CipherLab Connection | July 2019 : CipherLab's 1564A and 2564 Scanners Successfully Fulfill Variety of Demands in Scanning and Durability for Warehousing and Distribution Center


CipherLab Connection | July 2019 : CipherLab's 1564A and 2564 Scanners Successfully Fulfill Variety of Demands in Scanning and Durability for Warehousing and Distribution Center
CipherLab Connection
| July 2019

User Scenarios
CipherLab's 1564A and 2564 Scanners Successfully Fulfill Variety of Demands in Scanning and Durability for Warehousing and Distribution Center
Founded in 2000, Shanghai YTO Express (Logistics) Co., Ltd. is among the top 5 private express enterprises in China, and is committed to becoming a leader of China’s Express service. With over 58 distribution centers and 5,100 delivery points, 

their services  extend to more than 1,200 cities covering warehousing, distribution and specialized transport, which are one-stop services and can be customized according to specific requirements.

In 2017, after engaging in intense competition with similar product from Zebra, CipherLab's 1564A won out and was chosen by YTO Express to be its workers' companion to complete picking tasks in its distribution center. However, since then, the industry has undergone changes and new scanning inquiries arose in 2018 including the need for a reading range of over 30 cm when reading either 1D or 2D barcodes, and due to long working hours, extreme ruggedness was needed to survive in environments where workers use their devices intensively. The possibility of downtime caused by sudden drops in demand is high as well. Therefore, CipherLab found itself locked in fierce competition once again with newly-launched products from both Zebra and Honeywell.

To meet our users' recent expectations, CipherLab released the new 2564 scanner and successfully earned users' favor once again. The 2564 is a scanner equipped with state-of-art scanning performance, which significantly speeds up the efficiency, as well as extends the reading range to over 50 cm. YTO Express adopts 3 working shifts in their warehouses, so the ability for the battery to continue working at full capacity  for each shift is absolutely required. The 2564’s battery capacity is set at 800 mAh, ensuring that power efficiency is optimized to compete with other brands and reach international battery life standards. Meanwhile, to guarantee the product's life cycle and durability, the 2564 is reinforced with an IP65 and a 1.8m drop resistance in order to prevent the device from most accidental damage. 

From testing to deployment to on-line operation, CipherLab offers a range of user-centric services and technical support. Over 800 units were delivered in 2018, and to date, there haven't been any RMA inquiries, proving that the 2564 has been able to survive quite well under the harshest and most demanding of environments.
For more information about the 2564, please visit our site:

The CipherLab RS31 Ensures Smooth Visitor Access to French Royal Palace
The Palais-Royal has been the principal royal residence of France since the 17th century. It is located about 20 km southwest of the center of Paris. Most if its furnishings were destroyed during the French Revolution, 

but many pieces have been restored and returned since then. The palace received more than 7 million visitors in 2017, making it the second most popular visited site in France, just behind the Louvre and slightly ahead of the Eiffel Tower.

As the palace tries to accommodate many visitors every day, the long queues and chaos at the ticket office are the source of frustration for each ticket inspector. This caused the palace managers to look for a mobile device that could facilitate visitors, minimize queuing, and free up ticket inspectors and staff to better assist visitors’ other more pressing inquiries. Additionally, the staff wanted to find a device that could not only scan 2D barcodes, which were becoming increasingly popular for use in event ticketing, but serve as a good wireless communication tool in real time as well.

Thankfully, the CipherLab RS31 mobile computer fulfilled each and every one of the Palais-Royal’s requirements. Firstly, the RS31 provides reliable WiFi and 4G/LTE connections, making real time communication extremely easy, which was also essential for the back room to control the capture of important statistics, such as visitor numbers. The RS31 also reads both 1D and 2D barcodes, allowing physical tickets or codes on smartphone displays to be easily read, and it even provides accurate scanning in bright sunlight. Powered by the Android OS, the RS31 makes it very easy for both young and older ticket inspectors to quickly adapt to the mobile device, as it is just like using any other smart phone. Other factors also favored the RS31 mobile computer, such as its rugged design which can withstand 1.2 m drop, and the fact that it is ergonomically designed. Its small size and light weight makes it comfortable easily handled even after prolonged use.

Mobile ticketing is an important tool for a wide variety of venues and events including concerts, live theatre, movie theaters, museums, seminars and conferences. CipherLab provides a diverse line-up of powerful and rugged mobile computers to efficiently optimize the event operations and streamline visitors’ entry to any venue.

Bangkok Port Replaces Notebook Computer with CipherLab's RS50 Series
CipherLab's versatile RS50 series impresses port workers in Bangkok, Thailand with its data collection capability, device manageability, and overall ruggedness beating out the traditional notebook computer as 

the obvious choice to improve operations at the busy port.

Efficiency and accuracy are essential for port workers. They constantly need to deal with a vast amount of on-site information as numerous trucks are coming and going at all times of the day and night. Workers also need to move about freely and handle a multitude of difficult tasks. Needless to say, all that information needs to be recorded correctly. Bangkok Port workers realized that the current execution was too inefficient and therefore sought a solution with the aim of improving the present operation. The CipherLab RS50 was the obvious choice and is now being deployed throughout Bangkok Port to systematically improve and speed up all operations. 

Notebook computers were originally being used by port workers in Bangkok to enter information such as license plate numbers, driver's names, container numbers, etc. However, they could only record data while truck drivers were moving their containers to the assigned customer permit areas. Notebook computers can also be cumbersome and difficult to operate while walking around a busy port, so the data entering process ended up taking a lot of time and many errors often occurred. Besides that, the data entering process proved to be time consuming and frequently led to serious traffic jams throughout the port. Obviously, the notebook computer was not the proper solution for workers to collect data in a port area where productivity, efficiency, and accuracy are required.

Consequently, the workers in Bangkok Port were seeking a solution to improve this situation. Considering the demanding work environment, some important functions were clearly needed, such as data collection capability, device manageability, and ruggedness. As might be expected, the CipherLab RS50 series was chosen as the all around solution the workers were seeking. First of all, the CipherLab RS50’s user-centric design makes it is easy to use throughout the busy work day. Compared to a notebook computer, the auto-adjustable backlight and sunlight visibility ensures screen readability in the field, especially under the blinding sunlight in Thailand. It is also much lighter and less cumbersome than a notebook computer, making it convenient for workers to carry around as they walk the immense port area. Moreover, the data capturing function allows port workers to receive all required information being entered by using the RS50’s scanning capability. Its versatile data collection supports 1D and 2D barcodes capturing data in milliseconds, even when a barcode has been damaged. Finally, the ruggedness of the RS50 protects and secures the collected data in the grueling environment. As a result, all operations are performed much faster and effectively than before. 

The deployment of the RS50 in Port of Bangkok has been a success and has enabled port workers  to solve the problems they have been encountering for a long time. Overall efficiency and accuracy has been improved and order has finally been restored. To learn more about RS50, please visit our website here.

Software Resources
CipherLab Is Certified Google Android Enterprise Zero-touch Reseller
CipherLab is now a certified Google Android Enterprise Zero-touch reseller. We are very excited to present the Zero-touch enrollment for easy initial set-up for large scale deployment. Working together with ReMoCloud, an approved Google EMM provider and self-developed mobile management solution for enterprises to remotely manage and secure CipherLab's Android devices, Zero-touch enrollment makes management and deployment of devices fast and easy.

With Zero-touch enrollment, device set-up couldn't be easier. IT personnel can set up multiple devices at the same time. All users need to do is turn on the device, and the device set-up and configuration is automatic. CipherLab always aspires to provide mobile solutions for enterprises, which makes it's collaboration with Google a no-brainer. Zero-touch enrollment offers a seamless deployment method for organizations with corporate-owned Android devices that require large scale roll outs. It also simplifies device provisioning by allowing IT to deploy corporate-owned devices in bulk without manual set-up for individual devices. Users can start using the device right out of the box, fully configured. For more information about Zero-touch, please visit this site:!/4712190577737728

Highlights of the Month
Codeware Roadshow 2019
We are honoured to introduce CipherLab's Android Solutions in the Codeware Roadshow, which was taken place on May 30th to 31st at Three Towers Hotel, Czech Republic. During the roadshow, this evnet was not only to share the latest AIDC solutions but also the practical cases with Android devices on how to get the best solutions to help users improving work performances and accuracy. Moreover, CipherLab RS51 has been placed in a glass of water and shown an outstanding performance of its ruggedness.

Federal Logistics Forum 2019
Thanks to our partner showcased CipherLab solutions in the Federal Logistics Forum, held by The Logistics Coordinating Council in St. Petersburg, Russia. In this forum, the leading industry experts were also invited to share their practical cases for warehouse and logistics applications. 

Koncept-L Partner Days 2019
It was a pleasure to participate the special Partners Day held by Koncept-L in the Ryn Castle, Poland on June 16-18. During this meaningful activity, we not only enjoyed the educational presentations and demonstration but also met with new AIDC vendors to share ideas and learnt new solutions. In addition, we also enjoyed the beautiful historical scenery of Polska. Thank you, Koncept-L for holding such a great event.

Logisitics of the Future 2019

Throughout the year of 2019, our partner participated in series of regional conferences - “Logistics of the future”that took place in different cities across the country: Ekaterinburg, Kazan, Krasnodar. This regional conference is mainly devoted to the discussion of issues affecting any player in the logistics market, warehousing, retail, etc., as well as optimization and cost reduction issues. The experts of the conference offers real solutions to improve the efficiency of companies in the period of economic turbulence, as well as optimize relations with partners and clients. CipherLab mobile devices have been successfully proves its water resistance for more ruggedness applications. CipherLab's comprehensive Android touch computerss, including 9700, RK25, RS31 and RS50 series, are ready to integrate your logistics solutions.

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