CipherLab Connection | June 2019 : CipherLab RS31 Expedited Entrance Process at a Music Event


CipherLab Connection | June 2019 : CipherLab RS31 Expedited Entrance Process at a Music Event
CipherLab Connection
| June 2019

User Scenarios
CipherLab RS31 Expedited Entrance Process at a Music Event
One of the world's leading music festivals for electronic sub-genres in Northwestern Europe attracted over 9,000 professional delegates from over 90 countries in 2018. The attendees were mostly working in the field of 

electronic music, such as producers, musicians, VJs, visual artists, and various tech start-up companies. The music event attracted 400,000 visitors from all over the world.

As a popular and attractive event and with a massive amount of visitors, it’s imperative to be able to quickly and uniformly allow people to enter the big stadiums and clubs before each performance. The event workers used to use Windows mobile devices to scan physical tickets and mobile etickets in order to help streamline visitor access. However, after considering the quality of customer experience, the fact that the Windows Embedded Handheld OS will soon reach its end of life, and having the desire for an advanced and efficient processing mobile device, the IT manager of the event started to search for a suitable solution to ensure that quick and easy mobile scanning would be available at every gate.

The system integrator of this event recommended the CipherLab RS31, a compact mobile computer that can read 1D and 2D barcodes. It has a 4.7 inch touch display and supports the Android operating system. Weighing 260 grams, it is easy for workers to carry around between the big stadiums and other smaller venues. Featuring reliable WiFi and 4G/LTE connections and using the system integrator applications, the RS31 can quickly scan any tickets and transmit participant and visitor data to the backend system in real time. The ergonomic pistol grip of the RS31 also made it easy for fast and accurate barcode scanning and data collection. The RS31 is sealed with P67 ratings and can withstand 1.2 m drops to concrete floors making it robust enough to withstand most accidental drops. Additionally, with CipherLab's software support of the Wireless Mobile Deployment System (WMDS), it is effortless to configure and deploy multiple RS31s simultaneously.

By deploying the CipherLab RS31, the workers were deeply satisfied with the RS31 and reported that it helped immensely to streamline the entrance process and made the experience much quicker and easier for visitors around the festival stadiums and other smaller venues.

Fashion Industry - Improve In-Store Staff's Stock Checking Efficiency with CipherLab RK25 Series
CipherLab RK25 series improves a Thailand apparel group’s efficiency in more than 300 stores across Thailand. The RK25 series’ ability to manage wide range of products with accuracy becomes the perfect solution for

big volume data collection. With good readability and reliable 4G/LTE support, it greatly improves the situation and stock management across Thailand.

A Thailand apparel group which manufactures and sells the most popular and dynamic Thai ready-to-wear fashion lines with several retail brands now adopts CipherLab RK25 series to improve staffs’ stock checking efficiency.

The group’s headquarter is located in Bangkok and has more than 300 stores across Thailand. It is best known for its wide range of products from sophisticated to chic, ranging from mens’ and ladies’ fashion, bags and accessories. In order to manage all of its stocks with accuracy and efficiency in all of its stores across Thailand, a smart solution is needed. CipherLab RK25 series, the Android rugged mobile computer, combines the benefits of touch computers with handheld mobility. It is crafted with operation-friendly designs and fulfills the most diverse user behaviors in any environment with big volume data collection. It is the perfect solution that suits the needs of big volume stock checking. Aside from 2D imager, RK25 also offers linear imager and mid-range 2D imager options. Through the fast scanning capability of the RK25, staffs’ efficiency and accuracy greatly improve. Also, the 4 inch display ensures good readability for any information shown on screen. Moreover, the reliable 4G/LTE support guarantees large data transmission. The instant internet connection with accurate stock data transmitted back to system lets the group understand the situation of its inventory and improve stock management.

The deployment is a great success across Thailand. It streamlines the stock checking process and improves staffs’ efficiency. CipherLab RK25 series will also be deployed in other ASEAN countries, such as Burma, Cambodia, Malaysia and Vietnam within the group.

For more information about RK25 series, please visit website.

CipherLab RS31 Protects Medical Sample Deliveries
The CipherLab RS31 enables a large scale medical company to scan and deliver scores of samples from clinics and hospitals throughout Poland in a fraction of the time it used to take. 

With one of the largest nationwide networks of diagnostic laboratories consisting of 50 laboratories, the company annually carries out over 35 million tests and cooperates with approximately 2,500 medical entities in Poland. It provides a wide range of services for both public and private health care facilities, hospitals, private medical practices, individual clients and facilities that conduct clinical trials. Among its nationwide network, the company also has over 300 collection points – medical facilities intended for retail clients and patients directed by medical contractors.

Since there are roughly 900 samples to be collected and delivered to the center for examination, each hired forwarder has to pick up a maximum of 150 samples from one clinic and needs to collect all probes from 6 clinics every day. The sample collector is required to scan the barcodes on all medical samples, such as blood and urine tubes when collecting samples from clinics and transmit that data immediately to the backend server. Due to the 30 minute distance between clinics, the sample collecting time should be fast and accurate in order to reach the next clinic location on time. The CipherLab RS31 with its 2D imaging and a presentation mode, has an outstanding performance record of being able to read 1D barcodes on the 50 - 60 samples in one simple scan and users can quickly switch software options to transmit the data. Because of these features, all the sample scanning processes in one clinic only takes a maximum of 2 - 3 minutes to complete. 

In addition, the 4G/LTE wireless communication of the RS31 provides a reliable connection to transmit data to the backend server without any worry of connection interruption. The implementation of the RS31 has resulted in a total of 300 pcs deployed in the field that enables collectors to work more productively and more accurately.

Product Update
RS51 is Google AER Certified While 5 Slot Terminal Charging Cradle (5TC) is Also Ready to Provide More Accessory Option for RS50/RS51 Series
RS51 is certified by Android Enterprise Recommended Program (AER) for rugged devices. AER, a Google led program that helps businesses confidently select, deploy, and manage the Android devices and services best suited to their 
enterprise needs. As an Android Enterprise Recommended (AER) device users will have support for multiple versions of the Android OS. The RS51 series is future proofed with Android 8.0 operating system and is upgradable to later Android version which maximizes device investment.

CipherLab is now presenting the brand new shared cradle system with the aim to lower enterprises’ TCO and brings more convenience to users. The shared charging cradle accommodates the RS50 and RS51 series. Its diverse functionality provides the convenience to charge with maximum capacity of 4 batteries and 4 terminals, or 5 terminals. Also, it can charge terminals with or without the rubber boot and hand strap. It adopts the 6-pin I/O connector to ensure compatibility with future CipherLab’s terminals. Together with the original charging/communication cradle, 4-slot battery charger, pistol grip, and USB snap-on cradle, the choice of vehicle cradle further completes the suite of accessories.

About RS51 AER, please click here. To know more about RS51, please visit website.

A Total Solution for Transforming Traditional Factories into Digital Factories
CipherLab's ReMoFactory (RMF) is a total solution that provides a traditional fixed data terminal to collect data on the production line and combines a data acquisition monitoring platform with a production equipment connection on the production line as well. 
Besides that, it can also collect relevant data for 5M1E Analysis (Man, Machine, Material, Method, Measurement and Environment) to create visual management benefits for production lines and to increase the capacity of overall production. By building a smart factory, an enterprise can easily gather and clearly understand all production information, reducing abnormalities and allowing for an immediate diagnosis to prevent possible problems. The establishment of a personnel database can be effectively managed to improve the quality of personnel, reduce the turnover rate, improve the appropriation rate, and improve personnel utilization on the production line. In addition, it can accurately grasp production line activities, production schedule and product delivery periods, which can effectively monitor the cost improvement efficiency and optimize the entire plant capacity.

The CipherLab 5300 comes with a set of auxiliary setting tools to customize formats and process controls that can be used to help factory management personnel to deploy data collectors quickly and efficiently. It utilizes RMF AG software, which is a tool used to configure the settings of data collectors by selecting options with a few simple clicks. Then, the configured file can be deployed through the internet to other devices at the same IP address. Moreover, RMF AG can also configure the workflow management setting by adjusting the format and work procedure, controlling the settings of peripheral sensors and equipment, and transferring collected data to the backend server. In order to handle multiple settings at the same time, RMF Deployment is used to deploy multiple 5300 data collectors simultaneously and monitor the collectors’ deployment status using a single project.

The data collected by the 5300 is transmitted to the RMF Server to help the enterprise establish a database and aggregate collected data for analysis. The RMF Server is a cloud webpage management platform which factory management personnel can use to instantly view and/or download a 5M1E analysis report. In addition, the RMF Server provides the production line manager more convenient and instant access to the production details to make faster production decisions and execution. In other words, an administrator can log in to the webpage management platform through mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets to instantly see the work status of personnel so that when they encounter any issues, supervisors can solve those problems immediately.

Please visit our website to find out more details of CipherLab ReMoFactory Solution.

Software Resources
ADC New Function is Now Available – Enterprise Partition, A Small Upgrade Brings a Big Help
No need to redo all the settings all over again! Enterprise Partition, a new function in Android Deployment Configurator (ADC) is now available for CipherLab RS51 series, which will bring more convenience to device administrators. Now, after administrators set the device settings via ADC, the device will automatically backup the setting profile to 

Enterprise Partition for future use. Moreover, the setting saved in enterprise partition will not be erased by proceeding factory reset. Once the device is switched on after factory reset, the device will automatically check if there is any existing backup setting profile. If yes, the system will automatically set the device using the backup settings. This solves the trouble of administrators always needing to reset the device after, such as the RMA process.

CipherLab Android Deployment Configurator (ADC) is a windows-based configuration tool. It integrates all configurations into one single platform. Settings such as Barcode Reader, Button Assignment, WiFi setting, Terminal Emulation, AppLock, system settings, etc. are accessible from this tool. Different settings can be saved in one group. Additionally, different groups can be made based on different using scenarios.

Using ADC to your advantage will bring great help to your device management. Contact CipherLab for further information.
Highlights of the Month
Computex 2019
Computex Taipei, one of the leading global information technology exhibitions focusing on the supply chain and technology ecosystems, took place from May 28th to June 1st, 2019 at Nangang Exhibition Hall, Taipei. CipherLab showcased our latest retail solutions and our achievements in intelligentizing production lines. We were very happy to see everyone who dropped by to have discussions with us.

Transport Logistic 2019
Transport Logistic is the world's leading trade fair bringing innovative products and services to the logistics, mobility, IT, and supply chain management industries. It was recently held in Munich, Germany. At this year's show, CipherLab showcased its high performance Android mobile devices and cloud-based device management system which aids in logistics operation and enhances overall productivity.

Southwest Fuel and Convenience Expo

Great news regarding the RS51 with Google AER certification--we are pleased to introduce the new RS51 which meets user demands in warehousing and logistics. Being one of the leading solutions in its sector, the RS51 is equipped with all the latest technology to empower your employees to handle any pertinent warehousing tasks. We are looking forward to demonstrating the new RS51 for you in upcoming events. 

BlueStar Innovative Solutions Tour – Vancouver and Chicago
CipherLab USA is heading to Vancouver and Chicago to join the tour. Building upon our long-term relationship with BlueStar, we will also head to Cincinnati in July. Come see us and our comprehensive solutions for Android touch computers, rugged handheld terminals, and UHF RFID readers.

GS1 Connect 2019
Engage with over 1200+ attendees, 540+ companies, and 50+ exhibitors/sponsors. GS1 Connect is an annual conference that connects you one-on-one with industry leaders, allows you to enhance your professional profile, and increase the exposure of your business. On behalf of Cipherlab, I'd like to send out a big 'Thank you' to those visitors who stopped by our booth. It’s always a pleasure to engage in productive discussions and sharing with you.

India Warehousing Show 2019
India Warehousing Show, is one of India’s leading exhibition on logistics and supply chain. It took place from June 20th to 22nd, 2019 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. The show, gathering all facets of logistics, warehouse infrastructure, material handling, storage, automation and supply chain, brought the industry a full dimension. CipherLab and Delmon Solutions worked together to present our latest solutions converging advantages in both hardware and software that are practical for various applications in Retailing, Warehousing, T&L and Manufacturing. We were glad to see everyone visit us to have discussions with future opportunities. 

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