CipherLab Service Advantage

Ensure Outstanding Satisfaction

Protection against Unexpected Repair Cost
CipherLab's experienced technicians will provide all services for the repairs to restore your devices back to normal condition. CipherLab devices are undoubtedly rugged, but they are still vulnerable to some damages from occasional accidents. Our comprehensive warranty will satisfactorily provide a complete coverage for accidental breakage along with normal wear and tear. Our service is here to fully repair your devices back to normal and continue to offer maximum productivity. Your devices are ultimately fully protected and free from additional and unexpected repair costs.

Multi-year Service Options
CipherLab provides warranty options in standard, extended and comprehensive warranties with protections up to 5 years in total. You may select to extend warranty any-time before the standard warranty expires. Alternatively, you can always secure your investments by purchasing the 3 year or 5 year comprehensive warranty.

Fast Turnaround Time
By having CipherLab’s comprehensive warranty, your defective products will be serviced and shipped back under a fast turnaround time. Your products are tested and repaired quickly and effectively, which minimizes your downtime cost. Under the comprehensive warranty, you can get your business on track in a speedy and reliable fashion.

Value-added Maintenance
CipherLab provides firmware upgrades during the repairing process at no additional cost, ensuring devices are fully working and updated. With the most updated firmware, the devices will be able to work at the best and most reliable condition.

Online RMA
CipherLab also provides a quick-response online RMA platform. As a customer under our warranty, you may access the online RMA conveniently from anywhere to initiate and manage service request for your equipment.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership
The units under CipherLab’s service program are serviced and returned under a rapid timetable which gives you a reliable way of eliminating downtime and failure expenses. You benefit more than just instant gratification, but also reducing cost of maintenances and replacements in the long run.

Item Standard Warranty Extended Warranty Comprehensive Warranty Extension
Duration 1 Year Up to 4 Years 3 Years
5 Years
Up to 2 Years
General Coverage Hardware Defects v v v v
Normal Wear and Use     v v
Accidental Breakage     v v
All Materials, Parts and Labor v v v v
Latest Firmware Update v v v v
Turnaround Time and Shipping Working Day 7 Days 5 Days 2 Days 2 Days
Shipment-Receiving     v v
Shipment-Return v v v v
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