Improved Work Efficiency in Taiwan-Based Retail Store's Distribution Centers with CipherLab RK26J

Distribution Center Efficiency

This company is one of Taiwan' s famous beauty and lifestyle specialty stores, offering popular cosmetics and skincare from Europe, America, Taiwan, Japan, and Korea, as well as lifestyle items. Their offerings extend to beauty care products, perfume, decorations, leather accessories, socks, hats, food, and stationery, among others, catering to the young generation and female consumers. The company owns multiple distribution centers from the south to the north of the island, ensuring daily intensive logistics shipments to each store.

As a rapidly growing company, managing an increasing number of stores requires smart mobile devices for efficient communication and collaboration among employees. To effectively manage in-store storage and minimize costs from various suppliers, the company adopted a centralized distribution model. This strategy enables centralized receiving and distribution to assigned distribution centers, allowing for quick shipping while also handling specialist pick and pack, and screen and clean processes. This method saves time on receiving and inventory management at branch stores, allowing personnel to focus more on in-store shelf management and customer service.

To maintain high value and work efficiency in their distribution centers, the company recognized the need for Android mobile solutions to streamline operational procedures such as receiving, put away, replenishment, price checks, and stock checks. After evaluating the market, the company chose to replace its current devices and migrate from the Windows CE system to CipherLab RK26 rugged Android-based mobile computers . The RK26' s compact and ergonomic design reduces fatigue during extended use, allowing female employees to operate the device comfortably with one hand.

By extending the use of remote desktop on the RK26J, CipherLab provided robust local support and comprehensive system integration testing, ensuring a seamless transition. The RK26' s high-feedback buttons enable glove-friendly use and faster typing, while its large central arrow key facilitates easy scrolling during remote desktop operations.

Why CipherLab?
The CipherLab RK26J features a unique 70-degree scan angle, allowing employees to quickly scan barcodes on racks or pallets without the constant tilting required by traditional designs. This design increases productivity and reduces wrist motion and muscle effort. CipherLab, along with its partner, provided agile local support, site support, and comprehensive system testing, ensuring a smooth implementation with minimal downtime.

With the implementation of CipherLab RK26J mobile computers, the company experienced improved workflows in their distribution centers as well as increased overall work productivity to meet the demands of business expansion.