CipherLab Connection | April 2020 : The CipherLab RS31 Series Helps Truck Drivers Deliver High Volumes of Materials More Accurately


CipherLab Connection | April 2020 : The CipherLab RS31 Series Helps Truck Drivers Deliver High Volumes of Materials More Accurately
CipherLab Connection
| April 2020

User Scenario
The CipherLab RS31 Series Helps Truck Drivers Deliver High Volumes of Materials More Accurately
The company is a subsidiary of the building distribution branch of a multinational corporation of building materials and a French specialist in the trading of plastics products and solutions building and public works companies. 

It distributes and offers plastic pipes and fittings, equipment rental, waste disposal services, and accessories for construction and civil engineering sectors. The company has more than 200 branches, 16,000 product references, 1,300 people in the field and over 270 trucks to serve roughly 80,000 clients throughout France.

Each day, the truck drivers will have at least two customers that they have to deliver plastic pipes or other materials to a construction site to and scan the barcodes on the materials to make sure the goods are well-delivered. Truck drivers need to have a modern tool with a combination of various functions such as routing to the correct construction site location, scanning the barcodes embedded on the plastic pipes or related materials, and transmitting proof of delivery data instantly to the cloud system. Therefore, the CipherLab RS31 was introduced and quickly selected as the best option to help drivers save more time for on-site delivery of goods.

In order to quickly set up the RS31 devices for 270 truck drivers at same time, our local partner used Telelogos' Mobile Device Management software which allows the IT manager to administrate, manage, and secure Android devices. The Track'N Drop App is a platform used for daily delivery drivers which is installed in RS31 devices, and each truck driver will receive the delivery list one day before delivery is made. 

The CipherLab RS31 with 2D imager allows the truck drivers to capture the barcodes of materials accurately, and they can quickly accomplish on-site delivery and move on to the next construction site. Moreover, the RS31 comes with 4G/LTE wireless communication which is a reliable connection that transmits the proof of delivery results instantly to the cloud-based ERP system without any data loss while transmitting data. Along with built-in GPS and a Google Map App, the RS31 has great accuracy when navigating the best routes and improves accuracy of real-time delivery dispatches. The implementation of the RS31 with Telelogos and the Track'N Drop App has resulted in an outstanding performance in the field that enables truck drivers to work more productively and more accurately in on-site deliveries.

Leading IT Distributor Adopts CipherLab RK25 Series and Improves Productivity In Warehouse
One of the largest IT distributors with 5 large individual warehouses across the Australia and New Zealand regions now uses the CipherLab RK25 series to increase its workers productivity and overall efficiency.

Having the need for its forklift operators to book inventory efficiently in the warehouse, a data capturing solution was needed for this IT distributor. Forklift operators only need to scan the barcode and connect to the backend system to complete the booking process. CipherLab RK25 offers resourceful data capture options such as linear imager, 2D imager, and even mid-range 2D imager, giving operators long distance barcode reading capabilities over 4 meters. The agile reading capability allows it to read barcodes in milliseconds, even if the barcode is on a computer screen. This swift barcode reading capability makes the stock ordering process fast and dependable. In order to link to backend system after scanning barcodes to order inventory in the warehouse, the WiFi transmission is very important. RK25’s dual band and fast roaming Wi-Fi transmission (IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n/ac) provides the most reliable connectivity, and no connection is lost while workers are transmitting data. Also, the RK25's battery lasts more than 8 hours, which completely covers a typical work shift. Additionally, the IP65 rating makes it durable in extremely harsh environments, and its ergonomic design makes it easy to carry around all day, and in fact, it weighs only 292g.

CipherLab's RK25 is crafted with an operation-friendly design, up-to-date features, powerful wireless options, and versatile data capture functionality, which has fulfilled the IT distributor's demands and successfully improved its operators’ productivity and efficiency.

To find out more about the RK25 series, please visit our RK25 product page.

Software Resources
Time-Saving New ReMoCloud Functions Available Now
CipherLab ReMoCloud makes any enterprise's device deployment and monitoring practically effortless. With the newly released OEMConfig as a bridge, administrators can 

reduce the time required to deploy settings to all their remote  mobile devices, and reduce the effort of managing large quantities of devices.

Efficiently deploy settings from ADC to multiple CipherLab devices
In fact, using OEMConfig as a bridge, enterprise device administrators can deploy settings on CipherLab’s Android Deployment Configurator (ADC) to multiple CipherLab devices on ReMoCloud. Settings such as button assignment, reader config, HF RFID config, WiFi setting, AppLock, and Terminal Emulation are accessible on ADC. In the past, device administrators had to deploy settings to one device at a time with a USB cable connection. Now with the help of ReMoCloud, administrators can deploy settings via the internet from one central console. It saves significant amounts of effort and improves overall working efficiency.

Be worry free about battery health monitoring with ReMoCloud
Another new feature is battery health monitoring. Typically, battery performance degrades with each charging cycle and over multiple charging cycles. It could reduce battery life and cause battery swell.

However, once your CipherLab device is enrolled on ReMoCloud, ReMoClould will regularly monitor your battery's health. Several parameters will be monitored and if your battery's health is showing a low value number, ReMoCloud will send a notification. Replacing the battery will be suggested to avoid unnecessary damage risk and device downtime.

Streamline your device log collecting process
Another excellent new feature is device log collection. This new feature optimizes the process for administrators to collect device logs and send them to the CipherLab service team. Prior to this feature, administrators needed to connect a USB to a problematic device and export the device log. And then, you'd need to send the log to the CipherLab service team via email. Now, device administrators just have to contact CipherLab service team, then enable the log collection function on ReMoCloud and assign the FTP server CipherLab service team provides. The log will be uploaded to the FTP server automatically. The CipherLab service team will then be able to read the log and start the analyzing process thereby saving the device administrator from a tedious communication process.

The OEMConfig APP has been released in the Google Play store, and each new device enrolled on ReMoCloud will install this APP automatically. Or, you can also download it from the Google Play store and deploy it to a device that has already been enrolled on ReMoCloud. Then you could start to enjoy the time-saving benefits these new features bring. It's guaranteed to greatly improve your device management. For further details, log in to ReMoCloud and download our latest user guide, or please feel free to contact CipherLab directly.

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