a total of 200 units to be distributed throughout its many factories worldwide. For more information about CipherLab's total solutions in mobile computers, please visit our site:

Product Update
CipherLab's New Blood RS35 Join the Product Line to Lift Efficiency and Productivity
CipherLab's RS35 is the device that brings enterprise-class features through a compact and slim style smartphone with rugged designs. Running on Android 10 operating system, users can enjoy the advanced functions of RS35 in operation speed, power efficiency and data 

security. The intuitive touchscreen interface and robust connectivity provide a smooth user experience. The RS35 series' large 5.5” display panel allows for more viewable data and increases data visibility so information checking and customer responses are quick and easy. Its slim and compact design also allows users to carry it around with less fatigue all shift long.

The RS35 can provide seamless in-store communication with one of the most reliable Wi-Fi transmission on the market. On top of that, fast roaming and GPS/AGPS allow for accurate navigation and route planning which can fully optimize the customer's experience. The RS35 also takes great pride in its user-centric design. It makes the users feel familiar with the device and shorten the learning process. Its large screen also makes viewing information much easier and comfortable.

CipherLab's RS35 series is equipped with the seal of Android Enterprise Recommended which gives users full enjoyment of Google applications and consistent user experiences. With plenty of storage space, the RS35 also comes with standard, removable and rechargeable battery that delivers long-lasting performance. The RS35 series is completely protected against accidental drops and demanding environments with its rugged designs. CipherLab is proud to have new blood RS35 join the product line to lift efficiency and productivity.

For more information about RS35, please visit

Monthly Highlight
Logistics of the Future in St. Petersburg, Russia

CipherLab is honored to participate the Logistics of the Future Conference which is the international conference that devoted to the discussion of issues affecting any player in the logistics market, warehouse real estate, retail, etc., optimization and cost reduction. The conference experts offers real solutions to increase the efficiency of companies in times of economic turbulence, as well as to optimize relations with partners and customers. The next stop will be in Krasnodar city on October 29 and follow by Kazan on November 19. Please come and join us to discover the new solutions together.

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