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Well-managed data allows delivery of effective information, timely service and unmatched customer satisfaction for public service agencies and utilties. CipherLab's solutions deliver accurate data capture in the most challenging environments. WPAN, WLAN and WWAN communication options allow coordination of system-wide data, from doorstep to mainframe. From checking out a video from the library to tracking a repair in a mountain-top station, dependable, reliable CipherLab equipment allows better service, control and management.

Maximize Utilization of Company Asset
One of the biggest global companies of ICT solutions in China has expanded business to more than 170 countries and regions. Now the company has over 170,000 employees, and sets up 16 R&D centers worldwide. To manage a huge amount of base stations, the company has built up an asset management system and outsourced associated tasks to contractors...Read full story
CipherLab CP30 mobile computer prevents rat infestation
The pest control company BioTec-Klute has equipped its field service technicians with new mobile data collection devices (MDE) of CipherLab CP30 type. They provide reliable information on the kind and the intensity of the infestation and thus further increase the pest control efficiency. The implementation partner is AISCI Ident, a specialist for...Read full story

Typical Applications
Receiving & Material Inventory
Where operations require materials for their equipment and facilities that must be inventoried, wireless LAN-enabled CipherLab mobile computers and Bluetooth® can help accelerate the receiving and storage processes. If…Read full application
Much of a public service happens in the field. Whether it's getting service technicians to a remote substation, directing meter readers along their route, or sending out the mail, CipherLab mobile computers and wired and … Read full application

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