CipherLab Connection | Nov 2019 : Superb Scanning Performance and User-friendly Comfortability Makes CipherLab RK25 the Most Suitable Solution for Intense Warehousing Environment


CipherLab Connection | Nov 2019 : Superb Scanning Performance and User-friendly Comfortability Makes CipherLab RK25 the Most Suitable Solution for Intense Warehousing Environment
CipherLab Connection
| November 2019

User Scenario
Superb Scanning Performance and User-friendly Comfortability Makes CipherLab RK25 the Most Suitable Solution for Intense Warehousing Environment
The Blue Moon was established in 1992 and became one of the earliest professional brands engaged in the production of household cleaners in China. The company specializes in products like laundry detergent, hand 

soap, disinfectant, toilet cleaner and other textiles, dyeing and finishing chemical products. Up to now, Blue Moon has achieved nearly 50% of the market share of China's laundry detergent market and earned the top market share 10 years in a row. 

Blue Moon has four factories with warehouses respectively for RAW materials/ finished products and e-commerce. In 2018, as new e-commerce warehouses were launched, Blue Moon adopted the total solution of AEP ERP, FLUX WMS, and the Zerbra MC36 to help complete overall inventory-related tasks. However, some of the new problems they have encountered while using MC36 have included an unqualified scanning performance, an extremely high RMA rate, and an inability to resist accidental drops. Therefore earlier this year, Blue Moon began searching for a new mobile computer to replace the MC36, and in the end the CipherLab RK25 mobile computer was chosen after defeating the competition.

The RK25 not only solved the existing problems but also brought many new benefits to Blue Moon. With its superb performance in barcode scanning, drop resistance and reliability, the RK25 additionally improved worker efficiency through its user-friendly designs. The lightweight design makes it easy to carry and it comes with a 70 degree scanning angle to allow simultaneous scanning and data checking on display, which greatly improves comfortability for workers throughout the workday. The RK25 supports Wi-Fi and 4G communication to either indoor or outdoor environments. For Blue Moon, the 4G connection is an alternative solution for those warehouses in newly built up or areas with weaker Wi-Fi signals.

The RK25 also comes with value-added accessories to further fulfill different user demands. Blue Moon has adopted a rubber boot for strengthened ruggedness and a 4-slot battery charger for battery replacement. In fac, the RK25 is equipped with a one-piece design battery, which can easily be removed in 3 seconds. So, the RK25 can extend its working hours for any overtime warehouse operation. Because of their deep satisfaction with the RK25's overall solutions, services and technical support, Blue Moon plans to adopt more CipherLab mobile computers to replace existing devices for applications requiring long range reading capability. 

Turning Production into Digitalization with the CipherLab 5300 Smart Data Collector is Easy 
CipherLab's 5300 Smart Data Collector, which comes with cOS operating system's guaranteed stability, low power consumption, and simple installation to fit any factory's environment, proved once again to be the best solution

to help turn a world leading TFT LCD display company's production line into digitalization.

A world leading TFT LCD display company headquartered in Japan with its subsidiary located in Taiwan has adopted CipherLab's 5300 Smart Data Collector in its production line for data collection and issue detecting. The Taiwan subsidiary was formed in 2012 to advance the design, development, and manufacturing market to lead in TFT LCD display modules. With the 5300 now implemented on the production line, the factory is now realizing the importance of backend intelligent analysis and improved productivity.

The CipherLab 5300 Smart Data Collector is purpose-built for those people-based factories in the manufacturing industry that are going digital. This TFT LCD display company has implemented the 5300 to replace the original device which no longer meets their demands. With the 5300 now being set up in each station of the production line, all employees' working time can now be very precisely recorded. This information can be used for a better analysis for future manpower plans. Aside from that, if there are some quality issues found on the TFT LCD display production line during the production process, workers can use the scanner connected to the 5300 to record the data. In this case, after the BIN code is collected by the 5300's scanner, this data will be immediately transferred to the server back in Japan. The backend office will then provide instructions to workers on the production line. By simply reading the LCD display instructions and LED lights shown on the 5300, workers will know what to do next accordingly. CipherLab worked with our partner to solve this data transmission issue, and our partner worked as an agent to connect the TFT LCD company's MES web service and the 5300.

CipherLab's 5300 Smart Data Collector is the best solution for machine connection and data collection in order to turn a company's production line into digitalization. It has an RFID reading feature that enables it to read workers' employee cards and check and confirm personnel operating permission so as to prevent untrained personnel from operating a station. Additionally, the CipherLab 5300 series comes with cOS operating system's guaranteed stability, low power consumption and simple installation to fit any factory's environment. Most important of all, the high data integration and consolidation allow the 5300 to work alone without connecting external equipment such as environmental monitors or scanners. The CipherLab 5300 can also be highly customized according to any company's needs. One the 5300 is implemented, any company will easily be able to go completely digital.

The CipherLab RS31 Keeps Chain Pharmacy In-store Stocks More Accurate 
Pharmacies play an important role in the medical care system, as they are the general public's first contact when it comes to basic medical care. Being one of the largest public pharmacy institutions with over 50 

pharmacy branches in Slovenia, this local chain pharmacy not only conducts pharmacy activities as a public service to provide care to the local population, medical institutions, and pharmaceutical organizations, but it also supplies both prescription and over-the-counter medicine and offers recommendations for the correct and safe use of all types of medicine. Hence, the inventory of each pharmacy store needs to be more precise and ready to go on the shelves for sale.

As pharmacists are obviously not permitted to work inside their stores with high-tech goggles or bulky head-sets and are more accustomed to working with handheld terminals, the company was seeking a handheld device with a large screen, fast connectivity, and excellent reliability in order to improve overall productivity. Also, the company wanted to replace its current Windows terminals with the Android operating system because of its user-friendliness and easy and quick device deployment in the field.

With the strong support of our local partner, the CipherLab RS31 and its inventory management software easily passed the field test and has been chosen for the new Android device to improve staffs' productivity and stock checking efficiency. Because its touch-centric user interface is just like any other smartphone, the RS31 series is a user-friendly Android device that allows users to easily operate it without needing to endure a long training period. In addition, the 4.7” display panel of the RS31 allows staff to cross check the accuracy of entered data and quickly respond to customers' needs. Finally, due to its reliable WiFi and 4G/ LTE connections, the RS31 series is able to ensure accurate data transmission and real time communication inside the store without any data loss while doing inventory checks.

Product Update
CipherLab Presents the New Mobile Ordering POS along with Cloud Operation System
CipherLab is pleased to announce its new extension from the poular RS51 series, the HERA51 Mobile Ordering POS. Inheriting the features and functions of the RS51, the HERA51 is additionally equipped with the function to accept various POS payment methods including credit cards, debit cards, and eWallet. Different from those commercial devices, it's 
been enhanced with drop resistance, a professional barcode reader, a state-of-art wireless connection, OS migration utilities, and cloud operation system. The HERA51 is capable of delivering a guaranteed product life cycle, secured data at all times, and full-functionality to handle multiple tasks, from inventory checking, order receiving, and payment acceptance to invoicing.

The CipherLab HERA51 also comes with CipherLab ReMoCloud which empowers managers to centrally monitor and deploy devices regardless of distance. Making device management user friendly and efficient, there is no longer any need to send engineer on site for device setting or update. In fact, setting up multiple devices can easily be achieved in a very short time as well.

Additionally, the HERA51 comes with many accessories that are compatible with RS51, such as battery, charging cradle, and snap-on cable. To further fulfill user demands in outdoor applications like last-mile delivery, event ticketing, tour bus ticketing, valet parking, and more. Besides that, a customized holster and strap was developed to prevent accidental drops, while operation behavior remains the same when the HERA51 is holstered.

Inheriting the technology of CipherLab RS51, HERA51 is a joint product development by CipherLab and its subsidiary, mPlus. While non-cash POS payment is rapidly growing worldwide, HERA51 has proved to be an excellent alternative to help approach wider applications. Please feel free to send any inquiries you may have to our sales representatives.

Software Resources
Adding a More Convenient Method for Updating OS Image via ADC
CipherLab is offering more convenience to administrators of all enterprises in order to manage mobile devices when OS image updating is required. Two options are available now, one is OTA (over the air) and the other is via a URL. These two options of updating OS images could be done via 
ADC's BarcodeToSetting function. BarcodeToSetting creates user-friendly setup process, which significantly shortens user's device setup time. Administrators may utilize BarcodeToSetting to export certain configurations in the Android Deployment Configurator (ADC) and generate corresponding 1D/2D barcodes. With a few simple scans, all required settings are done within seconds.

CipherLab Android Deployment Configurator (ADC) is a windows-based configuration tool. It integrates all configurations into one single platform. Settings such as Barcode Reader, Button Assignment, WiFi setting, Terminal Emulation, AppLock, system settings, etc. are accessible from this tool. Different settings can be saved in one group and different groups can be made based on different user scenarios. According to different needs or user scenarios, administrators could choose the group of settings they need to deploy the configurations. Configurations can be made by connecting the mobile device to a PC with easy to use USB snap-on cables. Just follow the instructions shown on the PC screen, and with a few simple clicks settings can be completed in seconds. Deployment could not be any easier.

Use ADC and WMDS to your advantage. It will greatly improve your device management. Please feel free to contact CipherLab for further information.

Highlights of the Month
TransLogistica Poland 2019
CipherLab joined the TransLogistica Poland 2019 in Warsaw from November 5th to 7th, 2019. It was very honoured to demonstrate CipherLab's latest AIDC solutions of Android Enterprise Recommended products in RK25 series, RS51 series and the coming soon industrial rugged mobile computer - RK95 series  for applications in warehousing, transportation and logistics industry. We look forward to seeing you again for the incoming exhibitions in 2020. 

2019 Logistics Madrid
The last stop of Logistics series exhibition was held in Madrid on 13th and 14th of November, CipherLab wpresented the comprehensive solutions of Android terminals - RK25, RS51 that certified by AER and coming soon rugged industrial terminal - RK95 for logistics and distribution center applications. We were also glad to be able to introduce our ReMoCloud to provide uses a smart way of deploying the Android devices easily through remotely cloud management. Looking forward to discover more AIDC solutions with you in 2020!

Digital Modernization Conference - Shaping the Future of Manufacturing
The Digital Modernization Conference was held in Malaysia on November 12th. CipherLab was honored to participate in this conference and to introduce our manufacturing solutions that significantly improve efficiency and productivity throughout the manufacturing process.

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