CipherLab Connection | Feb 2020 : The RS51 'Wows' with its Cutting Edge Design, Low Repair Cost, and Highly Configurable Features


CipherLab Connection | Feb 2020 : The RS51 'Wows' with its Cutting Edge Design, Low Repair Cost, and Highly Configurable Features
CipherLab Connection
| February 2020

User Scenario
The RS51 'Wows' with its Cutting Edge Design, Low Repair Cost, and Highly Configurable Features
H-J Family of Companies (H-J) is a worldwide manufacturer and supplier in the transformer, switchgear, and breaker industry. Founded in 1969, H-J has grown through the years to a company of over 400 employees with over 350,000 square feet of 

manufacturing  space worldwide. Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, H-J has also built up offices in Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, India, Mexico, and Spain.

H-J recently realized that using Apple iPads and Microsoft Surface tablets as their primary barcode equipment to track inventory wasn't going to work any longer as those devices just aren’t designed for use in an industrial environment. They needed constant repairing, which often took more than a month at a time to do. And the limitations of the devices functions continued to become apparent. For example, always switching between the Bluetooth scanner and keyboard became very bothersome. 

One of our partners in the USA, EMS barcode solutions, was therefore referred to H-J to recommend alternative barcode scanning equipment. Naturally, as the CipherLab RS51 has been one of the most popular touch mobile computers among EMS’s solutions, the choice was easy. The RS51 features a built-in mid-range 2D imager which can easily be configured by features according to different applications and to turn off certain features that shop floor workers don’t need. Not long after the new deployment, in addition to inventory management, the solution was extended to other departments as well who sing its praises on handwritten notes and paper, “We take inventory twice a year. It used to take a team of workers 48 hours to manually count everything, and now it takes less than 24 hours!” says H-J. 

Because EMS is very responsive and offers faster turnarounds on repairs than any other service provider, EMS is now H-J’s reliable partner in cost-saving ideas and technology-related questions, such as RFID tags and DPM barcodes. 

CipherLab's RK25 Series Takes Accurate Inventory and Ensures On-time Deliveries for Russian Digital Online Store
When its e-commerce channel suddenly began to expand, the online channel needs a product-tracking system to keep up with its increasingly diversified product offerings and high volume of customer orders. CipherLab's RK25 Series was chosen due to its ruggedness and ergonomic 

design which features advantages in scanning and system compatibility.

Headquartered in Vladivostok, the company is one of the leading digital retailers in Russia. After opening its doors in 1998, the company quickly built a chain of retail stores across the Russian Federation. In addition to its retail stores, the company operates a network of service and logistics centers and has developed close ties with a long list of internationally known suppliers and manufacturers. The company has 39 warehouses and distribution centers across the nation.

With its e-commerce channel rapidly expanding, the company was faced with the difficulty of finding a product-tracking system to keep up with its increasingly diversified product offerings and high volume of customer orders. The company decided to replace its old handheld terminals with a reliable and easy-to-use Android device that has a physical keypad to keep accurate inventory management and minimize tracking errors to expedite the delivery of its goods. The CipherLab RK25 series was chosen due to its ruggedness and ergonomic design which features  advantages in scanning and system compatibility.

The RK25 series with a 2D imager is the perfect solution that suits the need of high volume stock checking. It is built for intensive data collection environments. The RK25 devices are mostly used in distribution centers of product allocation, movement, and order picking. And their ruggedness allows them to be used in a variety of conditions, such as very dusty warehouses or cold storage areas reaching 0 degrees Celsius instead of just outdoor applications avoiding contact with water. Also,  it has received a IP65 rating and can resist drops up to 1.5m. In other words, the CipherLab RK25 series is able to support continuous work in tough environments and is fully protected against accidental drops. Additionally, the RK25 series provides a comprehensive offering of accessories and software to help users become empowered when taking on their daily tasks.

After deploying the RK25 series to both day and night shifts, the company is very satisfied with its performance and is planning to purchase additional accessories such as batteries, charging cradles, and hand straps to increase users' working overall efficiency.

World Renowned Smart Wearable Technology Manufacturer Deploys CipherLab's RS51 and Improves Data Capturing Efficiency
Headquartered in Kansas, USA, having more than 65 offices around the world, and with the mission to make products that are engineered on the inside for life on the outside, the company adopted CipherLab's RS51 in its 

Taiwan branch to help optimize the efficiency of capturing production line information. The company brings GPS navigation and wearable technology to the automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor, and sports industries as an essential part of customers’ lives.

Having a principal need for capturing various types of data, the company requires a device that supports versatile data collection functionality. The CipherLab RS51, a rugged touch mobile computer, is capable of reading 1D/2D barcodes, RFID, and NFC applications, which is a perfect solution for the company’s main demand:  all data capturing needs provided in one device. There's no more problems scanning barcodes to check equipment or inventory information. The 4.7” display is easy for workers to read any broadcasted messages and important notifications. Furthermore, CipherLab's RS51 series perfectly blends commercial smartphone usability and enterprise functionality. The smartphone-like design means there's only minimal training required for the worker. Beyond that, the RS51 is built with the most reliable Wi-Fi and 4G/LTE connections for constant backend system data transmission and real-time communication.

Aside from its superior product functionalities, CipherLab also provides immediate support to any issues or questions raised by end users. We always do whatever we can to assist in solving any problems quickly in order to reduce any inconvenience that may cause any downtime or influence business operation. For that reason, the company has stated that it is very satisfied with customer service that we provide. 

Product Update
Enjoy Full Range of Functions of CipherLab's Mirror Terminal Emulation on RK95
Mirror Terminal Emulation is a self-developed utility by CipherLab to allow users to cover both new and legacy back-end systems for inventory-related tasks. For the RK95, our flagship product with top performance in warehousing, the professional version of Mirror Terminal Emulation will be preloaded to serve all users from March, 2020.

The professional version includes more significant functions to empower IT/engineers to configure more user scenarios upon application demands. First of all, in order to extend and widen the deployment scale of the RK95, it allows users to set up and save up to a maximum of five host/server connection profiles simultaneously, which supports multiple sessions and different VT/TN systems. Fast and intuitive Hot Key operation for corresponding emulation systems is also easily achievable through its advanced Key Mapping function.

To ensure connection quality, the professional version also comes with an instant notification function as long as workers are out of range of any wireless connections to further prevent potential transmission drops. Besides that, it supports the secured connection protocol security Secure Socket Shell (SSH) so that VT systems are able to secure data seamlessly.

With all these valuable functions, we believe that Mirror Terminal Emulation (Pro version) will definitely further enrich the RK95 to meet all users’ needs.

Highlights of the Month
Cargo Logistics Canada
Cargo Logistics Canada is North America’s most dynamic and comprehensive multimodal supply chain event of its kind, addressing the needs of cargo owners, managers, and agents working in Canadian supply chains. At the event, CipherLab USA focused on the newly-launched RK95 industrial mobile computer, which features top performance in its segment including Wi-FI MIMO technology, today’s most powerful CPU, and having a large display in an otherwise compact design. On top of that, the RK95 further extends its application to low temperature environments, especially for cold storage.

Distribution Partner Sales Kick Off Events
BlueStar and Barcodes Inc. are two of our key partners in the USA and Canada who continue to promote CipherLab solutions. As we appreciate and value such long-term cooperation and partnership, it’s our pleasure to attend the indicated sales kick off events in Feb. With many new products set to launch throughout 2020, we are looking forward to building even stronger partnerships in the near future. 

2020 Euroshop
The World’s No.1 Retail Trade Fair, EuroShop 2020, drew to a close on 20 February 2020 after five successful days in Düsseldorf: 2,300 exhibitors from 57 nations reported of very good leads and concluded business deals. CipherLab showcased the latest solutions, the RK95 industrial mobile computer, RK25 rugged mobile computer, RS51 rugged touch mobile computer, self-service and mobile ordering POS systems to the users in retail applications. They were well demonstrated to all visitors, and we believe they could fully serve any demands from the in-store to back storage throughout the entire supply chain.

Future Logistics Conference in Yekaterinburg
In Yekaterinburg of February 11th, our local partners participated the Future Logistics Conference held by Ekbpromo Group, which is the largest industry event in the field of logistics in 25 cities of the Russian Federation and CHG. In this conference, it dedicates to discussing issues affecting any player in the market of logistics, warehouse real estate, retail, etc., optimization and cost reduction. CipherLab's Android-based devices are introduced specifically the advantages of RS51 series in transportation & Logistics and RK95 series in warehouse applications.

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