CipherLab Connection | August 2018


CipherLab Connection | August 2018
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CipherLab Connection
| August 2018

User Scenarios
CipherLab RS31 Proves its Capabilities to Serve Multple Tasks in the Urban Field

In France, RS31 is adopted as a companion to complete multiple tasks in the urban field, such as post-parking ticketing, automated registration of license plate, electronic verbalization, street furniture management, incivility and urban nuisance report.

Due to the disadvantages in barcode scanning, RFID applications and ruggedness, Smartphones were eliminated while the RS31 was introduced to end users (called street watch officers in this case). With RS31, the officers could instantly check the parking tickets and calculate the post-parking fee through real-time wireless connection to central system while the secured authentication is made by NFC. Finally, the notification is issued by the Bluetooth portable printer. Further integrating GPS function with central system, the real-time navigation, tour planning and job dispatching are also achievable through RS31. 2D imager is able to read 2D barcode from environmental label from each car.

On the other hand, there are more tasks that were done through the wireless connection of RS31. The officers used it to report and transit offense information to the central system and acquire the infringements of lump sum payment defined by the law. Meanwhile, for those incivilities, like garbage dumps, stray animals, street furniture and uncut hedges, the real-time report and management is also easy and simple. Additionally, RS31 was also capable of supporting voice recording on the offenders when necessary.

The capability to read barcodes and RFID tags was required while managing urban heritage, such as signage, bus shelters, benches and more. The individual RFID tags and barcodes with geolocation was equipped to allow efficient maintenance.

Originally, there were about 300 units of CipherLab RS30 adopted in the case. However, with high customer satisfaction, the users kept purchasing RS31 since the RS30 is on its way of phasing out.

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French Fashion Clothing Company Upgrades its Distribution Center Efficiency with CipherLab 9700
CipherLab 9700 successfully upgraded one of the famous high-end French fashion clothing companies in deploying mobile data acquisition at its distribution center in Europe. CipherLab 9700 was able to improve their 

process from real-time product data transmission to backend system and track products entering the distribution centers to retail chain store deliveries.

The clothing distribution center faced the challenges to maintain high-quality distribution processes and performance. The distribution center served over 150 stores in 20 cities. Therefore, it had to ensure exact delivery times, fewer operational errors, lower labor costs, optimized product inventory and replenishment accuracy. The wireless communication of old WMS devices was slow and unstable. The IT staff looked for a solution that could provide powerful wireless connectivity and safe data transmission for inventory accuracy.

The distribution center chose CipherLab 9700 for its warehouse processes, including products receiving, put away, product movements, inventory check, picking, and outbound shipping – always keeping the right products in the right places while fulfilling replenishment needs of chain stores accurately. The extended range laser of 9700 helped workers easily scan a pallet at a distance up to 9m without getting off from the forklift. CipherLab’s 9700 are wirelessly connected to the backend system through its continuous and secure IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n transmission. The warehouse activities can be immediately transmitted and monitored at the backend center. 

The solution was deployed by CipherLab’s partner in conjunction with their enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Along with CipherLab 9700’s long battery life and IP65-rated rugged design, it improved the clothing distribution center’s operational efficiency and reduced labor costs. CipherLab is proud to provide up-to-date solutions to make their processes and workers more efficient.

Pick and Ship – CipherLab 9700 Series Helps to Create a Flawless Distribution Center

A retail and daily commodities distribution center for supermarkets located in South America adopted CipherLab 9700 series to improve its workers’ efficiency, accelerate the pick and shipping speed.

This location has 12 docks, more than 4,000 items, 7,000 daily shipping volumes, 9,000 position pallets in a distribution center of 10,000 square meters. The ability to accurately locate, pick, load and ship large amount of items by using the right device that helps its worker to be efficient is really important. CipherLab 9700 series provides multiple reader options which allows companies to choose the one that best suits their need. Half of the amount of deployment of this distribution center is with 1D laser barcode reader. Considering the need to scan items in the higher shelves, the other half is with 1D extended range laser. This combination brings flexibility for the distribution center to allocate proper devices for its workers and eliminates the time for workers to climb up and down. Also, the IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n provides stable WiFi connection inside the four walls, workers can always be connected to people and information. It further accelerates the processing speed and increases shipping efficiency. The rechargeable and swappable 3600 mAh battery covers a full day’s shift. Workers do not need to worry about running out of power in the middle of the day. 

Additionally, the rugged design of CipherLab 9700 series protects the device from inevitable drops onto concrete during the frequent pickup, load and ship process. Due to the heavy shipping volumes every day, fatigue wrists may be caused by intensive use of the device. Therefore, the pistol grips are being adopted to reduce the chances of fatigue from happening.

Thanks to the close connection between our partner and end users that brings thorough understanding of the demands so that the best solution was therefore provided. The deployment of CipherLab 9700 improves the efficiency and helps generate a flawless operation in the distribution center.

Software Resources
Terminal Emulation – A Tool that Leverages the Power of Enterprise’s Existing Backend System
In this issue, we’re going to introduce a CipherLab utility – Terminal Emulation for Android devices. Terminal Emulation can be seen as a tool for companies to  emulate

its backend green screen on Android mobile computers.

It supports IBM5250, IBM3270, VT100, VT102, VT2200 and ANSI systems with the function that helps enterprises to emulate the same operating environment for workers to do data checking or entry tasks. With Terminal Emulation being deployed, enterprises could leverage the power of existing system while adopting new Android mobile devices without needing to toss out the original resources. Furthermore, minimal training is required, due to the similar interface and operation that workers are already familiar with. Hence, the cost of deployment is lowered. Additionally, based on requirements, Terminal Emulation is equipped with different settings for enterprises to have the flexibility to make required customizations such as font size configuration, cursor tracking, and data auto-insertion by reading printed barcodes or RFID tags, etc. Also, the WiFi and battery icon can be chosen to appear on the top of the mobile screen to show their status.

In the text-based or green screen system, every function key is normally assigned as specific or exclusive task. This may not be applied to handheld devices due to limitation caused by number of the buttons. Hence, another tool, Button Assignment, was created for this demand. Administrators can use this setting to reach the same purpose, for example, press 1+2 serves as F12 to activate a certain command. A combination of settings can be grouped as one profile. Different profiles can be created for different working flows. It is very convenient to switch between different combinations. 

In conclusion, CipherLab Terminal Emulation and Button Assignment were designed to help enterprises with green screens to leverage their current systems while adopting mobile devices. By using these utilities, cost of deployment will be lowered, minimal staff training will be required, and the overall obtain will worth the investment for enterprises.

Highlights of the Month
RetailNOW 2018
CipherLab USA showcased its latest mobility and scanning solutions at RetailNOW 2018 in Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville, Tennessee from August 5 - 8. CipherLab exhibited its first entry level presentation scanner with RFID capabilities 2200 series, which offers reliable scanning for environments such as convenience stores, supermarkets, department stores and even airline check-in counters.
CeMAT Australia 2018
It was very honoured to demonstrate CipherLab’s latest AIDC solutions at CeMAT Australia held in Melbourne on July 24 - 27, 2018. CipherLab RK25 series, RS50 series and 9700 series had been desired to the working processes in warehousing, transportation and logistics applications. We thanked the great opportunity to present CipherLab's lineup products and services to those experts in transportation and logistics who attended the breakfast conference at CeMAT Australia.
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