Android Mobile Computers

Android Mobile Computers

  • How to do reset CipherLab Android Devices to factory default?
    Please follow the video below to reset CipherLab Devices to factory default.
    If you cannot see the video, please refer to the instruction below.
    1. Power On CipherLab Android devices
    2. Click on "Settings"
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  • How to get off from APPLOCK?
    In CipherLab APPLOCK, a password is requested to log on as an Admin mode. If you forgot or you did not know what password is, please try following steps to log on as Admin and change the password.
    1. Tap MENU icon in APPLOCK.
    2. Select Admin Mode.
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  • How to get System Log from CipherLab Android devices?
    The system log in CipherLab Android devices is stored in the terminal at the folder \mtklog.

    Please copy all of files and folder from the directory. Please send logs files and mention the time and date when problem was happened to CipherLab Technical Service Center.
  • How to get USB Debugging Mode or Developer Mode enabled?
    By default, the developer options in Android devices are hidden. This is because they're really designed for developers who want to test them and make changes that may impact your phone's performance.

    Here is the way to get into open Developer Option and find USB Debugging Mode.
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  • How to set roaming trigger in CipherLab Android devices?
    In all of CipherLab Android devices, they support WiFi roaming trigger to enable CipherLab Android devices to do roaming when WiFi signal strength is not good or strong enough.

    1. Please go to Settings.
    2. Please select WiFi.
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  • How to solve Android cannot reconnect to AP when there is no Internet access?
    1. Go to Settings.
    2. Select "More".
    3. Please enable "Captive Portal Detection Disable"
    4. Reboot device.
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  • How to solve when WiFi has no Internet service?
    If your WiFi environment has no Internet service, you may encounter WiFi cannot reconnect to APs automatic. 

    To solve this issue, please enable Captive Portal Detection in Cipherlab Android Devices. 
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  • What are WMDS and ADC for CipherLab Android devices?
    ADC is Android Deployment Configurator, which is a configuration application to create configuration projects on PC.

    WMDS is Wireless Mobile Deployment System, which is a server program that can deploy the configuration projects to CipherLab Android devices. 
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  • What version of SOTI supports RS30?
    The version after MobiControl v12.x supports RS30.
  • Where to fine SDK, JAR or DLL for CipherLab Android Devices?
    All of Cipherlab Android devices come with JAR files and DLL files for application developers. You can find it at the folder in your device. 

    The DLL files are for developers who use Xamarin to develop application.
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  • Why 2D model RS30 can't use trigger button in Camera?
    It's limitation for 2D model. Because 2D reader used some data bus make Camera function can't use trigger.