CipherLab's Zero-touch Enrollment Equates to Efficient Large Scale Device Deployment


Taipei, Taiwan – June 18th, 2019 – CipherLab, a leader in Automated Identification and Data Capture (AIDC), is very excited to present the Zero-touch enrollment for easy initial set-up for large scale deployment. Working together with ReMoCloudTM, which has been validated by Google' EMM, Zero-touch enrollment makes management and deployment of devices fast and easy.

With Zero-touch enrollment, efficiency is the way for set-ups. IT personnel can set up multiple devices all at the same time. All users need to do is turn on the device, and the device set-up and configuration is automatic.

CipherLab constantly aspires to provide mobile solutions for enterprises. Zero-touch enrollment offers a seamless deployment method for organizations with corporate-owned Android devices that require large scale roll outs. It also simplifies device provisioning by allowing IT to deploy corporate-owned devices in bulk without manual set-up for individual devices. Users can start using the device immediately after receiving it with all the configurations. On top of all that, your business can enforce management out of the box by automatically installing managing apps with the setup. Zero-touch enrollment makes life simple when it comes to device deployment. For more information about Zero-touch, please visit

About CipherLab
CipherLab is a global leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of Automatic Identification and Data Capture/Collection products and systems. The company's mobile computers and scanners are integrated into the networks of some of the world's best known logistics, retail, distribution, government installations and healthcare companies, helping them run more efficiently and effectively onsite and on the road. Operating worldwide, CipherLab is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan with offices in China, Germany and the USA, and is publicly traded on the Taiwan stock exchange (Taiwan OTC: 6160). For more information, please visit

Press Contact:
Kevin Lee
CipherLab Co., Ltd.
886-2-8647-1166 x 2811

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