CipherLab Connection | May 2019 : CipherLab RK25 Series Makes It Effortless for IT Managers to Supervise Devices Because of Its Great Adaptability to Different Warehouse Environments


CipherLab Connection | May 2019 : CipherLab RK25 Series Makes It Effortless for IT Managers to Supervise Devices Because of Its Great Adaptability to Different Warehouse Environments
CipherLab Connection
| May 2019

User Scenarios
CipherLab RK25 Series Makes It Effortless for IT Managers to Supervise Devices Because of Its Great Adaptability to Different Warehouse Environments
Sinotrans Limited was incorporated on November 20, 2002, and listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2003. As the second-tier subsidiary and single logistics platform for CMG, Sinotrans Limited aims to build a world-class business platform 

with intelligent logistics services. By the end of 2017, its total assets had reached 62 billion RMB with net assets of over 25 billion RMB and a total amount of 23,971 employees.

Beginning in 2018, Sinotrans started transferring their WMS system from Windows to Android because they had encountered various restrictions on new function development and the extra cost it has caused. The newly developed Android software has also been deployed to their warehouse all over the China. Meanwhile, they have adopted more than 6 brands of handheld terminals in different warehouses, including Zebra and Honeywell, which makes it difficult for IT managers to supervise and control. On the other hand, due to Sinotrans' worldwide business, there’s a great amount of goods with different barcode types moving between several warehouses at once, so the ability to capture both small and highly-located barcodes is therefore critical in order to streamline the process. Besides barcode types, the wireless infrastructure also varies in different warehouses, therefore; in addition to Wi-Fi, 4G connection is indispensable for data transmission.

CipherLab's RK25 series is a handheld terminal equipped with Android 7.0 and GMS certification, 3 reader options, a 25-key numeric keypad, 802.11 a/b/g/n dual band, Full Netcom 4G, the ruggedness of IP65 and a 1.8 m drop resistance, which means it fulfills all Sinotrans’s requirements with one simple device. In addition to great compatibility with the WMS system, the GMS certification brings added value to Sinotrans when facing customers around the world. The data entry options of both a physical keypad and touch screen allows for the co-existence of operational preferences. Plus, when reading barcodes that are small or far away, it’s easy to adapt the RK25 to different applications and environments. The most important and satisfying thing is its one-piece battery design. Only a few seconds are required to efficiently remove and replace the battery, which is also rechargeable by using a cradle to extend the RK25’s working hours to a full-day of operation.

With the advantages of its China branch’s local on-site support, the overall lead in procedure from initial sample testing to final technology support during deployment is effortlessly completed with high user satisfaction. Sinotrans has a total of 25 warehouses in southern China and 2 new warehouses in Hong Kong, and the RK25 is being deployed to every site with a total amount of over 300 units currently in use.

For more information about the RK25, please visit

Marche Aux Affaires Discount Stores Increase Employee’s Work Efficiency for Inventory Management
Marche Aux Affaires is one of the largest discount chain stores with 237 shops in France and Belgium. Its average store has a 1,000 sqm floor and offers more than 10,000 low priced items ranging from gifts, decorations, festive goods, 

paintings, and DIY to household items all year long. It has been awarded the best brand in the category of "bazaar and discount decoration store" from French Capital magazine, according to hundreds and thousands of consumers' votes. Consumers selected Marche Aux Affaires because it provides many high quality shopping items, excellent service, and a great overall shopping experience.

Marche Aux Affaires relies on barcode scanning and manual inventory checking and manual input to computers for its records. Employees need a modern tool to help them deal with daily operations such as receiving, storing, transferring, and correcting inventory. Therefore, the IT managers looked for a new solution to improve work efficiency. The new solution should be easy to use, improve efficiency and be robust enough to cope with the rough and tumble of busy stores.

After investigating a number of mobile devices on the market, the CipherLab RS31 was quickly selected as the preferred option. The RS31 is a smartphone-style touch mobile computer built for enterprises. Weighing only 260 grams, it is convenient for employees to carry around in a fast-paced retail environment. Thanks to the intuitive interface of the Android-based platform, the OS most people are already familiar with, employees at all levels can easily adapt the RS31 to their daily replenishment operations and inventory management. The RS31 is capable of handling 1D and 2D barcodes and also designed to capture damaged barcodes which sometimes are encountered in a retail environment. 

The 4G/LTE wireless communication of RS31 provides a reliable connection so that the business managers of Marche Aux Affaires can demonstrate their franchise brand at various franchise expos and shows. With the RS31, it is easy to make inventory product recommendations and offer marketing tactics for local markets.

The CipherLab’s built-in AppLock utility allows managers to control all device applications and restricts employees from accessing non-business related apps. With AppLock, the RS31 can help protect productivity and profitability by preventing unauthorized device usage.

Warehouse Optimization with CipherLab 9700 Series
One of the largest paper producers in Northern Europe countries, the enterprise, was found in 1939, has the most powerful equipment and retained its specialization, accumulating experience, renovating facilities 

and techniques to improve the production of its principal products: kraft paper and paper sacks. With its reliable and high-quality of paper production, the enterprise's rolls of paper and bag paper are exported to more than 40 countries around the world. 

The finished goods warehouse is a heated room with an area of 40,000 square meters which are divided into 60 storage cells that each cell has 50 to 900 rolls in 4 -5 tiers with total height of 4-5 meters. There are about 130 employees in the warehouse that manage the average balance of products is 9,000 units per months. The IT department was searching for automated solution of industrial terminal with strong backend warehouse management system to optimize warehouse logistics such as reduce too much time consumed for conducting warehouse operations as well as to decrease errors caused by human factors, reduce paper document circulation during warehouse operation and systematize the inventory management between enterprise warehouse and subsidiaries warehouses.

With the active and well-coordinated work of team, CipherLab 9700 and accounting system were successfully implemented into the finished goods warehouse by meeting the major goals of optimizing the warehouse management. CipherLab 9700 series with near/far 2D imager allows reading barcodes on the paper rolls placed at 4-5 tiers of storage cells. In addition, the 9700 is robust and reliable for its WiFi efficiency for real time data transferring. Most importantly, the right set of accessories for CipherLab 9700 has been chosen to enable the workers to work with ease for 15 hours simultaneously operating, whenever they are on the premises. For instance, the vehicle cradle with charging and communication functions provides data backup when failure to connect WiFi network but charges the terminal device at the same time, 4-slots battery charger, pistol grip and a set of additional batteries. Both Windows and Android operating systems are implemented in this project for alternative warehouse management system applications.

Warehouse Management Improvement with CipherLab RS31 Series
Originally designed to satisfy the demanding industries of the field sales, field service, retail and healthcare, CipherLab RS31 series, the touch mobile computer, was chosen for the applications of the warehouse management in the food industry.

Due to the ins and outs of frequent daily product shipping, the workers in the warehouse need to deal with frequent product checks. When products are coming into the warehouse, workers need to register products and bring them into specific locations of the warehouse for storage. Undoubtedly, efficiency, productivity and accuracy are required to deal with such big volumes of products. The RS31 provides different reader options, which includes CCD, laser, 2D and 2D mid-range readers. With the choice of enterprise, it could help efficiently capture 1D and 2D barcodes and improve productivity.

Moreover, CipherLab RS31 series’ ergonomic and light weight design makes it a good choice for all day usage without having fatigue wrists. The replaceable and rechargeable 2960 mAh battery has large capacity to ensure whole day usage and battery change convenience. The 4.7” display is viewable under sunlight and even within the four walls warehouse environment which allows fast and easy information checking. Also, due to the application environment of this case, the ruggedness design with rubber boots option well protects the device and data.

The roll out of RS31 is a success which helps improve workers efficiency, productivity and accuracy.

For more information about RS31 series, please visit website.

Product Update
First Step to Smart Manufacturing by CipherLab 5300
Built specifically for those people-based factories in manufacturing industry, CipherLab 5300 Smart Data Collector is the best solution for machine connection and data collection to turn the working status of personnel on production line into digitalization. CipherLab 5300 series has a RFID reading feature that allows reading operator’s employee card to check and confirm personnel operating permission whereas to prevent untrained personnel to operate the station. CipherLab 5300 series comes with cOS operating system guaranteed stability, low power consumption and simple installation to fit any factories environment. The high data integration and consolidation allow 5300 can work alone without connecting external equipment.

With its compact size (18.4*9.6*4.3cm), CipherLab 5300 series is easy to install or mount on any equipment. Together with built-in LED lights and LCD display screen, operator’s performance can be instantly displayed and through signal lights to show error operation immediately. Moreover, 5300 series is equipped with an assortment of ports (maximum connect up to 16 ports) to support connection to numerous types of equipment to reduce the wiring cost of internet connection and data collection equipment.

Please stay on tuned for the next issue that we will introduce the total solution of ReMoFactory in manufacturing.

Software Resources
ADC and WMDS Upgrade - New Functions are Now Available for Easier Device Deployment Management
CipherLab‘s self-owned mobile device deployment software, Android Deployment Configurator (ADC) and Wireless Mobile Deployment System (WMDS), have been upgraded and equipped with new function to help device administrators manage and deploy settings easily. There are now 140 supported languages, including German, 

ready for all regions in Europe. Mobile device administrators could easily choose the language they are familiar with from the menu. Additionally, administrators no longer need to upgrade their devices one by one when there is a new version of the software. With ADC and WMDS being upgraded, mobile device administrators can now configure multiple Android mobile computers with software version upgrades simultaneously within one task. This upgrade is available for CipherLab RS30, RS31, RS50 and 9700 series.

CipherLab Android Deployment Configurator (ADC) is a windows-based configuration tool. It integrates all configurations into one single platform. Settings such as Barcode Reader, Button Assignment, WiFi setting, Terminal Emulation, AppLock, system settings, etc. are accessible from this tool. Different settings can be saved into one group. Different groups can be made based on different scenarios. Wireless Mobile Deployment System (WMDS) is a windows-based server program that helps configuration settings created by ADC to be deployed on Android-based devices through wireless network. WMDS was created with the aim to optimize the process of multiple device deployment tasks.

Use ADC and WMDS to your advantage. It will bring great help to your device management. Contact CipherLab for further information.

Highlights of the Month
CipherLab Launches German and French Websites
CipherLab is pleased to announce the launch of our German and French websites. Always striving to meet the demands of our local partners and users, we hope to provide a website platform with easy access to all the latest CipherLab information. The user-friendly design provides visitors with 

useful information about our products and services. We will also continue to update it with information about industry news, insights and events regularly.

CipherLab Texas Partner Day
CipherLab Partner Day and New Product Training was held in Texas on the 26th of April. During the training, we demonstrated the latest lineup of rugged Android mobile devices and software utilities, such as WMDS and ReMoCloudTM, to maximize business productivity in retail, warehousing, transportation and logistics applications.
Blue Star Innovative Solutions Tour - Toronto
After Minneapolis, CiperLab is heading to Toronto to join Blue Star as a long-term partner and mainly focusing on promoting the RK25 and RS51, the latest solutions for retail, warehousing, transportation, and logistics. We also welcome you to join the upcoming tour with us on the 5th of June in Chicago. Looking forward to seeing you all very soon.

RetailEXPO 2019
RetailEXPO is one of the largest and most important trade shows adapted to the needs of retailers from all over the UK and Europe. This year, to meet the demands of  today's complex retail environment, CipherLab demonstrated our products for supply chain management, return goods for online shopping, UHF RFID solution, and add-on software services in order to increase work efficiency and enhance customer shopping experience.

WERC 2019
WERC’s Annual Conference and Solutions Center is where the Logistics professionals come to refuel on ideas, knowledge, and solutions. CipherLab USA is pleased to present the comprehensive, rugged Android mobile computers, including RS50, RS31, 9700A, and RK25 during the event and share our ideas with all visitors. 

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