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Proper identification of drugs, lab samples, blood transfusions, treatments-and the patients-ensures better healthcare. Healthcare is made safer and easier- for the patient and the staff: from admitting and automating patient records to drug distribution and supply tracking. Wireless LAN and BT help caregivers stay where they're most needed, at the patient's side. Integrated systems allow streamlined patient care management, drug identification, lab test tracking, pharmacy systems, records management and billing. CipherLab is what the doctor ordered.

Safeguard Patients through HIS System Always Up-to-date
Founded in 1900, a China hospital has grown into an innovative and modern hospital with about 7,000 staffs and 4,000 beds to serve more than 4.28 million patients and emergency cases. Being awarded as one of China's Top 10 Units of Professional Ethics Construction, the hospital has stood out as a leader hospital by its outstanding performance in manifold...Read full story
Czech Nursing Homes Improve Efficiency and Avoid Medical Error with 8001 Mobile Computer
As the Czech government has transitioned from the Socialist to Capitalist system, once all-inclusive public nursing care facilities have become dependant upon user charges and fees. In order to bill each patient for diagnostic and comprehensive care services, institute staff were recording charges and fees on hand-written forms or using a Microsoft...Read full story

Typical Applications
Identifying Patients
The hospital wristband is the one key constant with patients. It goes with them everywhere. And wherever it appears, CipherLab scanners and mobile computers enable clinical personnel to track the patient's movement…Read full application
Caring for Patients at Point-of-Care
Caregivers pride themselves on the personal, high-touch services they provide their patients. High-tech computers, where patient information is held, are unconcerned. The two must peacefully co-exist, even complement each … Read full application

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