CipherLab Connection | Dec 2019 : The CipherLab RK25 Series Performs Outstandingly in Massive Russian Construction Materials Warehouse


CipherLab Connection | Dec 2019 : The CipherLab RK25 Series Performs Outstandingly in Massive Russian Construction Materials Warehouse
CipherLab Connection
| December 2019

User Scenario
The CipherLab RK25 Series Performs Outstandingly in Massive Russian Construction Materials Warehouse
When a top construction material vendor in Russia realized it needed an entry-level rugged handheld device to help pickers increase the picking speed of ordered items from its enormous warehouse, it found the best comprehensive solution was the Cipherlab RK25 series.

Headquartered in St. Petersburg, the company ranks 2nd among Russian companies selling construction materials, and is among the top five largest DIY networks represented in the Russian construction materials markets. It is also the biggest brand in wholesale and retail building markets represented by 47 trading platforms in 25 cities throughout Russia. It owns a huge 155,000 square meter warehouse which contains 28,000 types of building and finishing materials to supply over 100,000 regular customers who shop daily across the country.

Before introducing CipherLab's RK25 Series Rugged Mobile Computer to the company, they had not used any handheld devices or scanners, nor had they used the MDM system in their day-to-day work operations. In order to increase the working efficiency and accuracy of picking and retrieving a variety of items from their massive warehouse, while at same time trying to fulfill their high volume of daily orders, the company decided to look for an entry-level rugged handheld device to help pickers increase the picking speed of ordered items.

The CipherLab RK25 with its 2D imager was the perfect solution and suited the demanding needs of high volume order picking. With its lightweight (292 grams) and ergonomic design, the RK25 series is very easy to carry around picking and retrieving stock in an enormous, intense warehouse. The RK25 Series has a 2GB RAM / 16GB Flash built-in memory with an option to extend up to 32GB of storage which would allow workers to temporarily save their picking results in its well-developed App. After their picking task is completed, they simply need to upload the results by to the server via a reliable Wi-Fi connection, and then they can receive their next order list.

Along with the unwavering support of our local partner, the deployment of CipherLab's RK25 Series was successful. The company now plans to scale this solution throughout their supply chain in various other regions in the coming year.

CipherLab RK25 Series Improves Stock Checking Efficiency While The MDM Solution Brings Device Management Visibility
When an automotive parts manufacturer supplying top Japanese car brands realized it needed a more durable handheld device with a longer battery life to speed up the checking of its warehouse stock while also 

providing better device visibility for its IT managers, it found the best comprehensive solution was the Cipherlab RK25 series.

A Thai automotive manufacturing company headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, has adopted the CipherLab RK25 series to replace their old Zebra handheld mobile computers. The original mobile computers no longer meet their requirements; therefore, the company was searching for another solution for its workers. With CipherLab's RK25 now being implemented in the factory to check warehouse stock, overall efficiency and productivity has improved significantly. 

The company mainly focuses on manufacturing plastic automotive parts such as front and rear fender panels, bumpers, door handles, side mirrors, etc. The parts are primarily being used in Japanese car brands. Thus, enduring long working hours and maintaining durability in dusty conditions are two basic requirements for the devices to be used in the warehouse. CipherLab RK25’s 4000 mAh li-polymer battery sustains at least 8 hours, which completely covers a typical full shift, and the IP65 rating makes it durable in extremely harsh environments. Also, its ergonomic design makes it easy to carry around all day, and in fact, it weighs only 292g. To solve the problem of data transmitting inside an enclosed warehouse, the RK25’s dual band and fast roaming Wi-Fi transmission (IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n/ac) provides the most reliable connectivity; no connection is lost while workers are transmitting data to the server. Additionally, the RK25 offers resourceful data capture options such as linear imager, 2D imager, and mid-range 2D imager. The agile reading capability allows it to read barcodes in milliseconds, even if the barcode is on a computer screen. This agile barcode reading capability makes the stock checking process fast and dependable.

Since the RK25 is coupled with CipherLab’s Mobile Device Management tools, ADC and WMDS, getting the full visibility of all handheld devices is never a problem for the company and its IT managers. Moreover, configuration and device setting is fast and easy when using CipherLab’s ADC and WMDS to do device management. The AppLock function restricts the device to a single app or suite of apps, providing workers mission-critical devices that greatly increase their productivity and efficiency. So, aside from streamlining the stock checking process, the management of all your company's devices has became considerably easier and well organized.

To find out more about the RK25 series, please visit our RK25 product page. 

Product Update
RK95 Ensure its Top Performance for New and Legacy Users with Elite Standards
CipherLab is very happy to present the powerful RK95 industrial mobile computer, the next generation of the 9700, with more productivity. Powered by the octa-core 2.2 GHz processor with 4 GB RAM/64 GB flash memory, it has the capability to take on larger data collection. With latest Android operating system, multiple keypad options, and superior wireless option 
helps further extend its performances. RK95 perfectly combines features that fulfill new and traditional users’ legacy warehouse applications. 

The RK95 has a variety of reader options, laser, 2D imager, mid-range and extended-range 2D imager, which also allow long distance barcode reading capabilities over 21 meters. It offers Wi-Fi MIMO 2x2 technology and the ability to fast roam within 1 second and reconnect within 7 seconds, allowing large data collection and transmission without any disturbances regardless of location. While working in different environments, RK95’s durable design of IP65 rating, 1.8 m drop resistance and 1,000 tumbles at 1 m provides workers an ease of mind. The RK95 can also operate longer than 8 working hours with a 3,000 mAh standard battery and 10 working hours with a 6,000 mAh extended battery, while the batteries are hot-swappable, removable, and rechargeable to fulfill all-day operation. Moreover, along with the light weight of minimum 395 g, options of 38-key numeric, 52-key alphanumeric physical keypads, and 4.3-inch touch display, RK95 maximizes simplicity for new or legacy user behaviors and provides the best in-class comfortability, readability and data input flexibility. 

CipherLab ReMoCloud®, certified by Google EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) is also supported with Google Zero-touch enrollment. Enterprises can have easy deployment for multiple devices and the ability to manage those devices remotely anywhere and anytime. It no longer needs to send engineer on site for device update and it takes only minutes or few hours to complete overall deployment. 

For more information about RK95, please visit

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