RK95 Series

RK95 Series

  • What application is CipherLab RK95 best suitable for?
    RK95 is purpose-designed for demanding warehousing applications.

    Know about RK95: https://youtu.be/oEe522le_Go
  • Does RK95 provide different keypad options for different warehousing demands?
    RK95 provides 3 keypad options
    ◆ 28-Key Numeric keypads
    ◆ 38-Key Numeric/Function keypads
    ◆ 52-Key Alphanumeric keypads
  • What is the difference between RK95 and RK95 Cold Storage?
    You can easily tell the difference from its exterior design. RK95 Cold Storage has light blue frame around keypad label and light blue printing battery labels.

    Its ice-resistant materials built into the product itself to prevent potential damage caused by prolonged operation in low temperature environments. The freezer 5,500 mAh battery optimized for low temperature environment, min. 5 working hours at -30°C. Also, Heaters embedded in touch screen and scan window to ensure fog-free display and frost-free scanning.
  • Is RK95 Google AER (Android Enterprise Recommended) certified?
    Yes, RK95 is Google AER certified. AER is not just a seal of approval. It's a shortlist of devices and service providers that meet Google's strict enterprise requirements.

    To know more about AER requirement:: https://www.android.com/enterprise/recommended/requirements/
  • How many battery options does RK95 provide?
    It is rechargeable battery, options are as below.
    RK95 Standard:
    3000 mAh (min. 8 working hours)
    6000 mAh (min. 12 working hours)

    RK95 Cold Storage model:
    Freezer battery 5500 mAh (min. 5 working hours)
  • How many hours does it take to fully charge RK95 battery?
    3.7V, 3000 mAh: approx. 4 hours
    3.7V, 6000 mAh: approx. 6 hours
    3.7V, 5500 mAh: approx. 6 hours (freezer battery)
  • What information do the two LED indicators (status LED) located above the RK95 touch screen provide?
    Status LED provides information about charging status, scanner light beam, and scanner "Good Read" during data collection.
    For charging:
    ◆ Green, solid: Charging complete
    ◆ Red, solid: Charging the mobile computer
    ◆ Red, blinking: Charging temperature error (lower than 0°C or exceed 45°C)

    Reader & system notification:
    ◆ Barcode decode (Green, flash once): good read
    ◆ System notification (White, blinking): new notification