CipherLab Connection | Sept 2019 : The RK25 Comes with a UHF RFID Reader to Empower Users in both Barcode and Tag Reading for Product Tracking and Inventory Management


CipherLab Connection | Sept 2019 : The RK25 Comes with a UHF RFID Reader to Empower Users in both Barcode and Tag Reading for Product Tracking and Inventory Management
CipherLab Connection
| September 2019

The RK25 Comes with a UHF RFID Reader to Empower Users in both Barcode and Tag Reading for Product Tracking and Inventory Management
The Ferrero' Family was the first Italian manufacturer after World War II to open production sites and overseas offices in the confectionary sector. In the following decades Ferrero became more global with  

companies and plants in North and South America, South East Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa, Australia; and, more recently, in Turkey, Mexico and China.

One of Ferrero' Family's companies, Kinder Chocolate, has one factory, 4 self-owned warehouses and over 300 distributors' warehouses in China, where more than 600 mobile computers and 100 plus UHF readers are deployed as workers' companions for overall supply chain management tasks. It has an SAP system that the Ferrero Family adopted to better control the production history database, sources of raw materials, expiration dates, sales volume and more. Through a combination of mobile computers and UHF readers, many daily tasks are carried out including product tracking in channels and stores, packaging, receiving, and dispatching in warehouses and factory.

Therefore, in addition to requiring excellent mobile computer performance, the ability to read UHF RFID tags and accurately capture those tags on boxes stacked high and at more than a 1-meter reading distance without being influenced by their metallic wrapping paper is of great importance to our users. 

CipherLab's RK25 has two different reading angles, 10 and 70 degrees, so Ferrero Family workers can fulfill different applications and operations without becoming overly fatigued. It also easily adapts to both indoor and outdoor environments with its stable Wi-Fi and 4G connections whether doing product tracking at stores, or checking inventory at the warehouse. It's especially easy for workers to switch between barcode and UHF RFID reading with the RK25 UHF RFID reader due to its lightweight and easily detachable design. 

The result of using the UHF RFID reader for this project was its remarkable overall deployment progress. CipherLab China provides immediate, direct support and a round-the-clock contact window to ensure optimized product performance regardless of users' working environment. The CipherLab RK25 fulfills not only all performance inquiries, but also provides a superior return on investment.

SOTI Certified CipherLab RS31 Brings Enterprises Management Convenience
Headquartered in the United States with over 13,200 retail pharmacy stores in 11 countries, a global leading pharmaceutical wholesaling brand that is dedicated to community pharmacy care uses CipherLab's 

RS31 to help its retail store staffers increase daily work productivity and improve overall efficiency in more than 400 retail stores across Thailand.

CipherLab's RS31 is a mobile touch computer with evolved specifications that satisfies demanding industry requirements in the fields of sales, service, retail, and healthcare. Weighing only 260 grams, its lightweight design allows workers to carry it around all day long without being burdened or feeling fatigued. Its touch-centric user interface is just like any other smartphone, so it is completely user friendly, and only a short learning curve is required for retail store workers to operate it effectively. Also, the RS31 is protected with a extremely durable design. It can withstand multiple 1.2m drops onto concrete and is also protected by a IP67 sealing. The RS31 is specifically built for work in any demanding environment as it is dust and water proof. Furthermore, its dominating operating power and fast wireless connection guarantees an enhanced user experience. Simply put, the CipherLab RS31 fulfills all operation needs for a faster and smarter workflow.

Most importantly, the CipherLab RS31 is SOTI certified. SOTI is a proven leader in creating innovative mobile device management solutions that reduce the cost and complexity of business-critical mobility. It provides enterprises and administrators a robust set of features to support remote management. Along with CipherLab's self-developed utilities such as AppLock and Barcode-to-Setting, the solution greatly improves any enterprise's productivity and efficiency.

The close connection between our partner and end users brought insightful understanding about the demands which helped expand the adoption of CipherLab's products in Thailand. We are happy that CipherLab's RS31 has made such a positive impact on workers' efficiency and productivity in its many pharmacies throughout Thailand. Click here to know more about CipherLab SOTI certified products.

Product Update
 CipherLab RK25 Is Also Certified by Google AER Now!
Following the good news of the RS51, CipherLab's RK25 is now also certified as an AER (Google Android Enterprise Recommended) product and set to deliver long-term reliability through confident quality and service. 
Obtaining Google AER certification requires a certain level of ruggedness, such as a 5-year product life cycle, routine security patch updates, and one major OS upgrade. Therefore, the RK25's future proof quality and superior return on investment is undoubtedly a persuading benefit to all enterprises. Please see the following RK25 AER page for more details:!/5088467193167872

Creating a perfect mix of both trendy touch computer and conventional physical keystroke operations, the RK25 is built to fulfill the most diverse user behaviors in any environment with a large volume data collection demands in the retailing, light warehousing, and field mobility industries. More RK25 product information is available at the following site:

Software Resources
ADC Is Updated With More Friendly Functions To Provide Administrators Greater Efficiency
CipherLab‘s self-owned mobile device deployment software, Android Deployment Configurator (ADC), has been upgraded and equipped with new functions to further help device administrators manage and deploy settings easily. General settings can now be applied to most CipherLab mobile computer 
models (excluding the RS30) so that administrators can now generate a 'general project' and won't need to set up each model one at a time. This means that overall efficiency is greatly increased. Also, ADC now includes a EZConfig configuration. EZConfig provides a convenient console for quick configuration of all settings in the RK25 UHF RFID reader. Users can also customize settings to best fit their individual needs. Aside from that, a customization feature is also being added to this update so administrators can modify the color and the font of the interface.

The CipherLab Android Deployment Configurator (ADC) is a windows-based configuration tool. It integrates all configurations into one single platform. Settings such as Barcode Reader, Button Assignment, WiFi setting, Terminal Emulation, AppLock, system settings, and more are easily accessible from this tool. Different settings can also be saved into one group, and different groups can be made based on different scenarios. The Wireless Mobile Deployment System (WMDS) is a windows-based server program that helps configuration settings created by ADC to be deployed on Android-based devices through a wireless network. WMDS was created with the aim to optimize the process of multiple device deployment tasks.

Use ADC and WMDS to your advantage. It will certainly be of great help to your device management. Contact CipherLab for further information.

Highlights of the Month
ASCM 2019
ASCM is the flagship conference gathering together global leaders in supply chain transformation, innovation and leadership. Topics range from S&OP, inventory and materials management to robotics, IoT, virtual reality and more. CipherLab USA was pleased to be able to meet many visitors at the conference, share knowledge, and discuss the latest application demands. Our comprehensive solutions from the RS51, RK25, RS31, and 9700 series aim to cover overall supply chain management tasks for you.

China International Industry Fair (CIIF)
The China International Industry Fair (CIIF) is an annual exhibition which showcases Industry 4.0 solutions ranging from industrial automation to ICT. CipherLab was very excited to participate this year and to present our achievements in making smarter production lines which ensure greater efficiency and productivity. CipherLab was happy to be part of this event and glad to see everyone who dropped by our booth.

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