CipherLab Connection | April 2019 : A Total Solution of RK25 and 9700A Combining WMDS and AppLock is Perfect for Efficient Deployment in Warehouse and Factory


CipherLab Connection | April 2019 : A Total Solution of RK25 and 9700A Combining WMDS and AppLock is Perfect for Efficient Deployment in Warehouse and Factory
CipherLab Connection
| April 2019

User Scenarios
A Total Solution of RK25 and 9700A Combining WMDS and AppLock is Perfect for Efficient Deployment in Warehouse and Factory
A leading manufacturer in application-specific fluid power and power transmission solutions updates mobile device deployment for multiple factories and distribution centers. With demands in compatibility, long reading range, easy deployment 

and maximum return on investments, CipherLab RK25 and 9700A becomes the clear solution to satisfy all of the various applications.

Gates Soochow, founded in 1995 and a part of Gates Corporation, is a leading manufacturer of application-specific fluid power and power transmission solutions. Gates Soochow leads in the latest technology from the USA and Japan to provide qualified solutions to top players in China, such as FAW-COLKSWAGEN, HONDA, PEUGEOT, CITROEN, and more.

With 4 factories and 2 distribution centers, Gates leads in SAP system while deploying about 500 units of Zebra Windows mobile computers for production and warehouse management. As time goes by, those devices become out-of-date, and Gates startes planning to migrate to Android mobile computers for replacements. Gates self-developes system of MES and WMS. However, in addition to compatibility, they also require new solutions with long reading range, easy deployment, and maximum return on investment.

CipherLab therefore presents Gates with the total solution of RK25 and 9700A combining software, WMDS and AppLock. Comparing to the original devices, RK25 has the advantage in lightweight and compact dimension, easy removable battery design, stable 4G connection, application-suite numeric keypad, and industrial ruggedness. For Gates, RK25 is simply the device that fits most applications of the production line and inventory management. Meanwhile, 9700A with near/far 2D imager is also chosen for long range scanning demands.

With the software of WMDS and AppLock, Gates can further deploy and manage multiple devices centrally and simultaneously at one time. This significantly shortens the replacement period and increases the efficiency for IT managers and workers on the shop floor. Gates is also satisfied with CipherLab's on-line and on-site support for every technology issue during deployment and testing. Moreover, the total solution indeed matches their expectation of ROI.

The project will roll out over 300 units of RK25 series, and the total solution will expand to Gates' 4 factories in India. For more information about the total solution, please visit

CipherLab RK25 Improves Communications and Increases Operational Effectiveness in Hospital Logistics in Germany
A hospital located in the middle of Germany needs to provide high standards of service. Having to manually manage the healthcare supply chain, the hospital looks for solutions that would improve operational effectiveness while

being compliant to the FMD. The CipherLab  RK25's superior 2D scanning, physical keypad and stable communication provide the perfect functions to improve communications and operational effectiveness. 

The German hospital is responsible for providing health services and improving the health for the population of a town in the middle of Germany. It provides high standards of services and facilities for patients, visitors, medical teams and staff.

A manual heavy management process for the healthcare supply chain become a big issue and impact the budgets and daily delivery of patient cares and staff's hands-on work. There are so many supplies transported in the different sites and different rooms in the hospital, from meal boxes, infusion drugs, patient records, specimens, to medications and equipment. Keeping track of this large inventory manually is demanding and time-consuming. When the inventory is not tracked properly, inefficiencies and additional costs go up while the supplies get lost, stock runs out and critical equipment locations are uncertain.

In addition, the new FMD (Falsified Medicines Directive) legislation starts on Feb 9th, 2019 across Europe. A 2D barcode along with anti-tampering devices on the medical packages is enforced to strictly control quality throughout the entire circulation. Therefore, the German hospital needs to purchase mobile devices with 2D barcode scanners to be FMD compliant.

By deploying CipherLab's RK25 mobile computers in the inventory check and supply transportation, this German hospital enhances inventory operations, gains efficiency to distribute supplies, minimizes time spent looking for equipment and improves utilization levels. The RK25 offers superior 2D barcode scanning even when capturing medicine details form curved bottles. It provides physical keypads to allow technicians to quickly input information. The RK25 delivers real-time information tracking and can be fully integrated with the asset management database. Furthermore, the stable Wi-Fi and 4G/LTE provide rapid access to essential data and clear communication with the back-end system.

CipherLab's RK25 helps to easily identify, track and manage supplies in the hospital. It allows the users to provide better service while having more time to carrying out vital tasks and patient care. 

CipherLab Handheld Scanner Helps with Drug Administration Implementation
CipherLab's 1564A handheld scanner's advance functions make the Three Checks and Five Rights procedure more efficient. It provides reliability in data capturing accuracy, ensuring precise information.

It streamlines daily process in medical environments. Built with ergonomic designs, it enables users to get the job done anytime and anywhere.

When doing drug administration, it is critical to implement “The Three Checks and The Five Rights” principle. It is a standard procedure that helps nurse to ensure each of the correct drug is going to the correct patient. The nurse checks three times on the right patient, right drug, right dose, right time and right route. A medical center with more than five hospitals across Taiwan adopted ChiperLab handheld scanner 1564A to further assist nurses to execute this principle.

The Three Checks and The Five Rights is critical when doing drug administration. This is what nurses need to do many times a day. In order to make the process more efficient with accuracy and decrease mistakes, a good tool with data capture capability is required to assist nurses to execute these checks. CipherLab 1564A offers powerful reliability with efficiency. It is ideal for a wide range of applications from retail to healthcare. The scanner is not only built with advanced functions, but it is also built with ergonomic design that provides extreme durability – day in, day out. Its 2D barcode scanner offers enhanced data capture to streamline daily processes in medical environments. CipherLab 1564A is capable of BlueboothR transmission with the communication stand from a range of 90 meters away which enable nurses to get more jobs done in more places. It ensures the capture of critical information anytime and anywhere. Also, the option of hands-free scanning boosts efficiency.

Thanks to the connection between CipherLab and our partner, CipherLab was able to provide the best solution that mets end users' requirements thorough end user's applications and demands.
CipherLab always aims to provide the best solution to the market. With the raising demands for advanced scanning abilities, CipherLab attentively designed the 2500 series, the durable handheld scanner, which is similar to 1500 series. It is equipped with advanced scanning abilities to suit various applications. For more information, please visit product page.

Product Update
CipherLab RS51 Series Let You Stay on Top of the Productivity with Upgradeable Capability
Built for users in the direct store delivery, field mobility industries, transportation and logistics. CipherLab is thrilled to present the RS51 series to deliver faster and more accurate data collection with upgradeable capability.

RS51 series has the advantages of enhanced functions to provide smarter and more efficient operation for business' every-day usage. As an Android 

Enterprise Recommended (AER) device*, users will have support for multiple versions of the Android OS. The RS51 series is future proofed with Android 8.0 operating system and is upgradable to later Android version which maximizes device investment. It has comprehensive data capturing capabilities and strong mobility options such as Wi-Fi and 4G/LTE that allows your business to have full control over productivity. The RS51 also offers value-added utilities and software that empower enterprises with the solution to manage and simplify business operations. All of these functionalities are protected by advanced rugged designs. The CipherLab RS51 lets you stand above the crowd and stay ahead in productivity.
*Certification in progress

For more details and specifications regarding CipherLab RS51, please visit

New Pistol Grip Design for CipherLab RS50/RS51 Series
The next generation of pistol grip is now ready for CipherLab RS50/RS51 series rugged Android touch computers. The ergonomic design is centered on usability. Together with pistol grip, it provides workers with great operational experiences, making it convenient for users to utilize

the device in different harsh environments. RS50/RS51 series, equipped with enterprise functionality and mobility, is designed to provide smarter and more efficient operations in everyday usage for industries such as field mobility, transportation and logistics.

For more details and specifications regarding CipherLab RS50/RS51 series or other CipherLab products, please visit

Highlights of the Month
Retail Hub 2019

Our local partner participated the Retail Hub 2019 in Cruocus Expo, Moscow on March 20th - 21st. Many Russian and foreign service and technology providers presented thier best ideas, products, and innovations for retail and serivce industries and discuss technological strategies that are changing retail today. 

Our advanced solutions, combination of RK25 series with UHF RFID reader was introduced to those distributors and retailers who visited the booth.

National Digital Identification System Conference 
On March 22, the best professionals in the field of mobile automation shared their knowledge and experience and demonstrated new solutions for business at Soglasie Hall. The main focus was on solutions for mandatory identification of goods, which will be introduced in Russia in 2019.

The conference was attended by more than 400 representatives of companies involved in the mandatory labeling of goods, leading suppliers of Auto-ID equipment, partners and clients of " Cleverence ".
Leading representatives of the Auto-ID market made presentations on innovations for the upcoming digital identification project, and the professional community of participants discussed all the issues related to the project.

SITL 2019
CipherLab participated SITL, the exhibition covering all innovative products and services for the transportation, freights forwarding and logistics chain, from Mar 26th through 28th in Paris. Partnering with the label and POS printer manufacturer Bixolon, CipherLab provided industry leading Automatic Identification and Data Collection products to fulfill customer's needs within the European logistics industry. 
RFID Journal Live 2019

It's CipherLab's first introduction of the new solution, RK25 UHF RFID Reader, in RFID Journal Live. Easily attachable with the RK25 mobile computer, the RHF RFID reader makes it easy to expand your work to RFID applications. With high performance, compact design and easy deployment, your life in inventory management is as easy as can be.

Home Delivery World 2019

With more than 5,000 attendees, Home Delivery World is one of most important retail logistics conference and exhibition in North America. CipherLab USA joined the event to showcase solutions which are easy to carry or designed with professional ruggedness to assure workers' productivity and efficiency from your warehouse to consumers.

D Forum 2019
D Forum 2019 – Smart Factory Forum was organized by DIGITIMES in Taipei, Taiwan on April 11th. CipherLab was honored to give a speech session "Forging A Smart Factory to Advance Utilization Rate and Strengthen Operation Decisions", to share CipherLab's manufacturing solutions that improve efficiency and productivity throughout the manufacturing process.


CipherLab USA headed to ProMat, the material handling and logistics industry's premier global event, on April 8th to personally demonstrate our latest solutions. Fulfilling user demands in warehouse and logistics applications, the comprehensive Android touch computers, including RK25, RS31 and RS50 series, are ready to integrate your retail solutions.

CipherLab Has Joined Mitsubishi e-F@ctory Alliance
CipherLab joined e-F@actory Alliance, which was founded by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, becoming one of its global alliance partners. As a member of Mitsubishi's e-F@ctory Alliance, CipherLab will work with Mitsubishi to leverage advantages from both sides to promote the application of factory automation with the trend of industry 4.0.

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