CipherLab Connection | March 2020 : CipherLab's RK25 Series Optimizes Inventory Management in Outlet Stores and Warehouses


CipherLab Connection | March 2020 : CipherLab's RK25 Series Optimizes Inventory Management in Outlet Stores and Warehouses
CipherLab Connection
| March 2020

User Scenario
CipherLab's RK25 Series Optimizes Inventory Management in Outlet Stores and Warehouses
With close to 100 outlet stores nationwide in Pakistan, the retail venture has adopted the CipherLab RK25 not only in its outlets but also in its many warehouses to optimize its inventory management.

There is always such a wide variety of items being supplied to its outlets that receiving and placing these items into a storage room is one of the most time-consuming daily routines for staff in the outlet. In order to make the process easier, more efficient, and more accurate, the retail venture sought a solution that would help to streamline the process. They hoped that the solution would be deployed among all of its outlets so that they could free their workforce up to focus on serving their customers better.

The Cipherlab RK25 Series was an easy choice. Firstly, it blends the functionality of touch computers with handheld terminals. Having 2 physical keypad options with large and easy-to-use buttons, data entry is always fast and accurate. Also, there are versatile reader options, such as a linear imager, 2D imager, and a mid-range 2D imager which provides long distance barcode reading abilities. Built with 4G and fast roaming Wi-Fi, any retail venture can enjoy high speed communication from dependable transmissions and video streaming to remote access of backend systems. The durability of the RK25 makes it perfectly suitable for a harsh environment. Additionally, Corning Gorilla Glass protects the screen from scratches. Together with its comfortable pistol grip, staff can easily use it all day.

Aside from its cutting-edge hardware, CipherLab also provides instant technical service and support to help the retail venture to solve any issues that are raised. The retail venture is very satisfied with CipherLab’s products and services. The RK25 is now also being deployed in its warehouses to optimize its item dispatch process. To learn more about the RK25, please visit this site:

Building Materials Company Improves Warehouse Efficiency with CipherLab 9700
The company headquartered in South America is dedicated to providing customers everything needed for construction and renovation in a one-stop shop. It serves not only sectors professionals from the 

mechanical and civil construction industries, but also consumers from the general public as well. The company has machines and equipment for rent, buckets for collecting debris and drilling services for slabs and beams, in addition to offering a wide variety of products including electrical, paint, hardware, flooring, ceramics and coatings, in retail and wholesale. 

The company has a 10,000 square metre warehouse located in Brazil in which there are large amount of goods coming in and going out every day. Therefore, it is very important to streamline the inventory checking workflow. Besides that, the company wants to provide a better customer experience by shortening the time for product picking and control of outbound deliveries.

The company selected CipherLab’s 9700 because of its excellent data reading performance and the fact that it is easily integrated with self-developed software. By deploying the 9700, scanned data can be transferred via a stable WiFi connection, and it enhances the reliability to real-time tracking of goods and a better overall control of work processes.

The CipherLab 9700 brings the advantages of an integrated solution:  significant improvements in terms of transparency, product availability, processing speed, error avoidance, and considerable efficiency. The rugged design and extra protection of a specialized rubber boot is ideal for the working environment of a busy warehouse. It helps to significantly reduce the time between receiving an order and delivering that order from 40 minutes to only 10 minutes. Overall, the company is completely satisfied with the 9700’s performance and how it has helped to streamline the workflow.

Highlights of the Month
MODEX 2020
2020 MODEX is one of the largest manufacturing and supply chain expo in North America. At the event, CipherLab USA showcased the Android Enterprise Recommended products RS51 and RK95. The newly-launched RK95 industrial mobile computer features top performance in its segment including Wi-FI MIMO technology, today’s most powerful CPU, and having a large display in a compact design. On top of that, the RK95 further extends its application to low temperature environments, especially for cold storage.

2020 Southeast Petro - Food Marketing Expo
The 2 day trade show and exposition features the latest in retail and petroleum technology and marketing, educational seminars. CipherLab presented the comprehensive solutions of Android terminals - RK25, RS51 that certified by AER and the newly-launched RK95 for logistics and distribution applications. We thanked the great opportunity to present our products and services to those visitors came to our booth.

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