Australian Supermarket Chain Elevates Warehousing Efficiency with CipherLab's RK95 and Agile Support

Improved warehousing operation

This is the case of a well-known Australian supermarket chain, established in 1988, which has grown to over 1,400 independently owned stores nationwide. Renowned for its community-focused approach, the chain offers a wide range of products from fresh produce to household essentials. Each store caters to local needs while maintaining high standards of service and quality. The chain is dedicated to supporting local farmers and suppliers, promoting sustainability, and delivering an exceptional customer experience. Their emphasis on community involvement and personalized service distinguishes them in the competitive Australian grocery market.

Operational Challenges in Warehouse Management
The supermarket chain faced several operational challenges in its warehouse management. The daily operations of goods receiving, put-away, location control, and replenishment relied heavily on mobile computers, which were becoming outdated. The chain planned to replace the current devices and migrate from the Windows CE system to Android-based terminals. However, the current device provider offered limited local support, causing delays and inefficiencies. Additionally, the warehouse areas often had low illumination, making it difficult for users to operate devices without larger physical keys for better visibility and usability.

Implementing CipherLab's RK95 for Improved Warehouse Operations
To address these challenges, the supermarket chain selected CipherLab’s RK95 mobile computers with 28-key numeric keypads, based on the recommendation of CipherLab’s system integration partner. The RK95 was certified and recommended by the solution provider, ensuring compatibility and reliability. CipherLab, along with its partner, provided agile local support, site support, and system testing, ensuring a smooth implementation and minimal downtime.

The RK95 featured a 28-key numeric physical keypad, compatible with CipherLab Terminal Emulation, supporting VT and TN systems. It also supported Android applications, offering intuitive and interactive user experiences. The RK95’s 4.3-inch display increased readability and viewing area for warehouse staff, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. It allowed interaction with wet screens using fingers, gloves, or a stylus. Additionally, the RK95’s mid-range 2D imager enabled barcode reading from a distance, allowing forklift drivers to scan without leaving their vehicles.

Successful Deployment Improves Retail Warehousing Efficiency
The implementation of CipherLab’s RK95 mobile computers significantly improved the supermarket chain’s warehouse operations. The transition from Windows CE to Android-based terminals was smooth, facilitated by CipherLab’s robust local support and comprehensive system testing. The RK95’s enhanced features, including its large display and long-distance barcode scanning capability, improved the efficiency and accuracy of warehouse processes. The new system's adaptability to low-light conditions and ergonomic keypad design ensured that staff could operate efficiently, even in challenging environments. Overall, the supermarket chain experienced increased productivity, reduced operational delays, and enhanced overall efficiency in its warehouse operations.