CipherLab Connection | October 2018


CipherLab Connection | October 2018
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CipherLab Connection
| October 2018

User Scenarios
A Spain Online Shoe Store Optimized its Order Picking Process with CipherLab RS31
A Spain online shoe store provides shoes and accessories for men and women. It sells and ships to Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Germany and other countries.

Facing the competitive online fashion market, the founder of the online shoe store always thinks about providing better service in logistics distribution. They are committed to providing a fast logistics service to deliver orders in less than 24 hours and this resulted in a repurchasing rate of over 80%. The executives wanted to grow their business and even looked at the opportunity toward clothing. They are facing more challenges while looking for a good return with investments on processes and costs.


Expanding business rapidly, the shoe store needed a solution to enhance its two warehouse operations with efficiency. The shoe store required a new solution to manage orders received from online customers and provide accurate visibility on stock situations.


Recommended by its IT partner, the shoe store equipped its staff with CipherLab RS31 mobile computers for the daily pickup processes. By using RS31, the staff have access to the list of goods to pick up with the location and quantity required. The RS31 is powered by Android 7.0 OS combined with the IT partner’s order picking applications. Designed with lightweight and IP67 sealed robust design, the RS31 allows staff continuous data collection without any burdens. The RS31’s swappable battery can fulfill long shifts and avoid interruptions to ensure fast logistics. In addition, it can also protect collected data by keeping the data in the device while providing a 30-minute window for new battery replacement.


The shoe store now manages high volumes of simultaneous data transactions every day in a paperless environment while keeping a clear warehouse operation to click and pick quickly and efficiently. CipherLab RS31 provides a peace of mind for highly accurate order fulfillment.


CipherLab 9700 Series – Inventory Management in the Field of Manual Harvest in Almond Industry
CipherLab’s Strategic ISV Partner, located in the West Coast of the United States, developed a customized software offering the almond industry facilities support throughout California and neighboring states with complete inventory and verification solutions.

Now, they are expanding to other industries such as pistachios, pecans, hazelnuts and dry fruits. Our 9700 series combined with their Nutware Software solution has helped control the almond Industry’s fruit grower’s inventory and ROI.


Recording and tracking the right amount of the harvest is very important. Instead of doing it manually, tree nuts and fruit growers utilize the Nutware software solution. Combined with the CipherLab’s 9700 mobile computer and its versatility and functionality in collecting data via barcode information, it has helped optimization and management out in the field. CipherLab 9700 series is fully protected with IP65 standards so users can always work without worrying about the harsh outdoor environments. Cipherlab’s 9700 high ruggedize profile lowers overall cost of ownership. The 9700 bundle and pistol grip provide workers with a great operational experience. The design of the pistol grip makes it convenient for users to utilize the device in different harsh environments. Also, the long range 1D laser offers growers flexible data collection and a total solution for forklift drivers in the field as well. Additionally, the keypad makes it convenient for them to key-in the harvest amount.

By adopting CipherLab’s 9700, the functionality and strong form factor perfectly meet the industry’s needs and help improve overall inventory efficiency and cost.


RS31 Achieves Not Only Demand Fulfillment but Also Cost Reduction for the Green Service in the Field
Offering the services in amenity horticulture, the enterprise is a green service provider of parks and open space management, grounds maintenance, tree surgery, street cleansing and landscape design and build, plus civil engineering and winter services in France.

Considering the disadvantages of vulnerable housing, less working hours, and unhandy barcode scanning on commercial smartphone, the enterprise therefore decides to replace smartphones with the RS31 mobile computer, which combines the advantages of user-friendly operation and enterprise-oriented usability.


In the beginning of a day, the RS31 helps workers to schedule their daily tasks through route planning, so the driving time and cost is reduced. Then workers use the RS31 to scan the barcodes on working tools, like lawnmower and shears, they need, the records enable enterprise to trace back as well as improve the inventory visibility. When workers arrive at the service spot, they scan the stuck barcodes on plants, grass, benches, etc, to acquire the maintenance instructions via the RS31. The working records are updated to the back-end system after they complete every task. Moreover, if any assets or plants need to be recovered but they can’t do it immediately, workers can also use RS31 to register in the system as to-do-tasks.


The adoption of RS31 fulfills the user demands in both usability and ruggedness, especially in these dusty and humid environments. However, unexpectedly, the RS31 also resolves the problem of thievery, which happens often to smartphone. The extra benefit highly improves user satisfaction so the enterprise continues their deployment from RS30 to RS31 for more than 100 units per year.


Software Resources
Wireless Mobile Deployment System (WMDS) – Deploy Wirelessly and Efficiently
Followed by the topic in the previous issue, we’re going to explore more on CipherLab’s Mobile Deployment Suite. In the September issue, we mentioned Android Deployment Configurator ( ADC), which is a deployment tool for mobile computer administrators to create, edit and save multiple deployment settings by connecting the mobile device via USB snap-on cable.
We also mentioned a simple and easy method for administrators and users to deploy setting by simply scan the barcodes in BarcodeToSetting.
Today, we’re going to talk about another part of CipherLab’s Mobile Deployment Suite, the Wireless Mobile Deployment System ( WMDS). Wireless Mobile Deployment System ( WMDS) is a windows-based server program that helps configuration settings created by ADC to be deployed on Android-based devices through wireless network. WMDS was created with the aim to optimize the process of multiple device deployment tasks. It can configure multiple Android mobile computers simultaneously within one task and monitor the status of all devices. It also allows your worker to duplicate device settings for different products. The device settings synchronization can be made over the internet or intranet which empowers administrators with a wireless solution.

In addition to hardware, CipherLab provides a complete solution for your software needs. According to different enterprises’ demands, administrators could have different options for configurations. Choose the option that best suits your needs and start experiencing all of the conveniences of CipherLab solutions.


Please check the video to learn more.

Highlights of the Month
During the SOTI SYNC 2018 in Dublin on October 1st-3rd, CipherLab showcased our rugged mobile computers for enterprise mobility cross different industry applications. We deeply appreciate those who stopped by our booth and exchanged ideas with us!
NACS Show 2018
CipherLab USA joined the NACS Show 2018 in Las Vegas from October 8th-10th, 2018. CipherLab showcased the RK25 rugged Android computer for convenient store operations. The show targeted five expo categories— Merchandise, Candy & Snacks; Technology; Facility Operations; Fuel Equipment & Services; and Foodservice.
SMAU Milano
CipherLab participated in SMAU 2018 in Milano from the 23rd to 25th of October. SMAU is an important Italian event about innovation and digital technologies. We did a great accomplishment to share ideas with industry leaders and demonstrated our newest products at our booth.
D Forum 2018
D Forum 2018: Smart Factory was organized by DIGITIMES in Hsinchu, Taiwan on October 18th. CipherLab was honored to give a speech session "Forging A Smart Factory to Advance Utilization Rate and Strengthen Operation Decision", to share CipherLab’s manufacturing solutions improving efficiency throughout the manufacturing process.
TAROPAK 2018 Poland
CipherLab participated the International fair for packaging and labelling technology, TAROPAK 2018 from October 1st to 4th in Pozna? Poland. CipherLab Android-based mobile computers such as RK25, RS50 and 9700 series had been welcomed for applications in the automated working process. We thank everyone who visited us and showed interest in our products. Hope to see you soon in our next exhibition! 
2018 APAC Technical Workshop
It was a pleasure to held this year's APAC technical workshop in Phuket, Thailand. This workshop was to share CipherLab's latest utilities and software for all Android terminals and scanners such as CipherLab Demo App and the cloud-based management system,  ReMoCloud for improving 
partners and users' efficiency in deployment and management. Thank you for learning with us to strengthen your technical support and service for our products. We look forward to seeing you again next year!
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