CipherLab Connection | July 2020 : CipherLab RK25 And 1C-Rarus’s WMS Software Help Automate Finished Goods Warehouse at Balakovsky Brewery


CipherLab Connection | July 2020 : CipherLab RK25 And 1C-Rarus’s WMS Software Help Automate Finished Goods Warehouse at Balakovsky Brewery
CipherLab Connection
| July 2020

User Scenario
CipherLab RK25 And 1C-Rarus’s WMS Software Help Automate Finished Goods Warehouse at Balakovsky Brewery
The Food holding company, Balakovsky Pivovar, is a large Russian regional company producing popular product lines of a traditional confectionery assortment, beer, and soft 

drinks. Products are sold through a distribution system in Moscow, the regions around Moscow, and several CIS countries. The Pivkombinat Balakovsky JSC Company has several finished product warehouses, and its finished product beer warehouse occupies a large part in terms of volume.

During the process of inventory management in the brewery warehouses, warehouse personnel relies on barcode scanning and manual inventory checking and manual input to computers for its records, which can often consume too much time going back and forth to the administration office to check each product's storage location. Employees need a modern tool to help them deal with daily operations such as transferring the finished goods to the right storage location, picking the correct items, and loading the right goods on the corresponding docks for delivery. Therefore, the IT manager decided to look for a new solution to improve work efficiency. The new solution should implement a management system to standardize the warehouse processes, increase staff’s working efficiency, and reduce human errors as much as possible.

After testing a variety of mobile devices in scanning barcodes on brewery containers, the CipherLab RK25 was selected as the preferred option. The RK25 is a handheld terminal built for enterprises and is equipped with Android 7.0 and GMS certification, a 25-key numeric keypad, 802.11 a/b/g/n dual band, and the ruggedness of IP65 and 1.8m drop resistance. The device is perfectly suited for the working environment in the beer brewery warehouse. Together with the 1C-Rarus: WMS program - a solution for warehouse automation and warehouse logistics, the CipherLab RK25 provides an outstanding performance in standardizing warehouse processes, excluding product re-assortment, eliminating product underloads, and reducing the time it takes to search for the right product. The RK25 also increases control over the actions of employees by recording their actions in the accounting system and reduces the impact of the human error factor when selecting ready-made orders.

The implementation of the RK25 and 1C-Rarus’ WMS program has proven to be a huge success by fully automating the finished goods warehouse at Balakovsky Brewery. The overall efficiency of inventory management and use of warehouse space has also been increased while reducing storage costs at the same time. For more information on this successful application, please watch the video here:

RK95’s Data Collection Capability Proves to be Invaluable in Automobile Plants
Known as a manufacturer of automobiles, motorcycles, and power equipment, this Japanese public multinational conglomerate corporation has been the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer since 1959. This motor company

has three joint-ventures in China, with one of them made up of two operating plants located in Guangzhou. One of the plants actually supplies all the auto parts for the company’s business system in Guangzhou. The company reached an annual production capacity of 480, 000 as of 2011. 

The company has a wide variety of auto parts being supplied to its service points, thus receiving, stocking, and distributing are all obvious tasks for staff in each of its plants. The plant had been seeking a solution that would strengthen the supplying process until they discovered the CipherLab RK95.

The CipherLab RK95 is a powerful handheld terminal that enhances data collection with its advanced mobile computing platform. Also, its superior wireless options extend performance in any warehouse environments, bringing the productivity and efficiency to the next level. Running on the latest Android operating system, the RK95 fulfills the need for larger data collection with multiple keypad options and intensive scanning usage with versatile reader options that give users long distance barcode reading capabilities from 7.6 cm to 21.4 meters, making data process easy and fast.

Moreover, the CipherLab RK95’s IP65 rating, 1.8 m drop resistance, and ability to withstand 1,000 tumbles at 1 m help support productivity with full protection from water, dust, and accidental drops in any demanding work environment. Apart from its ruggedness, CipherLab’s RK95 supports not only 3rd party software but also CipherLab's self-developed software utilities to boost business operation. To better satisfy clients' needs, CipherLab recommended its software provider replace the Windows operating system that the plant originally used with the Android operating system to align its warehouse management system with the CIpherLab RK95, thereby maximizing its effectiveness.

CipherLab RK25 Series is Helping an Industrial Company Improve its Efficiency
A Tokyo based company which specializes in producing industrial and household products such as plastic films, adhesive tape, heating pads, medical gloves, masks, etc., now deploys the CipherLab RK25 to manage

products in its distribution centers across Japan more efficiently. 

Previously, workers in the distribution centers needed to do inventory control manually, for example, they had to write down and key-in data and count the total numbers when goods were received or being shipped. It took a lot of time and errors often occurred. This decreased accuracy, productivity and efficiency. To improve and solve this situation, a device with scanning function and keypad was required to help workers improve the situation.

The CipherLab RK25 series blends the functionality of touch computers with handheld terminals. It has two physical keypad options with large and easy-to-use buttons. This design fulfills diverse user behaviors, especially for those who are used to non-visual data entry operations. Also, it provides versatile reader options, such as a linear imager, a 2D imager and a mid-range 2D imager, which satisfies long distance barcode reading needs. Because it's built with 4G capabilities and fast roaming Wi-Fi, data transmission between the RK25 and its backend system is not a problem at all. Also, it has two OS choices:  Android 7 and Android 9. The Android 7 is also capable of upgrading to Android 9 which maximizes device investment.

Additionally, it is easy to upgrade the RK25 with RFID function. Just simply attach the RK25 device to the RK25 UHF RFID reader whenever RFID is needed. It can capture RFID tags at a distance of over 8 meters, and delivers a read rate of 700+ tag/sec. To know more about the RK25, please visit our website.

Integrating with CipherLab Devices Develops Business Solutions for Agricultural Sector
CipherLab is pleased to support one of our independent software vendors, 2nd Sight, to build systems that improve efficiency in specialty crop and commercial nursery operations in the US, Canada, Europe, and many 

other regions. 2nd Sight is an agricultural technology company in Spokane, Washington that engineers better solutions for the Ag Industry with a focus on improving current Agtech and practices related to farm labor tracking hardware and software and harvest scale systems.

Expertized in AIDC solutions for a wide range of industries, CipherLab has been continually working with 2nd Sight since 2014 to increase workflow efficiency, decrease labor demands, and cut costs in the agricultural sector. Because of our long-term trustworthy partnership, 2nd Sight has chosen many of our industrial mobile computer devices ranging from RS30 and RS31 to RS50 and RS51 in order to develop innovative hardware and software packages that improve data acquisition by increasing accuracy, decreasing labor requirements, and providing detailed records for better decision-making. A suite of Android apps run on CipherLab, and its rugged and durable devices have become a requirement in the harsh farm environment. 2nd Sight systems utilize the built-in NFC reader as well as the barcode scanner on their devices to track the working time of farmworkers. The software and handheld devices integrate with other 2nd Sight components including thermal Bluetooth printers to print employee receipts, external RFID readers to improve workflow, and field scales to pay pickers by weight. Whether the farmworkers are paid per piece, by container, or by weight, 2nd Sight has an app to track the job. All apps communicate with an online web portal where users can manage data and reports.

2nd Sight has developed a simple and intuitive software for CipherLab's rugged and user-oriented devices to provide powerful data solutions with a mission to maximize productivity and efficiency in the specialty crop industry while minimizing costs and relieving the stress of growers.

Product Update
CipherLab 1504P Secures Swiss Payment Transactions on QR-bill
Switzerland introduced QR-bill payments on June 30th, 2020, thereby replacing seven different payment slips with a digitally readable QR-code, which records all the data for payments and streamlines the processing 

of bills and credit transfers for companies, governments, non-profits, and consumers. The QR-bill makes payments easier, faster, and more efficient. The QR-bill is gradually replacing the current payment method. Thus far, companies can make payments using either the traditional payment slips or new QR-bill.

Any scanner that is capable of reading a QR code can read the Swiss Banking QR code, however, the security of scanner transactions is being highly scrutinized. Thus, when CipherLab received this special request from banks, it immediately worked out a customized firmware program in which its 1504P only accepts the Swiss Secure Banking QR-code. In addition, all features that modify data have been blocked in this firmware making the scanner 100% safe when scanning the Swiss Secure Banking QR-code. The 1504P scanner with customized firmware prevents the tampering and hacking of data. No modifications can be made to this scanner's configuration, so all the data taken from the Swiss QR-code will always be secured and transmitted accurately.

For more information on customized production, please one of our sales representatives here.

Software Resources
Let ReMoCloud Work for You
ReMoCloud is a web-based mobility management solution that supports Android Enterprise advanced and standard features for consistent user experiences. 
ReMoCloud does not have a complicated structure,

but aims at helping IT professional streamline daily bits and pieces. ReMoCloud features Simple & Quick Deployment, Worry-free Management, and Real-time Monitoring. What is more, ReMoCloud enables creation of subaccount in favor of group management.

Please check out the video for demonstration.

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