CipherLab Co., Ltd.

CipherLab Industry Solutions provide the modern AIDC (Automatic Identification Data Collection) systems to identify, collect, control, connect and communicate data to manage business in various industries. Customers can take advantage of additional hardware features with good services and quality to customize for their application-specific requirements, ensuring optimal reliability and performance anytime, anywhere.

Browser and Emulation

CipherLab Co., Ltd. is one of the leading Browser and Emulation manufacturers in the world. CipherLab Co., Ltd.’s world-class research and development team is focused on developing and commercializing state-of-the-art Software. CipherLab Co., Ltd.'s core businesses include the manufacture and distribution of Browser and Emulation. Also, our products have always been known for quality, reliability and solid performance, making us become the most specified brand in the Browser and Emulation business.
Power Suite Mirror Terminal Emulator software allows you to build both web-based and Windows®-free interfaces to put application-specific remote computing in the hands of your workers. Mirror Emulators turn CipherLab devices into powerful VT100/220 or TN5250 terminals, giving employees real-time access to text-based applications on your servers via LAN or wireless connection. Wavelink's Emulator enables users to leverage both graphical and terminal interfaces in a single mobile Windows CE device.

CipherLab Co., Ltd. has a team of knowledgeable people and a wide range of great quality performance Browser and Emulation products. As a quality centric organization, we follow international quality standards throughout our business process. We offer our services using advance technology and good quality raw materials in adherence with the set international quality standards. Our Browser and Emulation is highly appreciated among our clients for their optimum and superior quality. If you have any questions, want to buy in bulk, or have us give you a quote for Browser and Emulation to fit your needs, please email to us.